AaronRusso: Freedom to Fascism

AaronRusso: Freedom to Fascism

Who was AaronRusso?

Aaron Russo was a major figure in the music and movie industry. He managed such prominent performers as The Manhattan Transfer and Bette Midler. He helped produce famous and popular movies as Trading Places, Wise Guys and the Rose, all commercial successes. Thus, AaronRusso’s Freedom to Fascism documentary was a naturally outlet for him to reach an audience with his message regarding the real power behind the iron glove.

It was from his own personal experience during a young man making his way in the entertainment business that  eventually inspired him to develop and produce his masterpiece  As a responsible businessman,  Mr. Russo had incidental run ins and harassment  by government forces. He stated it was these events that eventually lead him to question the behavior and actions of an over reaching government wielding it’s abusive and tyrannical powers.

What was Aaron Russo’s Freedom to Fascism All About?What was Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism All About

The premise in his seminal work states that banks specifically the Federal Reserve is the hand that wears the iron glove.

Through secret and underhanded measures, banks have gain control of our economic, political, educational, health and social systems.

The endgame is therefore for this sector to rule over us at the expense of our personal freedoms and sovereignty at all cost.

Russo questions the legitimacy of certain “governmental” bodies and their ability to collect money through taxes that fund to pay this private Central Bank of our (and many other) country. The overall goal is to create a system that along with other countries around the world set up an all encompassing tyrannical “One World” government.

Aaron Russo’s Legacy

Aaron Russo hoped to raise the awareness of the citizenry to the plans of these sinister forces.  At stake is our total enslavement at the behest of those who demand total and complete obedience. His ultimate hope was to spark the masses to act taking civil and reasonable measures to regain control of government and dismantle these systems before it is too late.

Although Russo succumbed to a long battle with cancer, his words and thoughts live on through his movies.  Thus Freedom to Fascism and the man behind the movie, have become one of the most beloved in the Prepper Survival community.

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