Best Entry Ham Radio (When SHTF)

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If preparing for disaster is new to you and you are working to properly equip yourself with the right tools, know that it is key to have the best entry level ham radio that will go the distance and hold charge when you need it to. Don’t get stuck in a dangerous situation without a way to call out for assistance.

Prevent dangerous encounters through knowledgeable communication and handheld updates. Here are five beginner ham radios that can take on the toughest storms and harshest disasters, while ensuring your safety and helping you get the job done.

There are several affordable, practical, and adaptable ham radios for beginners that will give you the best quality when prepping for the worst.

1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP 8-Watt Dual-band Ham Radio

Arguably, the best entry level ham radio for beginners. The BF-F8HP is a handheld unit that has the best output power at eight watts and its battery has been increased 30% in size. This radio was created to be more user-friendly, providing consumers with the best possible experience when using this ham radio.

The BF-F8HP has a tough hardened exterior to protect it from damage and its antennae allow for long-range communication. It is accompanied by a user manual, a warranty, and specialized customer service support. If you are wanting to get the best ham radio for beginners, you may have found it.


2. F, VHF, UHF All-Mode 100W Remote Head Capability

This mobile ham radio is good for the beginner on the go. If you enjoy exploring, scavenging, or caravanning this is the best beginner ham radio for you. This radio has a two-meter to a forty-meter radius, while stationary or in motion, it has four power levels and weather alert.

This radio can remain stationary within a shelter or can be affixed to your vehicle and be used on-the-go. This could come in handy for communication or for assessing the disaster situation outside your shelter, through safe detection via the weather alert feature.


3. BaoFeng UV-5RA Dual Band Two-way Ham Radio

For one of the best options under thirty dollars, you can purchase one of the cheapest and best ham radios for beginners. Despite its low cost, it comes equipped with an in-depth usage guide, making it a solid choice for beginners. Its five-watt max output makes it comparable for beginning preppers and survivalists, along with its emergency alarm and LED flashlight. This unit also comes prepared with a detachable antennae and USB programming cable for a PC or laptop.


4. BTECH UV-5X3 Tri-Band Amateur Radio

This product is similar to others however it comes with tri-band frequency opposed to the dual band frequency that is included with the other handhelds. Other than that, this handheld features a five-watt power output and selectable range scanning.

As well as, the ability to add and remove channels. This handheld also works within a 1.25-meter radius, this could be an exceptionally handy feature for a beginning prepper or survivalist.


5. Uniden MHS126 Submersible Two-way Ham Radio

This small handheld ham radio, is perfect for disaster and other dangerous situations. This device not only possesses the dual communications capabilities but this product has a feature that has not been included with the other ham radios that we’ve discussed.

The Uniden MHS126 is a submersible and it is designed to float when dropped in water. If you truly want to be prepared for any disaster heading your way, consider this handheld.


Decisions, Decisions…

Now that you have read up on the options, how do you decide which way to go? It’s hard to truly assess what the end of the world or the next natural disaster is going to look like but it’s best to always be prepared. Having a good, long range, and battery operated handheld system is very key to survival.

Be sure to cover the basics when looking for the best beginner ham radio; a good watt power output, a substantial battery, and long-range communication. Other perks are important too, but cover the basics first and ensure your safety for the end of the world.