Best AR-15 Under $2000 (Five Deadeye Picks Right Now)

Best AR-15 Under 2000

There are a lot of weapons at our disposal, and all of them will come in handy in some way, shape, or form when all hell breaks loose. Among all of these weapons, there’s no denying the sheer power and reliability of a trusty gun. And, of all the guns available to you, few are as powerful as an AR-15. These assault rifles are fantastic, but if you’re on somewhat of a budget, looking for the best AR-15 for under $2000 is likely something you’ve searched for online.

$2000 may seem like far too little when it comes to picking a quality rifle, but believe it or not, this is actually a very healthy amount of money to get an AR-15 that’s extremely high quality and will deliver you with the results you’re looking for. In fact, some of the products on this list are also among the top rated AR-15 rifles in existence right now.

So, with a budget of around $2000, what can you get in the world of AR-15s?

Let’s find out.

1. Rock River Arms AR-15

Rock River Arms is the creator behind the first AR-15 we’re going to be looking at today, and although it isn’t the most premium rifle on this list, it’s a very strong contender that should make most people incredibly happy.

Rock River Arms AR-15

First off, let’s talk about the not-so-good. The Rock River Arms AR-15 lacks any sort of mil-spec rating, and this could be a real downside for some people. The rating is certainly nice to have if you can find it, but if you’d like to save a bit of money, it’s not something that’s necessary for a quality gun along these lines.

Along with that, the 1:9 twist that’s found on the rifle isn’t the greatest in the business when it comes to stabilizing bullets that are a bit on the heavier side of things. However, if you’re shooting something such as a 55 GR, the Rock River option does a great job.

With those two things mentioned, this AR-15 does everything else incredibly well. It feels sturdy in the hand, it’s built well, and it’s extremely reliable. More experienced shooters might want to look elsewhere for something a bit different, but for only around $800 or so, Rock River’s option is a really great place to start if you’re unfamiliar with AR shooting.

2. Daniel Defense DDM 4v1 Rifle

Next up on the list is the Daniel Defense DDM 4v1 Rifle. Daniel Defense is often a brand I recommend when people ask me who makes the best AR-15 for the money, and as you’re about to see, there’s some good reasoning for that.

Daniel Defense DDM 4v1 Rifle

You can usually find this particular rifle for around $1250 up to as much as $1700, and while that’s definitely a bit more than what you’ll pay for the Rock River Arms AR-15, the DDM brings a lot more of a punch to the table that’s greatly appreciated if you’re looking for something more powerful and capable.

This is one of the finest rifles throughout this entire list, and you’ll get a feel for the fantastic quality the second you pick up the DDM. Daniel Defense knows a thing or tow when it comes to producing high-quality guns, and the 4v1 is perhaps one of the stupidest AR-15 rifles around. It shoots heavy ammo without any issue, the recoil is extremely manageable, and this thing feels like it could take a serious beating and keep on working without any problems at all.

All of those are fantastic points, and they’ll be even more critical to have if you ever find yourself needing to call upon it in a drastic or dire situation.

3. Windham Weaponry AR-15

Going back to rifles that are a bit more affordable, Windham Weaponry has also done a phenomenal job at creating a very solid rifle that won’t break the bank. Lots of other preppers I know have found a lot of enjoyment out of Windham Weaponry’s offering here, and for just $750, this gun sure does bring a whole lot to the table.

Windham Weaponry AR-15

Along with the rifle itself, Windham Weaponry also gives you a free mag, shoulder sling to easily carry the gun with you wherever you go, and a plastic case for quick and easy storage when you aren’t using the rifle.

What’s even more reassuring is that certain law enforcement officers have reported that they use Windham Weaponry’s AR-15 as their patrol rifle when on duty. You don’t necessarily get as many toys or features to play around with as you will with something like the DDM 4v1, but for the price you pay, Windham absolutely nails the basics for an incredible cost.

4. Stag Arms AR-15

In keeping with the trend of AR-15’s that are well below the $2000 budget, the Stag Arms AR-15 is another option that I strongly recommend to people who are just getting familiar with this sort of shooting and want something that is easy to operate and won’t fail on them after firing tons and tons of rounds.

Stag Arms AR-15

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, Stag Arms just may have the answer for you.

Stag Arms’ option can burn through ammo at incredibly fast rates, and this is a factor that’s going to be incredibly important to keep in mind if you’re buying this gun with the intent of using it as a tool for survival, if and when you find yourself needing to call upon it.

Similar to what you’ll find with the Windham and Rock River options, Stag really just focuses on the basics with its AR-15 and doesn’t include a lot of extra goodies. While that will certainly turn some people away from this rifle, those that are just looking for a good, sturdy, and trusty firearm will find a lot to love with this particular pick.

5. Colt 6920

Last but definitely not least on this list is the Colt 6920. Without a doubt, the Colt rifle is one of the most durable and reliable guns I have ever had the pleasure of using and owning. Through mud, rainstorms, heavy win, and more, the Colt refuses to let up even under the most intense of conditions.

Colt 6920

Also a great feature of the Colt is just how many rounds it can go through without needing to be cleaned. I strongly advise that you clean your gun whenever you can and when necessary, but the Colt 6920 can shoot through over a thousand rounds without needing to be cleaned at any point in between all of that shooting.

If reliability is one of your top priorities, look no further than the Colt.

Final Thoughts

As you can now see, you’ve got quite a few different options to choose from when it comes to getting your hands on the best AR-15 for under $2000. Each of the rifles I talked about today have their own unique characteristics, and that should make finding the perfect one for you a bit easier. None of these guns will let you down, and when it comes to a situation of life or death, that’s something you simply cannot put a price on.