Are Stun Guns Allowed on College Campuses: Shocking Facts Revealed

Are Stun Guns Allowed on College Campuses

College is often a wild time in life, yet students, professors, and even visitors have to follow specific rules. Protecting yourself can be especially confusing. Can you carry a weapon like a stun gun on your college campus? Unfortunately, there are some places you can’t own a taser legally, but what about the rest? Self-defense weapon laws and rules are a convoluted subject, and sometimes it’s best just to go down and ask the campus police. However, it’s not always possible to make that trip before you arrive, so I’ll walk you through all the shocking facts about carrying stun guns on college campuses. Hopefully, it’s not a problem where you live. Your life is worth protecting, but no one wants to go to jail just for intent-to-stay-safe.

Are stun guns allowed on college campuses? Stun guns are allowed on some college campuses. Unfortunately, this is one question that’s answer changes depending on where you live and go to school. Don’t stress though, because it’s easy enough to find out. You may even have the answer in your orientation documents. Moreover, you can probably take your favorite taser to class in your area.  


Where Can You Carry Stun Guns

Before we can begin to look at the convoluted issue of whether your stun gun is legal to carry on your college campus, it helps to know where you cannot have one at all. Resultantly, I compiled a list of state stun gun (aka taser) laws. Please bear in mind that I am not a police officer, lawyer, nor a policymaker. Hence, you should double-check these findings before you risk getting kicked out of school or worse.

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State Stun Gun Laws

Where it’s legal to own and use a stun gun, it merely says “Legal,” otherwise the specifications are listed for each state. Most states allow you to carry. I’ve also included some of the major territories and Washington DC.

  • Alabama- Legal
  • Alaska- Legal
  • Arizona- Legal
  • Arkansas- Legal
  • California- Legal
  • Colorado- Legal
  • Connecticut- Legal
  • Delaware- Legal
  • Florida- Legal
  • Georgia- Legal
  • Hawaii- Completely Illegal
  • Idaho- Legal
  • Illinois- Legal with Firearm Owner’s Identification Card Required. However, they’re illegal in Chicago.
  • Indiana- Legal
  • Iowa- Requires firearm permit to carry
  • Kansas- Legal
  • Kentucky- Legal
  • Louisiana- Legal
  • Maine- Legal
  • Maryland- Illegal in Ocean City only
  • Massachusetts- Legal
  • Michigan- Extremely Limited Legality
  • Minnesota- Legal
  • Mississippi- Must have stun gun specific license
  • Missouri- Legal
  • Montana- Legal
  • Nebraska- Legal
  • Nevada- Legal
  • New Hampshire- Legal
  • New Jersey- Legal
  • New Mexico- Legal
  • New York- Completely Illegal
  • North Carolina- Legal
  • North Dakota- Legal
  • Ohio- Legal
  • Oklahoma- Legal
  • Oregon- Legal
  • Pennsylvania- Legal
  • Rhode Island- Completely Illegal
  • South Carolina- Legal
  • South Dakota- Legal
  • Tennessee- Legal
  • Texas- Legal
  • Utah- Legal
  • Vermont- Legal
  • Virginia- Legal
  • Washington- Legal everywhere except the city of Ruston.
  • West Virginia- Legal
  • Wisconsin- Legal
  • Wyoming- Legal

Here is a quick list of other major US territories as well. Since all of the people who live in these places are Americans, though some cannot vote in presidential elections like Puerto Rico, I’ve included them here.

  • Washington DC (District of Columbia)- Legal
  • Puerto Rico- Legal
  • American Samoa- Legal
  • US Virgin Islands- Legal


 Stun Gun Laws Apply to College Campuses

In addition to all the usual school policies, local stun gun laws apply when you carry on a college campus. You should only use a stun gun for self-defense. The best rule of thumb is always to zap and then run as far, fast and loudly as you can. You want to escape, and let anyone around know an attacker is trying to reach you.

Make sure you understand the difference between defense and offense. You cannot strike someone unless it’s apparent that they intended you immediate harm. Furthermore, once you use your stun gun, you cannot simply stick around and do it again.

Your actions should show that you were only trying to prevent and escape an attack. Always run to safety first. Also, keep in mind that screaming “help” isn’t as effective as you might think. Alternately, many people have been taught to yell ‘fire,’ but that’s flawed thinking. After all, who runs toward a fire?

Instead, it’s best to scream at the top of your lungs. Use quick statements like “Keep your hands off me,” or “I’m being attacked.” Doing this works for men too, so don’t be shy when it is your life at stake.

How to Find Out if Your Campus Allows Stun Guns

Now that you know whether your area allows you to possess a stun gun, you need to know if your college campus allows it. Fortunately, there are several ways to determine this, and all of them are incredibly simple. Start by checking your orientation information. Often you can find a list of prohibited items included there.

Next, you can go down and speak with the campus police. Because it is their job to administer the laws and help aid with campus policy enforcement officers will have an answer for you. However, if you cannot make it to the office, calling will still get you an answer.

Finally, if you prefer not to speak to the police, you can ask the administration. They will have a list of prohibited items available, or they should be able to answer the question directly. On the off chance, they cannot then consider carrying pepper spray or a personal alarm instead. Make sure to ask about campus housing rules if you live on site.

Many college campuses have reversed their decision to ban stun guns in recent years. Since the number of crimes they prevent far exceeds the potential dangers, students are typically permitted to have self-defense items. However, regular firearms are still mostly forbidden.

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Penalty for Illegally Carrying/Using a Stun Gun

Penalties for carrying a stun gun against school policy can range from simple confiscation to getting kicked out of school. Unfortunately, that’s not all that can happen if your stun gun is illegal, or you use it to assault someone. Depending on where you live, you could be charged with anything from a misdemeanor to assault.

In rare cases, a stun gun can interfere with a pacemaker or other internal electrical devices and severely damage, cripple or kill someone. While it’s theoretically legal in the case of self-defense, you need to be confident that you’re only acting defensively. Otherwise, you could end up charged with something much more severe like murder.

Should You Carry A Stun Gun on a College Campus

If it is legal to carry a stun gun where you go to school, then I would recommend it without reservation. While a bad person can use a stun gun in the commission of a crime, it’s not extremely common. However, what is common is assault and sexual assault on college campuses.

The 2019 report is not yet available. However, as of the 2018 National Crime Victimization Survey shows that there were three-point-three million violent crime victims over the age of twelve that year. Although not all of them were college students, plenty of them unquestionably are. Moreover, there are roughly six-point-one sexual assaults per thousand students.

As a female, your chances of being mugged or raped grow exponentially. Yet regardless of gender, the chances are high that you will be the victim of a violent crime at some point. Typically those rates are higher in late teens and young adults, so college is the perfect time to start carrying and learn to use a stun gun.

I recommend the Ruger Stun Gun Flashlight from Amazon. Not only is this model known for it’s stopping power and incredibly painful jolt, but it also has a three-hundred-lumen flashlight. Incidentally, that’s enough light to blind an attacker in broad daylight temporarily. Additionally, you can rely on that beam to show you an attacker or potentially disorient and blind them, buying you precious time to use your stun gun and escape. To find out more, click here.

Final Thoughts

It should be legal to carry stun guns for self-protection everywhere, including your college campus. Unfortunately, my opinions don’t determine your local laws and rules. Though, no education is worth losing your life for, neither is a stun gun worth going to jail over.

If you live somewhere, you cannot carry a stun gun on campus; it’s best to leave it at home. Still, you’ll want to bring something to protect yourself. Moreover, try to travel in pairs or groups, especially if you’re female. The world is dangerous, and young women have a one in five chance of becoming a rape victim. Don’t let it be you.

Sadly, regardless of gender, one thing is certain. Since college life isn’t getting any safer, and you should carry a stun gun if you can.