Ultimate Best Hiking Shirts Guide (Top 5 Right NOW!)

best hiking shirts

When out and about in the wilderness, there are a multitude of different things that you can bring with you to make your outdoor experience as enjoyable as possible. Some of the basics include a water bottle, hiking boots, a tent if you’re staying outside overnight, etc. Hiking shirts also play a pivotal role in the hiking/camping experience, and today we’re going to be talking about the 5 best hiking shirts for 2017.

Hiking shirts are specially designed to keep you cool, moisture-free, and as comfortable as possible during even the longest of hikes. They’re much better suited for this kind of activity than traditional shirts, and after you try one out for this first time, you’ll never want to hike or go camping without one.

There are a lot of hiking shirts to choose from, and most of them are quite good.

However, if you want to make sure that you’re only considering the very best options when it comes time to buy, this is the list for you.

1. Tesla Men’s HyperDri Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Tesla’s Men’s HyperDri Short Sleeve T-Shirt is one of the best performance t-shirts you can find for this low of a price, and although it may not look like much at first glance, there’s quite a bit more here than what meets the eyes.

For starters, Tesla’s shirt is made out of a PlazmaSkin Fabric that allows for maximum comfort during any and all kinds of activities/sports. The breathability and ventilation throughout the shirt is shockingly great, and this goes a long way for keeping the shirt comfy even when being very physically active.

The moisture sensing technology helps to keep you as dry as possible, and the lightweight design ensures that the shirt doesn’t weigh you down. On top of all this, Tesla’s shirt also features UPF 50+ protection to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is a huge plus for anyone spending prolonged periods of time outside, and if you’re camping or hiking, this is a must have.


2. Vapor Apparel Men’s UPF 50+ Long Sleeve UV Protection Performance T-Shirt

Short-sleeve shirts are great, but if you want to be sure that you’ve got proper clothing for all sorts of weather, Vapor Apparel’s hiking shirt offers a lot of the same great features as the Tesla option, but with a long-sleeve design to help keep you warm during cooler weather.

Vapor Apparel’s shirt is made entirely out of 100% microfiber, and once again, you’ve got UPF 50+ protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Also included here is Vapor Apparel’s PURE-Tech moisture-wicking system and anti-microbial technology that help to keep you and the shirt very breathable and odor-free.

The shirt is very lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh you down unnecessarily, and the unisex design allows for a shirt that pretty much anyone can wear. Add all of this together with a lot of great colors to choose from (both bright and neutral), and you’ve got another excellent offering for a high-quality hiking shirt.


3. Columbia Men’s Tuk Mountain Short Sleeve Shirt

The last three shirts are all made by Columbia, but each one is distinctly different in its design and function. The first Columbia shirt is the Tuk Mountain Short Sleeve Shirt, and this is most similar to the Tesla option we previously talked about.

Columbia made this shirt out of 88% polyester and 12% elastane, and this material combination enables the Tuk Mountain shirt to be lightweight, soft, and somewhat elastic to get the very best fit possible.

UPF 50+ protection once again keeps your skin shielded from the sun’s UV rays, Omni-Wick support helps to keep any and all moisture at bay where it belongs, and the Omni-Wick Advanced Evaporation system takes this a step further by helping to remove sweat even faster than what competing shirts are capable of.

The price of Columbia’s Tuk Mountain is a bit more expensive than Tesla’s, but in our testing, we found Columbia’s product to be slightly more durable and reliable in most intense situations.


4. Men’s Silver Ridge Lite Long Sleeve Shirt


Columbia’s next shirt is the Men’s Silver Ridge Lite Long Sleeve Shirt, and this one ditches the t-shirt design in favor of a more traditional shirt appearance. The Silver Ridge Lite comes in a variety of different colors, and it features many of the same features found with the Tuk Mountain.

The sleeves on the Silver Ridge Lite can easily roll up to create for a short-sleeve style shirt, and the added tab holders make it easy to keep your sleeves from rolling down later throughout the day. Omni-Shade technology allows for UPF 4 sun protection, and the 100% polyester construction makes this shirt lightweight, comfortable, soft, and easy to wash.

Columbia has integrated an antimicrobial treatment that allows the Silver Ridge Lite to withstand bacterial growth better than most other shirts out there, and the range in sizes from Small to 4XT mean that you shouldn’t have any trouble at all finding the perfect fit. Many preppers consider this to one of the absolute best shirts for hiking, and if you’re looking for something with a long-sleeve design, we’ve got to agree with that!


5. Sportswear Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt

Last but not least, our final pick for the best hiking shirt goes to the Columbia Sportswear Men’s Bahama II Long Sleeve Shirt. This is similar in design to the Silver Ridge Light, but it features a slightly different design with a couple different features.

For one thing, Columbia is using a 100% nylon build versus a 100% polyester one that’s found on the Silver Ridge Lite. We found the nylon material to be surprisingly great, and in some cases, preferable over the polyester.

A rod holder on the chest is a convenient touch that we really liked seeing, and the UPF 30 sun protection offers quite a bit more coverage than what the Silver Ridge Lite brings to the table.

The shirt feature special venting in the back to keep the shirt lightweight and breathable even in the hottest of weather, and the quick dry fabric aids in making the shirt easy to clean and dry out.


Final Thoughts

As stated above, there are a lot of great choices out there when it comes to the best hiking shirts. Although there are a lot more to choose from other than what we talked about today, the 5 on this list have proven to be the best performers out of any other shirt currently on the market.