Best Baseball Bat for Self Defense (5 Out of the Park Choices)

best baseball bat for self defense

Ever wondered why some many people enjoy batting so much? I mean it seems everyone and their mother has a baseball bat. Obviously, this is due to more than a deep love for a great American pastime. A baseball can be equated to a large blackjack. Or in other words, a bludgeon-type weapon. Not only can it defend against people very well, it can also be used to break through glass windows or as leverage for lifting or pushing items.

As bats are easy to use and even easier to purchase, they fit just fine in many different locations, such as in your car or your bedside. As it is so easy to utilize and has so many functions, this item is perfect for anyone to own. Here we have the top 5 bats you can purchase if you are intent on using a baseball bat for self defense.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Whopper 38inch Overall (92BSL)

Starting off this list, we have a great bat that can be used for indoor and defensive plays. Made out of a Polypropylene compound, which is lightweight but very strong. Coming in at exactly 38 inches from head to base. Although you might find some trouble hitting something very hardy, as it might bounce off, it does not take away from its bludgeoning power. Ideally, this item would be used and kept within your house, beside your bedside. As the size is big enough to create anyone wanting to do harm to take a step back and think about twice about it. 

Wilson Demarini 2016 CF8 Slapper Fastpitch Bat (-10), Grey/Teal/Forest/White, 33″/23 oz

Looking for a heavy and sturdy slugger? Look no further! This bat is made out of Paradox Plus Composite, which is a unique combination of alloys that come together to make a very sturdy and strong barrel. This bat also measures in at exactly 33 inches long and is a hefty 23 ounces. This item is very useful, as the grip is a D-Fusion 2.0 handle perfect for any type of slugging. This item would be perfect to have around the house, as it can certainly allow for anyone walking in to think twice when you have this in your hand. 

Easton S3 2 3/4″ Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat

This is another example of very useful and well-made bats out there. This bat is composed of a Hyper-lite Matrix Alloy, which is hefty and sturdy. Making this item not only powerful but perfect for driving any ball home. This bat has a double pallet color, which is black and green.  This item is 29-34 inches long, from handle to the top of the barrel. The handle is made out of rubber, perfect for gripping. As this bat can be placed into different areas of the house with ease, as it is both dark colored and big enough to use for emergencies.

Marucci 2015 Junior Cat 6 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

This is a very interesting choice for those looking for a smaller but still fully functional bat. This bat is one full connected piece of AZ3000 alloy, which is known for being both strong and durable. This bat is multicolored sporting a red and white palate. The handle of this bat is Micro-perforated soft touch grip allows for better grip under all conditions. This item comes from 25 to 27 inches, just over 2 feet long. Making it the best size baseball bat for self defense as it can be perfect for storing into your car side, as it is small enough to store there and swing in smaller spaces.



Easton North American Maple Wood Baseball Bat

This type of a bat is perfect for anyone looking for the traditional baseball bat feel. A completely wooden baseball bat, this bat is made out of American maple. Which is known for being both sturdy, and tough to break. As this item is made from the material of wood, it is not two piece. It is a whole one piece, making this item especially capable of handling brunt force. This bat also measures from 31 to 34, making it perfect for having around the house. This is probably the most traditional bat on this list, made from a piece of actual wood. There is a reason why wooden bats do not fall out of season, they tend to be the best baseball bat for self defense. 

Final Thoughts

Self defense is worth the investment. Anyone can tell you, when you are on the wrong situation without anything to defend yourself, you have a recipe for disaster. As such, a bat really is a game changer.

In any case with luck, you will have found your dream bat, to swing away at life’s proverbial and actual problems. Nonetheless, be sure to take care of having a bat near you, as you could get in trouble with the law if you declare to an officer, you have a bat for self-defense. Of course, you can always be honest and bring a baseball, or a baseball glove to have within reach.