Best Items For A Bug Out Bag (Our 4 Favorite Things To Pack)


If you’re a prepper, chances are you’ve got a bug out bag of sorts that you always keep at the ready to help keep you alive should we ever come across a SHTF situation. A bug out bag can often times be the deciding factor in regards to whether or not you live or die in a doomsday/apocalyptic scenario, and because of this, ensuring that you have the best items for a bug out bag is absolutely key to the prepper lifestyle.

You’ve probably come across article after article where people talk about their own personal list of items for a bug out bag, and while these are fine sources of information, they often aren’t all that helpful if you just want to carry the best of the best with you.

There are many essential items for a bug out bag, and in this guide, we’ll be running through the most critically important products that you’ll absolutely need to pack with you if you want to have any shot at survival.

Tools for keeping yourself hydrated

While clothing, food, and shelter are important factors to keep in mind when building your bug out bag, one of the absolute most essential items for a bug out bag for anyone is water. The human body needs water in order to properly function, and it needs it on a regular basis. This may seem like a basic thing to recommend, and while bringing bottled water with you is a simple thing, it’s only the start.

In addition to a few bottles of pre-filtered water, we also recommend bringing products you can use to purify any water you come across so that you can make it safe to consume. Some preppers opt for water purification tablets as they’re usually quite compact and effective to turn bacteria-ridden water into stuff that’s safe to drink, and if you’re short on space, this is a great solution that we certainly recommend.

Along with this, another tool that we’ve found to be incredibly handy is something called the LifeStraw. The LifeStraw looks like nothing more than a big, old straw, but it’s actually one of the coolest water purification gadgets we’ve ever come across.

The LifeStraw is capable of getting rid of 99.9999% of all waterborne bacteria, and you use it by simply dipping it in the water source you come across and drink away. It’s ridiculously simple and easy to use, and it’ll get you quite a few more uses than the purification tablets that we previously mentioned.

Food that doesn’t require preparation (or much of it)

Along with water, food is also essential to your survival no matter what kind of situation you happen to find yourself in. The food that you eat provides your body with calories which turns into energy, and this allows you to keep moving even through the most difficult of times.

When you’re out trying to fight for your life, you’re going to need to convert to foods that are a bit different from what you’re likely eating right now. Survival-centric foods have gotten rather tasty and nutritious over the years, and although it still may not be as amazing as a home-cooked meal, this sort of food will get you by and doesn’t require nearly as much work or preparation.

There’s a wide variety of this survival-type food to choose from, and it comes in an array of different forms as well. Between calorie bars, freeze-dried meals, and more, you have quite a few options to choose from.

Additionally, you may also want to bring along some canned food and a can opener. Canned food is a bit more readily available than some of the more prepper-centric food out there, and its shelf-life is just as good in some cases.

While some canned food will require you to heat it up, this can be easily achieved through the use of a fire or some other heat source that you manage to find.

Proper shelter

Although living on the road is drastically different than the house or apartment you currently reside in, you can still pack a few items in your bug out to bag to make living in the wild and about the town as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

At the heart of your shelter equipment, you should have some sort of tent. Your tent doesn’t need to be all that big or fancy, as it just needs to be sturdy enough to protect you from the outer world around you. A tent will keep you warm and dry whether you’re sleeping at night or during the day, and it also enables you to set up shop pretty much anywhere you go.

If you have the room and money to spare, a solid tent can be made even better by outfitting it with a sleeping bag and other blankets/pillows as well. These will keep your body even warmer inside of your tent, and while it still isn’t the same as a proper mattress, it will make catching some much-needed sleep quite a bit more bearable.

First aid solutions

There’s a very good chance you could become injured or sick during a bug out scenario, and as such, you need to pack your bug out bag with some sort of first aid products. While you could spend your time putting a bunch of different tools together by yourself, there are a lot of quality first aid kits you can buy that come with pretty much all of the tools that you could ever need for dealing with most minor-to-moderate injuries.

Once you’ve got the basics down with your first aid kit, you may also want to consider bringing along some antibiotics and insect repellent. The antibiotics will help out tremendously for fighting off potential infections and diseases, and the insect repellent will be extremely useful should you stumble upon a piece of land that’s particularly ridden with flies, mosquitos, and other such critters.

You can easily spend a fair amount of money on these sort of products, but if you keep your wits about you and have some patience while looking through everything that’s available, it is very possible to get all of the medical tools that you need without spending an arm and a leg.

Final Thoughts

With that said, those are our picks for the best items for a bug out bag. There are a few other things we didn’t have time to mention today, but the four items we did cover are easily the most important to keep in mind when preparing for the worst. Your bag of bug out items might be all you’re able to bring with you should a SHTF event take place, and during such an event, it’s important to have all of the tools and products necessary to survive.