best first aid kit for bug out bag

We all have endured the cut, scrape, or bruise. It happens when we grab something to quickly, fall down, or out of pure carelessness. Usually, its treated with some soap and water, maybe a little bit of alcohol and you’re set to go. Even if the cut or scrape was deep or if you required antibiotics, that just means a quick trip to the hospital and it’s like nothing ever happened.

Out in the wilderness is a whole other story. Much of the cleanliness and healthiness we take for granted on a daily basis, is non-existent in the wilderness. If you get a cut on a piece of wood, or fall down and get mud in a scrape, you better be scared. Without a way to disinfect, or at the very least clean even minor cuts and bruises can lead to infection, septic shock, and death.

If you have a slightly threatening wound, that without stitches or constant supervision to heal, you are basically on borrowed time. For these very reasons, every single person who goes out in an outdoor activity should have, or bring the best first aid kit for bug out bag in your possession. This goes especially for a bug out bag. If there is an emergency situation, you will be moving outdoors, and if you aren’t there are still accidents that can happen. A medical kit will save lives, and on this list, you will find the best bug out bag first aid kit; guaranteed.

1.“Be Smart Get Prepared 250 Piece First Aid Kit, Exceeds OSHA ANSI Standards for 50 People – Office, Home, Car, School, Emergency, Survival, Camping, Hunting, and Sports “

Looking for a first aid kit that has just about everything you could ask for in an emergency situation is a must have. This medical kit has 250 pieces of equipment that include everything from disinfecting wipes to butterfly stitches. This item exceeds the recommended guidelines to a viable medical kit created by the “Occupational Safety and Health Administration” or OSHA. The exterior of the box is durable and relatively small at 8″ x 10″x 30″. This kit is perfect to have in your home or bug out bag, and if needed can be unpacked to fit better in your needs.

2. Always Prepared First Aid Medical Kit in Red Fabric Bag with Reflective Strip (100 Pieces)

This emergency medical kit is perfect for to be left in a car or your bug out bag. This medical kit comes equipped with 100 pieces of first aid materials. While all of the items included seem to be medically related, other items found on this list is just as important. These items include a poncho, glow stick, surgical cutting scissors, an emergency blanket, and a glass and seat belt breaker. The size of the kit is 7.5″x 5.1″ x 2″ making it perfect to put under your seat of your car, purse, or packed into your bug out bag backpack. Buy this kit if you are looking for a kit with a couple of extra bells and whistles than for its medical supplies.

3.Small First Aid Kit for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Travel, Car & Cycling. With Waterproof Laminate Bags You Protect Your Supplies! Be Prepared For All Outdoor Adventures or at Home & Work

Trying to find something lightweight and effective at being a first aid kit? Look no further. This item is equipped with a 100 piece medical supply and is geared towards immediate medical attention for scrapes and deep cuts. Special items included in this bag are surgical scissors, tweezers and a CPR breathing mask. This item is very small, standing at 5.5″ x 7.5″ x 3.5″ and weighing in at exactly a pound. Making this an item to be put inside a bug out bag with little change in weight. The inside of the bag also comes with embroidered organization labels on every packet, making it easy to find and put back medical supplies.

4. 300 Piece First Aid Kit w/ Bag by M2 Basics + FREE First Aid Guide | 40 Unique Emergency Medical Supply Items | For Home, Office, Outdoors, Car, Camping, Travel, Survival, Workplace

Ever worried that you might not find the exact item you needed for an emergency situation? This might be the perfect kit to calm those fears and keep yourself healthy in all situations. With 300 pieces of medical and unique equipment. This medical kit is unique in more than just one way as it is both made to ensure every single emergency situation but is held in two different unique items such as medical face masks, emergency blankets, CPR resuscitation mask, and even latex gloves.

These medical kits are made of a cloth bag that is semi-tough and stands at 9″x 7″ making it perfect to stash in your bug out bag or within reach.

5.First Aid Kit Hard Red Case 326 Pieces Exceeds OSHA and ANSI Guidelines 100 People – Office, Home, Car, School, Emergency, Survival, Camping, Hunting, and Sports

Ever needed more out of your first aid kit? Maybe you feel like you are missing something from every other first aid kit? You might just be in luck. This medical kit comes included with 326 pieces of medical equipment. All this medical equipment exceeds the OSHA and the American National Standards Institute standards, which makes this a prime candidate for any bug out bag.

The emergency items found in this bag include English and Spanish first aid booklets, and nitrate examination gloves. It also comes with 30 pills separated into 3 different types. Antacids, Asprin, and Non-aspirin pills. This container stands at 13″ x 12″ x 4″ which makes it slightly larger than others on this list, but to make up for it, this item is packed to the brim with special items.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is outside, inside, urban or rural; it does not matter. A BOB first aid kit should involve taking care of yourself medically. This will ensure you and the ones you love, have a much higher chance of making it through alright. In an emergency situation, even if it is not used, can still be useful as a way to trade, help someone in need, or simply have in reserve.