Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat? (Top 5 Cutting Edge Choices!)

best knife for cutting raw meat

While it might be well known by hunters, to the normal person it is easy to forget the necessity of a good hunting knife. Mind you, a hunting knife is not simply a knife to be used outdoors. Instead, a hunting knife, a real one is used for cutting through the hide of an animal and more. Not only this, it can be used to cut through the raw meat of an animal, going as far as a pseudo camping steak knife.

As a hunting knife has so many applications in preparing and ensuring long-term survival, a high-quality one should be the first thing on your shopping list. For this reason, below we will be exploring the best knife to cut meat, whether it be wild animal or something store bought.

Buck Knives 0192BRS VANGUARD Fixed Blade Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath

Starting off the list with a much-loved favorite of the community, this knife is of high quality. Standing at 8.5 inches, this knife is quite formable. The knife blade itself stands at 4.125 inches long, composed of 420HC steel. This type of blade is well known for corrosion resistance and retained sharpness.

These qualities make it perfect for daily use, and will not degrade if in contact with water or similar elements. The handle is Walnut with a brass pommel, which is both strong and elegant. A unique feature found on this knife is the finger guard under the knife edge, great for an extra bit of grip if needed. This knife also comes with an actual leather sheath, that can hold the knife in style. This knife is a must-have for the weekend survivalist or camper.

Fixed Blade Hunting Knife – Non Folding Classic Knife with Wooden Handle Large Utility Curved Blade – Best Tactical Fix for Camping, Fishing, Fighting and Rescue – Grand Way 2229 ADW

Next up, we have a very sleek and stylish rendition of the traditional hunting, while being a great contender for being the best knife for meat cutting. Coming in at a size of 10.63 inches, its large size could be a hindrance or a help depending on your need. The knife’s edge a fixed blade, and is made up of 440C stainless steel; which is known for being durable and moderately corrosive resistant.

The handle is very ornate, made of actual wood, and a brass pommel located at the base of the handle and just under the blade of this knife. There is also a sheath of Nylon fiber, that comes packaged apart of the whole deal.

This item is a necessity for anyone with a like for an old-fashioned but strong hunting knife. The control behind this knife can safely allow this item to gain the title of being the best knife for cutting raw meat, in my personal opinion.

BlizeTec Survival Fixed Blade Knife: 3-in-1 Full Tang Hunting Knife with Magnesium Fire Starter, LED Flashlight & Belt Pouch

This is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a knife that does it all, and then some. At a size of 8.46 inches long, this knife offers a lot more control than others on this list. The knife blade is 4.17 inches, with a 20-degree blade angle. The blade is 420 stainless steel, a well-known and widely used variation due to its durability, anticorrosive properties, and strength.

The knife blade also has a serrated thumb edge, to help get that extra level of grip. Speaking of grip, the handle of this knife is made out of classic Pakka wood, with steel bolts and a circular steel opening on the bottom of the handle to clip on your belt loop with ease.

This knife comes with special features, such as a firestarter that last for 12,000 strikes. There is also a small LED flashlight that can last for 30 hours with ease. This item also comes with a nylon sheath, which is lightweight and easy to store away.

Gerber Moment Field Dress Kit I [31-002218]

Looking for a hunting knife set for the price of one? Look no further. These knives are unique in the sense that they are used for the act of cutting through wild game, including their meat and their skin. The two knives are composed of steel carbon alloy or 5Cr15MoV steel. This type of material is very durable, strong, and corrosive resistant.

The larger knife is used for actually skinning the outermost layer of skin on game, while the second smaller knife is mostly used on the more detailed oriented parts of your game. The sheath that comes along with this item nylon sheath with metal straps. While it might seem strange, this package is perfect for anyone who wants an everyday use knife and an easy to use hunting knife.

CDS-Survival MOVA-58 Stainless Steel Outdoor, Survival, Hunting Knife with Leather Multi-positioned Sheath, Sharpener Stone & Firesteel

A good quality knife will always outperform, but what about a masterly crafted one? Let us find out here. This knife is exactly 10.82-inches, with a 5.70-inch blade. This knife blade is the amalgamation, of Stainless Steel Molybdenum-Vanadium 58; or better known as MOVA-58. This material is very strong and durable, on a level of a bushcraft knife.

Perfect for constant use for wood, wild game, or any other situation. This knife also comes with a cocobolo wood handle, which is well balanced and very sturdy to hold. This knife also comes with a sheath that is made out of genuine leather, eliminating the need for potential replacement in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Give a man a fish, he’ll be fed for a day; teach a man how to fish, and he will never go hungry. This concept is easily applied to knowing how to use a knife, having a good know how is always useful. Although, the success of your endeavor, whether you are fishing or hunting; is the quality of your tool really makes the difference. With luck, from this list of the best knives for cutting meat, you will have found your dream knife.