A Guide For Buying The Best Car Inverter (5 Top Picks)

best car inverter

In a survival situation, your car can act as one of the most important resources for survival. Between transportation, shelter, and more, your car is capable of a multitude of things that will give you an edge in a SHTF situation over others that don’t have one. There are a variety of accessories you can purchase to further extend the functionality of your vehicle, and today we’re going to be looking specifically at the choices for the best car inverter.

For those not familiar, car inverters are gadgets you plug into the DC 12-volt outlet in your car that give you access to other ports, including USB, regular wall outlets, and more. They’re extremely helpful tools for making further use of your car’s battery, and they can be a real asset for powering electric stoves, phone chargers, power tools, etc.

A quick look online will showcase that car inverts are pretty much a dime a dozen these days, so if you’re looking to purchase only gadgets that are considered to be the top rated power inverters, we have 5 picks just for you.

1. Enkey 150w Car Power Inverter

Right off the bat, the Enkey power inverter is the cheapest option on this list that packs a seriously impressive punch for such a low price tag. There’s 150w of power with this guy, and after connecting it to your car’s DC 12v outlet, you’ll have access to two USB ports and one AC outlet.

The dual USB ports is a great addition, as this allows you to charge phones, tablets, and other small gadgets, whereas the AC outlet can be used for larger things — including a laptop, TV, etc.

Enkey designed its power inverter to be very compact and small, and it measures in at about the size of a credit card at 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.5-inches. It’s extremely easy to carry just about anywhere with you, and the built-in fuse protection keeps your gadgets safe from overheating and overcharging when plugged into the inverter.

Along with the inverter itself, Enkey also includes a user guide, 18-month warranty for protecting your purchase, and a 100% support via customer service should you encounter any issues or questions.

2. POTEK 500W Power Inverter

POTEK’s 500w power inverter is one of the more expensive options on our list, but it’s also one of the most powerful. You can find it on a wide array of the best car inverter reviews, and this is largely thanks to its very generous 500W power rating.

Those 500w of power allow the POTEK inverter to support two USB ports and two AC outlets, and this provides you with a lot of possibilities for gadgets and gizmos to plug into the thing. There’s a built-in cooling fan that helps to keep the inverter from overheating even when all ports are bing used, and in addition to this, it also offers protection from short circuits and over-charging things that are plugged into it.

A display on the top of the inverter shows the status of the inverter, including its current input and output in both volts and watts. This display used LED technology for easy readability, and the size of 7.1 x 4.1 x 2.2-inches keeps it relatively compact and easy to move around.

3. BESTEK 200W Car Power Inverter

If you’re looking for something with a more unique design, BESTEK just might have what you’re looking for with its 200w car power inverter. The overall look of this gadget is very similar to a travel mug, and this means that you can securely store it in a cupholder in your car when using it. The top of the inverter opens up with a lid to reveal all of the ports you have access to, and this is another strong point of the product.

Similar to the POTEK inverter above, you have access to two USB ports and two AC outlets. However, the BESTEK takes things a step further by also including an extra cigarette outlet. Because of this, you have access to enough ports to theoretically charge 5 devices at one single time.

The 24-inch power cord should offer more than enough length for plugging the BESTEK inverter into your vehicle, and although the 200w rating isn’t quite as impressive as the 500w POTEK one, this should still be enough power for most general use.

4. Energizer 500 Watt Power Inverter

Energizer’s 500w power inverter is the most expensive item you’ll find on this guide, and while the higher price might keep some of you from looking at this thing, it really does pack a lot of awesome goodies that are quite nice to have.

For starters, the 500w power rating is fantastic and provides for more than enough continuous power for charging and energizing all of your gadgets. You can reach a peak power of 1000w if you really want to push this thing to its limits, and in addition to this, you also have two AC outlets and a total of 4 USB ports.

A thermal fan keeps the Energizer inverter super quiet, and in most cases, completely silent. The design is a fair bit bulkier than what you’ll find with competition options, but considering the fact that this is the world’s first inverter to feature a 4-port USB 48w setup, we’re fine with giving its larger build a pass.

5. BESTEK 75W Power Inverter

Our last pick is another option from BESTEK, but this one is slightly more affordable and offers an even smaller design. The 75W rating is clearly the lowest on this list, but even so, it’s still powerful enough for general use.

You have access to two USB ports and a single AC outlet, and the super compact design means that you should be able to easily fit this into any car. An auto-shutdown feature is here for keeping both your car and the inverter from overheating, and there’s also protection against short-circuits.

You won’t be able to power large tools with this BESTEK inverter, but it’s more than enough for charing phones, tablets, DVD players, and other items along those lines.

Final Thoughts

All 5 of the items here can be considered the best car inverter depending on your needs and budget, and no matter which one you end up buying, rest assured that you’re getting one of the best power inverter options that exists. These may not be the sexiest tools we’ve ever covered, but there’s no denying their importance if you intend on really using your car as a survival tool.