Best Bug Out Bag Backpack: The Comparison Guide

best bug out bag backpack the comparison guide

There are so many Bug Out Bags Backpack out on the market that it can make ones head spin.

This overwhelming feeling often makes one fumble over the right questions to ask in choosing a bag.

The most common questions that arise are; “What is the difference between a Bug Out Bag Backpack and an ordinary backpack?”

“Which Bug Out Bag offers the best value?” “What qualities or features should I look for in a bag?”

“How much will a quality bag cost me?”

“Which bag(s) might be considered the best?”

And the most important of all, ” Will I have what I need in my bag when a crisis arrives?.”

Ultimate Bug Out Bag (BOB) Backpack GuideUltimate Guide

Below, I provide my unique chart comparing the top 10 Bug Out Bags.

The samples below are the type of bag you would use to assemble your very own 72 hour or 3 day BOB.

These bags were thoroughly researched and tabulated using measurable factors aimed at getting the best useful features out of a BOB.

I will provide more details on the ideas and thoughts one should know about BOB’s in general below;

The price symbol “$” reflects the cost of that item when compared to the calculated average price of all the products on the chart.

The total “$” shown indicates how much more or less the cost was for that particular item when compared to average.

The BOB Backpack Score was devised using various measurable factors and comparing them to the other backpacks in my research.

The score took into account; Cost, Bag Capacity, Bag Weight, Compartment/Pockets and Additional Features.

[table id=1 /]

Elements Involved in 72 hour Bug Out Bag

I want to take the time to go over the chart to shed some light over the measurable factors described above.

In my research, the common, noticeable and important attributes for each of the bags were (in order of importance) ;
1.  Size
2.  Weight
3.  Compartments
4.  Pockets
5.  Additional Features or Options
6. Price

Bag size tends to be the most difficult aspect to comprehend visually. We are so accustomed to measuring an object using the 3 dimensions (l x w x h).

This however, does not take into account additional attached pouches that also have added room for storing contents.  Adding it all up can get a bit confusing.

Therefore, I used cubic inches (in3) in order to make dimensions convert over to volume which is a better way to understand how much a bag can hold.

So using the stats I complied in my other article “Bug Out Backpack: The Art of the Bag,” I found that the average size for all the bags I researched was about 3166 in3.

This is equivalent to a space of little less than 22” x 16” x 8” or 13 gallons of storage volume.

Please note I am not saying 13 gallons of weight. If I were, the bag would weigh an absurd amount of 104 lbs!

Instead, it would be like pouring 13 gallons of water into water tight bag. This is how much the bag would hold items without spilling over.

I provided a site to use to convert cubic inches to gallons  easily. Remember bigger is not necessarily better. Weight becomes the issue.
Emergency Backpack

When it comes to weight, every little bit adds up. After all, the bag you select along with the emergency items combined will determine how much you need to carry.

How much you carry can affect your ability to walk the miles you might be expected to cover to get to a safe place.

To prevent unwanted health and stamina issues, the rule of thumb for a health person is to carry a bag no more than 30% of the individuals overall weight.

Lightweight Bug Out Bag

For a person less than healthy 25% and for children 15% is suggested.

One of the main reasons any old backpack doesn’t suffice (besides these BOBs are specially designed for their intended use), is they lack the organization found with compartments and pockets.

Compartments allow for the overall storage and accessibility of your BOB contents providing ample places to keep like items together.

Pockets allow for safe storage and further compartmentalization of gear. Thus it is the more likely that you will find a specific item quickly and easily.

It also makes sense to make a “map” detailing where you specifically stored your supplies within your backpack. Consistency is key to restocking and getting to what you need quickly!

Molle straps 8th paragra 38 inch combat camo bugoutbag the art
Molle Straps

Often overlooked are the additional features associated with your backpack choice.

These options can be beneficial and luxurious.  These additions include;

These bonuses actually help the wearer to be more comfortable, last longer,travel farther between stops and allow for quicker access to gear.

If it is in your budget getting as many of these would be worthwhile.

Although one would think these specialized backpacks are out of the reach of most budgets, the truth is they are very affordable.

Calculating the prices of the 15 BOB backpacks the average cost is about $ 69 dollars.

Comparing this average to the cost of many of the better than average everyday backpacks, the differences are negligible.

There is no reason not to prepare your own personal BOB backpack.

To help you fill your bag with the most important contents, I have compiled the Ultimate BOB List.

There you can find all the items you would need to fill the contents of your 72 Hour BOB and also Every Day Carry (EDC) and Go/Get Home (GHB) Bags as suggested by the top 45 experts on survival and emergency preparation.

The book list on my home page has the necessary reading material.

Contrary to most, I advocate the purchase of a ready-made Bug Out Bags that contain many of the articles you will notice on the Ultimate BOB List.

The rationale for purchasing a complete bag can be found in my other paper “Bugout Bag: 5 Reasons to Buy…,” on this website.

Keep in mind almost all bags I researched missed at least one essential emergency piece from the emergency categories of my list.

It will be necessary to buy additional items to make your BOB backpacks not only unique but truly complete. Get your plan, act on it and be prepared!

 4 Top Scoring  72 Hour Ready Made Bug Out Bags
[table id=18 /]

Knowing BOB capacity best illustrates the amount of gear that can be stuffed in and around your BOB.

Converting cubic inches into gallons or pints is used to help you visualize the total space available in your BOB.

Remember gallon or pint is not to be used to illustrate weight but to give you a mental picture on space capacity (ex. 2 gal. means 2 gallons of water will fit snuggly in the bag).

The price symbol “$” reflects the cost of that item when compared to the calculated average price of all the products on the chart.

The total “$” shown indicates how much more or less the cost was for that particular item when compared to average.

The BOB Score was devised by using various measurable factors and comparing them to the other items on the chart and in my research..

The score took into account; Bag Quality, Size, Price, Quality of Gear and Number of Emergency Categories that were fulfilled as mentioned by survival and prepper experts in the Bug Out Bag List from

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