Best Fire Ant Killer For Lawns: 5 to Fire With Fire!

It can be a difficult task to rid your area of fire ants. They are a small and sturdy creature that are hell-bent on not only destroying your skin if you encounter them but also on getting into your garden, and any potted plants you may have around. Forget a nice picnic on the lawn with your family. The only way to ensure your survival over theirs (at least your happy survival) is to get the best first ant killer for lawns.


Fire Ants

The lucky homeowners in areas without fire ants deal only with the harmless black ants. While black ants can certainly invade a kitchen like nobody’s business and can even make a picnic miserable, they don’t bite. You won’t end up with little red welts all over your body from being interrupted during your leisure time. Fire ants are relentless. Not only do they come in large numbers, but they are after your garden, your yard animals and insects and will bite you to get to what they want.

Fire ants are easily one of the worst insects to have to deal with. They can reproduce in the millions. They have several queens in the colony, and even once an entire colony is wiped out, if one queen survives, the colony will rise again, rapidly.

The bite of the ant isn’t even the worst of it. Fire ants actually bite you to get a good grip and then sting you with a stinger on their thorax, injecting venom that can kill you if you are allergic.  As a result, it is essential that you wipe out every last survivor of the colony as quickly as possible. You don’t need that kind of a headache in your life or in your yard.

Best Fire Ant Killer for Lawns: Top 5

1. Ortho

Ortho comes in 2 bottles and it is effective for up to 162 mounds. You simply apply the poison to your lawn, concentrating on the bald mound that rises when a colony sets up shop. You can be sure that the ground will stay intact and your grass will regrow after a few days. Do take care not to disturb the mound when you lay the poison out as it will alert the colony who will then relocate the queen, and you’ll have to start all over. Also, be warned that this poison smells awful. You’ll want to store it outside under a ledge, away from kids and animals.

2. Amdro


Amdro is a granule bait killer. This means that you will lay the bait granules all over your yard and better ensure complete eradication of the ants. This happens for two reasons: first, you will eliminate any “hidden” mounds or mounds that don’t obviously stick out. Second, the worker ants will carry the bait back to the queen, which will ensure her death as well. Amdro comes in a 2 lb bottle and guarantees complete destruction of all ant colonies in your yard, or your money back.

3. Bayer


Bayer comes in dust form and is fast acting. You simply sprinkle around and on the visible mound, and Bayer says you will eradicate the entire colony rapidly. It is good for up to 200 mounds in a 16 oz. bottle, so you are getting your money’s worth. And it is odorless, so no worries about overwhelming your garage or storage area with a poisonous stench.

4. KnockOut

KnockOut is both granule and fast acting. You’ll sprinkle the granules which will be ingested and shared by the ants, which will wipe out the entire colony including the queen. It comes in a 3.5 lb. bag and it can be used for a variety of other pesky insects like fleas and ticks. Plus, the product is made in the US, so you are supporting local businesses.

5. Spectracide

This outdoor mound destroyer comes in granules, so it should take out the whole colony. It is also fast acting, so you can relax once you’ve broadcast the product across your lawn and the mounds you see. The bonus to this product is that it is long lasting, so even once you’ve wiped out all current colonies, you should not see any mounds recreated for months to come. The downside to this one is that it is highly poisonous and thus restricted in several states. Check to make sure your state is not on the restricted list.

Final Thoughts

It can be tough to choose which product will be best for your needs. In effect, you are having to “pick your poison” so to speak. But in the interest of long-term survival of your species over the species of fire ant that is currently invading your lawn, you may need to simply point and click. You can’t really go wrong with any of the products listed here. Each promises to wipe out the colony, and each one has its own specific selling points.

So check in with your area, your lawn, your mounds. If you have a massive amount of mounds in your yard now, you may want to buy a fairly large supply. If you notice that once you eradicate a colony, another sets up shop, or worse, the same one comes back stronger, you may want a bait granule product, or the long lasting one if your state will allow it. One thing is for sure, now is the time to browse, to point, to click, and to buy.