Best Emergency Radio on the Market (Top 5 Right Now!)


Emergency situations deprive almost every type of item that we often take for granted in everyday life. This can include; electricity, water, food, and connection to a radio. Strange to think communication might be up there with commodities such as water and food right? Well to be wholly honest, I would like to think this is justified.

Having the ability to communicate in an emergency situation is important. Or at the very least, having an appliance that can ensure that you can hear reports on the current situation or state of affairs, really can mean the difference between life or death. For example, there are supplies, emergency personnel en route, or more dangers to be found in the immediate area.

How can you find out about if there are no phones or internet connection? You could potentially lose out on an opportunity or important knowledge due to ignorance. The only way to foreseeable combat this, is for you to find some kind of item that can hear the news at any time, while also being convenient. For this very reason, we will be looking over the best emergency radio on the market for anyone to pick up and listen to in during any type of emergency situation.

Crank Dynamo Radio, XLN-288DUS Crank Dynamo AM/FM Radio with Flashlight Hand Cranking Rechargeable Emergency Flashlights for Camping Outdoor Hiking Climbing

We begin our list off with a portable multiuse radio for an emergency situation. This item is a crank dynamo radio, which means that a majority of its functions are done by a hand-cranked lever that generates electricity every time you complete a revolution. This radio comes equipped with a small solar charger on the top, covering the area in which you will be grasping the item. This item also comes equipped with a USB and phone input charger, perfect for charging up your phone or charging through your electrical cord.

With so many ways to create energy, almost nothing could stop you from using this item to its fullest extent. This radio has an antenna that can receive AM/FM radio waves and has great reception when the antenna is fully assembled. Lastly, this item has a flashlight that is relatively strong, with an LED light that reaches 200 meters when fully charged. Truly this item is an ideal for any emergency, as it can provide energy and connection to radio waves.

Kaito KA550 6-Way Powered AM/FM Shortwave NOAA Weather Emergency Radio with PEAS (Public Emergency Alert System) (Yellow)

This radio is one of the best emergency radios on the market. This item has 9 channels, including the ability to receive information from the national weather channel, which can be incredibly useful in an emergency situation. This item has three nobs that can change channels, stations, and frequencies.

These nobs are marked and it makes it very easy to read and to change channels if needed. This item also has a crank dynamo that can recharge the 9 batteries that come along with this item. There is also a solar panel that can flip up from the back side of the radio, allowing for energy to be collected as long as there is direct sunlight.

Special features accompanying this item are as follows; A USB charging station for your small devices, a LED flashlight strip, and an LED flashlight. This model of radio is also resistant to bumps, drops, and water. Making it perfect for anyone in moist areas, or near the sea.

C. Crane Co COBS CC Solar Observer Wind Up Radio with AM FM Weather and built in LED Flashlight and AC Adapter

We present one of the best rated emergency radio out there. This radio has a crank dynamo, a solar charger, and an AC charger port. This item can also run on batteries, 3 AA to be exact. 90 seconds of hand cranking can power this item for 12 minutes of radio time, 8 hours in the sun will allow for 4-6 hours of continuous radio play.

This radio with its antenna fully extended has the capability of receiving from AM/FM and Weather Alerts with ease. This item also has a built-in LED flashlight that can act as a spotlight if needed. While not spectacular in its special items, it more than makes up for it with its traditional but much-loved model.

Qooltek Multi-functional 4-way Powered Emergency Solar Hand Crank LED Camping Lantern with FM Radio and Cell Phone Charger (White)

This is a very untraditional looking radio that is slightly more geared for more than just listening. This model or radio is housed within a lantern, the base specifically. This model has 4 different ways of getting energy; solar, 3 AA batteries, USB charging, and a crank dynamo. The top half of this item functions exactly as a normal LED camping lamp, that has two types of lighting settings.

The bottom half is a radio that only connects to FM radio waves. Which could be problematic as FM has a much shorter range in relation to the connectivity of radio towers. So while this item might be great for camping, it might falter a bit in an emergency situation.

Slive-4U (Green) A Self-Powered Charger, NOAA Weather Radio, Emergency Smart Phone Charger, Rechargeable Flashlight, AM/FM Radio and Siren all in one portable device for regular use and survival kit

Finishing off our list, we have a very interesting and well-made contender. This item is a small but well built green colored radio. This radio can connect to a total of 8 different frequencies, including AM/FM and weather alert frequency. The antenna is also incredibly useful in grabbing connectivity from wherever you may be.

This radio is also very energy efficient, as it can accumulate energy by a manual hand crank dynamo, or 3 AA batteries, or the rechargeable batteries that come with this item. This item can be argued to be seen one of the best-rated emergency radio choices, as not only is it compact, it is powerful as well. This item is very useful for anyone looking for an extra item for an emergency kit or emergency situation.

Final Thoughts

Radios have always been apart of getting a message off to a large group of people in a small amount of time. In the 1950’s the radio was considered the pinnacle of emergency news broadcasting. Nowadays everything is very different, but at the same time slightly more fragile. A phone might have the ability to allow someone to reach the internet with ease, but without a wireless connection, they go dark. Radios might not be as important to culture as it was in the past, but it is still just as useful and important