Best Desiccant for Gun Safe: Shooting for Dry

Talk about a killer situation. You experience a break-in, you go for your gun safe, unlock your box, grab your gun, and you’re in a shoot to kill situation. But your trigger fails. Your gun misfires. Your pistol misbehaves in some other way. Why? Because of too much moisture accumulated in the firing mechanisms. You need to keep your gun dry and wick away any moisture that may collect in the weapon. For this, you’ll need the best desiccant for gun safe dryness.


People often don’t realize just how big of a deal too much moisture accumulation can affect the function of a mechanical device. And we often don’t even associate all of the other gross realities that moisture can bring. If your gun sits wet and idle for too long, it can grow mold or mildew in it, and even if you take your gun out often and clean it, you could still have problems.

Further, when you keep your gun, all cleaned and oiled up, in the safe, and the safe gets increasingly moist, you will begin to notice the odors that arise even from the earliest presentations of mildew and mold. So now you have a nasty smelling safe and a gross gun that may misfire on you. Not good. Your best bet is just to prevent moisture in the first place.

Best Desiccant for Gun Safe: 5 to Stay Dry

1. Dry Packs

Dry Packs comes in canister form with the dehumidifier inside in gel form. Open, it will keep your safe dry as it wicks away moisture. The canister will let you know it is activated as long as it has a wet surface. When the gel dries up it no longer has the wicking power, and simply needs to be replaced.

You can continue to replace the gel inserts in this canister for years, making the canister and gel a one time buy and replacements cheap and easy to replace.

2. Interteck

If you’re looking for a large quantity of desiccant, look no further than Interteck. It comes in a 5 lb. package and guarantees its product’s viability or your money back. The pouches will turn from blue to pink, so you’ll know when they need to be replaced immediately, saving you from the headache of the guessing game with your precious equipment.

The product arrives in an airtight container, so you can use as much or as little as you need for the time being, then seal it back up for future use.

3. Hydrosorbent


This desiccant comes in a small rectangular pad. It holds all the moisture wicking power you need for 3 cubic feet of space, plenty for a gun safe. It is inexpensive and easy to use. You don’t have to have extra storage to keep remains; simply open your package and place in safe. You will know when it needs to be replaced as it changes colors.

4. Silica Gel

These are the packets you are used to seeing in everything from food to kids’ toys. They come in a little paper packet and can absorb moisture in even the most humid areas. You can buy them in a pack of ten or up to one hundred, with many options in between.

If you are looking for simple and fast, this is the one to buy as it is a matter of open and throw in the safe. Plus you can buy extras for when you need to replace them. The trick to these will be figuring out when they are no longer effective.

5. Eva Dry

Eva Dry is about as high tech as you can get. It is a dehumidifier that will keep the air in your safe dry for 20 to 30 days before needed the silica replaced. The device itself will work for up to 10 years, just needed to be refilled about once a month.

There is a dial on the actual device that will notify you as it gets less and less dry in your safe, so you will never be surprised. It is non toxic and safe to have around pets and kids. You don’t need batteries for cords either, so you can keep it locked up tight with your weapons.

Final Thoughts

Such a wide variety of options is available for you in this department that you might want to think about your specific needs and which product speaks to those before making a decision.

You could go with a high tech device that needs to be refilled and renewed. Or, you could just grab some silica packets and call it a day.

What is most important is that you do make a choice, and keep your safe dry. You’ll be much happier, in the long run, knowing not only that your gun is secure, but also that it is functional.