Best Concealed Carry Cross Draw Holster (5 Top Hands Up!)

best concealed carry cross draw holster

We may not be living in the wild wild west, but you may still find you need the best concealed cross draw holster. You may prefer to cross draw. In fact, many find a cross draw much more convenient that trying to reach back and to the side. If you are one of these people, then you’ll need the right holster.

Why Cross Draw?

Cross Draw is more ergonomically correct. What the cowboys knew by instinct, we now know because of science. It makes more sense to reach across your body then it does to draw your elbow back, lift your shirt or jacket, unclip your gun, and try to draw.

The cross draw allows you to be ready on a moment’s notice, and in this day and age, that can definitely be a good thing.

Also, it is helpful to think about concealed carry. If you are hiding the gun, it is easier to reach a hidden gun under a jacket across your body, tucked into your side, than a gun on your hip buried under a shirt or jacket.

Best Cross Draw Holsters Concealed Carry

This list here includes a range of holsters for a variety of guns, including a belly band for those of you intent on keeping the gun fitted well to your body. The best cross draw holster will really come down more to the gun you carry than to your preference for leather or nylon though.

Bianchi for Glock

Bianchi is one of the best holster makers out there. You can get this cross draw holster in black or brown leather. It is designed for fast draw, and will fit your glock. Better yet, it looks good.

If you are planning to conceal your Glock, do it with the Bianchi, so that when it does reveal itself, it does so in style.

Bianchi for Beretta

While the Bianchi for Glock comes in brown or black, the Bianchi for Beretta will only come in two different tones of brown. Again, if you carry, and prefer, a Beretta, you’ll take what you can get, but be sure to wear a brown belt with your brown holster.

The last thing you want is for someone to see your holster doesn’t match your belt and your shoes. Steve McQueen would know better, and so should you.

Bianchi for Sig Sauer

If you favor the Sig Sauer, then the Bianchi for your gun is right for you. This one comes in brown or black and like the two above, fits and curves to your body appropriately for a comfortable fit.

Since you have more options here, you can get away with more, black belt, brown belt, you could even go crazy and mix in some gray. All kidding aside, though, the holster will hold your gun in place and allow you easy access to your weapon in a flash.

Black Molle Right Handed Universal

The Molle is a universal gun holster that will adjust to fit your gun. It is made of a kevlar type material with velcro to keep your gun in place. The holster is designed to go with a vest, and it has a magazine pouch. If you are in security or law enforcement, this may be the holster for you.

Warning: it is not nearly as cool as the leather holsters from Bianchi, but it is functional and adaptable, which may matter more. It is also much less expensive. You can’t argue with that. After all, not all serious gunmen are concerned with matching belts and shoes.



Belly Band Gun Holster with Dual Magazine Pouch

Laugh if you will, but the belly band is much more useful and functional than the name makes it out to be. It will fit snugly to your body, it will adjust to a wide variety of guns, and it has two magazine pouches.

If you are looking to conceal carry your gun, the belly band is the most functional of all. You can wrap it around your waist over your shirt and under your jacket. You can holster your Glock or you Beretta, and you can have two backup magazines. All the while, none will be the wiser. No reason they should be, unless absolutely necessary.

Final Thoughts

Today, many more gunmen from all walks of life find themselves caring about their sense of style, their look, and their persona. The best concealed carry cross draw holster goes a long way toward maintaining your look.

Somehow since the times of Bond and Holmes men forgot to be classy. But it looks like that’s taking a turn once more. Men are increasingly well groomed and well dressed, combat canes, and all. Now, you can shamelessly find the right holster for your gun, and stay looking sharp at the same time.