Best Gun Belt for CCW (Or Black Belt Ninja?)

best gun belt for ccw

Even in states that allow for open carry, you may still want to conceal your weapon. Hiding your gun can be a trial though if you don’t have a good place to keep it. The best gun belt for CCW needs to fit well, hold up the weight of your weapons, and help keep your gun or other self defense weapon close to your body and unobtrusive to the public.

Why Should I Hide if I Don’t Have to?

It isn’t always helpful or useful to display your gun in public arenas. You want to feel safe and prepared; you want to protect your loved ones, but you don’t want to announce to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that you’re strapped. Sometimes showing all your cards can seem like an invitation for trouble. It would be best to just choose from among the conceal carry belts that fit your needs and keep it under wraps.

If you conceal your weapon, you can walk among a crowd like an everyday bystander. Imagine you are in a bank and bank robbers burst in. If you are openly revealing your gun on your hip, they are coming straight for you. The bigger group of guys with the bigger guns are going to seek to take out any potential threat. You, with a gun on your hip, are a threat.

In any event, if you can conceal your weapon, do. It will just make life easier for you and everyone around you. Now that you’ve decided to pick and choose the best concealed carry belt, take a look at our list:

Best Conceal Carry Belts

1.The Ultimate Leather Gun Belt

    This gun belt is the class belt you saw on cowboys one hundred years ago. By all accounts it is a simple leather belt. Many people prefer leather though, and for good reason. Leather is strong and sturdy and won’t wear down in the same way that nylon will. Also, if you gun holster and mag pouches are leather, then it just makes sense to have your belt be leather as well. It comes in a variety of sizes and will carry both your gun and your ammo without dragging down under the weight.

2.Mission Elite Heavy Duty Tactical Nylon

For those who do not want leather, maybe because it seems to old fashioned, or maybe because leather just doesn’t seem strong enough, there’s nylon. This Mission Elite is designed with nylon specifically to never wear down. It is a class nylon looking belt, so unassuming, but it is strong and sturdy and will carry all the weaponry you need without letting you down.

3.Comfort Ultimate Belly Band Holster

It may sound silly, but these belly band holsters hold a lot. They also are easily the best option for concealed carry. The belly band fits around your waist under your clothes.

The nice thing about this is you can take your gun with you to the gym if you want, and not worry about it dragging down the band of your sweats. You can just keep the belly band on and bring your weapon with you in there.

It will hold your gun, your ammo, and anything else you think you need with you, cash, credit cards, etc. You can’t lose. Well, maybe a little bit of dignity, but you might decide it’s worth it.

4.Blue Alpha Gear Nylon with Velcro

This belt is not only made with heavy duty nylon, but it also sports velcro all around the inside of the belt. The velcro will keep the belt close to your body without slipping and losing grip on your pants or skin.

If you gain and lose weight a lot, if you feel like you change pant sizes overnight, or if you are just really concerned that your belt might slip down, this is the belt for you.

5.UTG Heavy Duty Elite Law Enforcement

    Finally, we come to the big daddy of all weapons belts. The UTG is designed specifically for law enforcement. If you want to carry all of your survival equipment on your person, you could with this belt. Still nylon, it has pouches for everything, guns, ammo, a knife, a walkie talkie, you name it. This may be the best gun belt for concealed carry, with more gadgets and gizmos than Batman’s belt.

Final Thoughts

They say a man and his gun are inseparable, and if that’s the case, you need to choose the best conceal carry belt. You want to feel like you are not just carrying your weapon; you want to wear it. Your gun should be like an appendage, losing it would be a painful loss, and not having it on your body feels like you’re missing something. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of options. Choose wisely.