Buddy Up: The Best 2 Person Backpacking Tent Under $100

Finding the best 2 person backpacking tent under 100 dollars is often key to planning a trip. Hitting the trail with your honey? Heading out on a group trip and you’ve agreed to share creature comforts? Maybe you’re taking a parent/child bonding backpacking trip.

Some people prefer to “glamp” these days, preferring cabins or fancy yurts to the stars above their heads and the ground beneath their backs, but for those of us who still like to venture out into the wilderness with just what we can pack up and carry, it is essential to carry quality.

Whatever the occasion or combination of partnerships, if you are not going solo, you may be considering a slightly larger tent than one designed for just one person.

Why Under $100?

If you’re shopping for a 2 person tent, it would be foolish to put all your eggs in one basket. Tents can get outrageously expensive for no real obvious reason. The first time you head out with a backpacking partner, be kind to your wallet and go for the deal.

You will likely be buying other gear too, sleeping bags, cooking supplies, good boots, etc. Even if this is not your first time, and you are simply looking to replace a tent in disrepair, why spend more than you have to?

These tents are all equipped for a someone aiming for a walk up campsite. They will be lightweight, easy to set up, and have varying levels of hardiness against unpredictable weather. The best two person tent can be subjective, so see below for a list of features and prices to help you decide.

The Five Best 2 Person Backpacking Tents for Under $100

1.Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person Tent

The Alps comes in at just under $100 and it is worth every penny. This tent is roomy enough for two people to fit comfortably, the design is flawless, with tight fitting seams to keep you dry. It has partial mesh walls to provide extra ventilation, and it has two entry and exit door for convenience. Weighing in at just under 6 pounds, it is a good deal for the money.

2.Campla Camping Tent for 2 Persons with LED

There’s no other way to say it; this tent is just cool. It accomodates two people, it has two entry doors and a roof that is mesh and opens up to the sky without the rain fly, and it has an LED light strip that can be charged with your power bank when not in use. Essentially, you’ll feel like the stars are in your tent at night. The Campla comes in a little bit lighter than the Alps, at about 5.5 pounds, and it claims to have easy setup and tear down.

3.Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent

The Weanas has room for 2, 3, or 4 people, so this tent is ideal if you are looking for a bit more room, not necessarily for more people either. Perhaps you just prefer more space. This tent has mesh walls all around when not covered by the rain fly and two doors for convenience. The nicest selling point of this tent is the covered porch. The front flap of the tent’s rain fly can be extended up and positioned on aluminum poles, which allows for a front porch of sorts.

4.AUGYMER Pop Up Camping Tent

The AUGYMER is marketed specifically for backpacking. It has a bag designed specially for backpacking, and it pops up and comes down quickly. It has all the features you want, a waterproof rain fly, two doors for convenient in and out, and double stitched seams. The AUGYMER is also perfect for really hot days because you can use the rain fly as protection from the sun while also catching any breeze that may be coming through. The rain fly can function alone, without the inner tent. In addition, it promises SPF 50 protection. This tent is a good pick for both rain and intense sun.

5.Everking Instant Family Tent

The Everking is one of the most affordable tents on the market. It sells itself as suitable for 3 to 4 people, but that really only means 3 to 4 kids. This tent will comfortably fit 2 adults. It also sells itself as lightweight, coming in at just over 6 lbs. It is a lightweight no nonsense tent. It comes in only one piece of fabric; the inner tent and the rain fly are one and the same, which will give you one less layer of protection in the event of a leak. But you can’t beat the price. If you are looking for a simple pop up with no fuss, and you are counting your pennies, this is the tent for you. It will pop up, come down, and carry along with little hassle. 

Final Thoughts

When the city is too busy, when work is too hectic, when life around the house is just too much, it is time to just pack up and go. Grab your wife, grab a buddy, and drive up into the mountains, head down to the beach, park at a trailhead and walk out with your tent strapped to your back, far away from the chaos of civilization.

Take the plunge and invest in one of the best two person tents. If you haven’t already been out in the wild, under the stars, back on the ground, do it. There is just something about heading back into the nature we all came from. Also, it’s affordable, it’s easy, and it’s a chance to get the heck away from the hustle and bustle of it all.