Best Concealed Carry Sling Bag (5 That Hide in Plain Sight)

best concealed carry sling bag

Having a backpack is a must-have when traveling. There are only so many pockets you can have and so many things you can put into the said pocket. Thankfully, we can all appreciate the importance of a backpack in the prepping and survivalist communities as well. But what about those who make their home in an urban environment? Or maybe someone who wants to pass by everyone without raising too many eyebrows?

This is when maybe having a large bulky bag might draw unwanted attention. Such as is usual with many survivalist bags, the bigger and the better is usually the M.O. Thankfully, there are other much more inconspicuous choices. Which is why there are not just one best concealed carry sling bag on the market but many others. Take note, it is not always recommended to have the best tactical sling bag but instead one that is unassuming.   Thus, below, you will find the best of the best.

ENKNIGHT Waterproof Chest Bag Casual Sling Bag Unbalance Backpack Hiking Daypack

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We start off our list with a very functional and useful pick. We have here a sling bag, made out of a waterproof, tear-resistant Nylon outer mesh. With abrasion-resistant SBS metal two way zipper, you can bet your stuff will not slide out. The inner space is about 15 liters, perfect for fitting just about anything, from a notebook to your special documents, you could even fit your computer.

This item also has constraints that can allow for a closer fit to your body and tighten your contents to your back. This item truly is perfect for moving unnoticed, all while having all your supplies for an emergency in grabbing distance.

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag – Small Crossbody Backpack for Men & Women

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Here we have another strong contender for the best bag on this list. The material of the sling bag is made out of polyester made to imitate canvas, which allows for the bag itself to be lightweight and relatively resistant to wear and tear. The inside of this item measure up to be 12 L, which can fit important documents, emergency supplies, and laptops or IPads with ease.

This item also has a special hidden pocket that can ensure extra security for your items. This is probably one of the most simple but inconspicuous choices on this list, as it looks like a normal backpack, you can go anywhere with this and you will not raise any eyebrows.

Forbidden Road Sling Bag Hiking Backpack Daypack Camping Shoulder Waterproof Nylon Durable Soft Foldable for Traveling Mountain Climbing Cycling Outdoor Activities – Multi Colors

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Here we have a much more specific type of bag, that might be more than useful for anyone who has an inclination of riding a bicycle. The composition of this bag is high-quality nylon fabric, which also gives this bag a waterproofed property while being strong against wear and tear. This bag is slightly smaller than the others on this list, as such, it also has a slightly less amount of space for putting away items.

This does not mean it is without merit, this item can still comfortable fit an IPad or notebooks, or important item in one of its 3 compartments. The reason why this bag is so sought after however, is due to how easy it is to wear when doing physical activity. As this item can also be adjusted to fit snuggly, this item is a godsend to anyone who might want to bicycle out of an emergency situation.

LUXUR Casual Anti-theft Sling Chest Bag Waterproof Crossbody Travel Shoulder Bag

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Looking for a high quality, stylish, and well made concealed sling bag? Look no further. This item is made from a combination of Oxford and polyester material. This makes this item very scratch, tear, and slight water resistance. Truly, the quality of the materials found within this bag makes it especially durable.

This bag is can carry quite a few items, over 3 different sized compartments. This bag looks exactly as it is supposed to be used. For example, while it looks stylish but no one would think it is for tactical or concealed pockets. Therefore you could bring this item with you where ever you go, and not look out of the place the slightest.

NIID-FIIT Sling Shoulder Crossbody Chest Bag Pack

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Want a bag you could hide underneath your jacket or suit or even your undershirt? This is the best choice. This sling bag is made out of Eco-polyester, which is very water resistant. It is also very lightweight, which is as slim as a notebook. This sling bag is able to be completely concealed if put underneath your jacket or sweater.

This item is perfect for hiding important items, such as important documents, small computers and more. To top it off, this item is concealable enough to hide in plain sight. Safe to say this item tops the list as the best sling bag for concealed carry.

Final Thoughts

While having a sling bag has its disadvantages, there are still many things that can make this item a viable choice for bugging out or storing emergency supplies. Not to mention that slings are not the biggest item people check out when looking to mug you for your items. Whatever the case may be, be sure to check your options and choices. Also, remember not to rule out that inconspicuous can mean a lot in an emergency situation.

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