Best Magnetic Windshield Cover Reviews (5 Reliable Choices)

If the event of a major disaster, you may find that the safest place for you and your family is your car. Though it may not be the most convenient option, sudden disasters call for extreme measures. You can prepare in advance for this possibility by making sure you have all that you would need to sleep in your car. Take some time to read the best magnetic windshield cover reviews before adding one to your equipment.


Why You Should Use a Magnetic Windshield Cover

Before reading the best magnetic windshield cover reviews, it’s important to understand just how having one of these covers can help you in a survival situation. Imagine that there has been an unexpected emergency, such as natural disaster, and you’re unable to stay in your house. The next place you may think to go is your car. So, why not prepare ahead of time in the event that you need to sleep in your car?

Windshield covers function as a sort of protective layer for your car’s windshield. When the weather is cold, snow and ice can build up on the windshield and cause damage to your car. Windshield covers work to prevent this from happening by stopping the buildup. If you find yourself sleeping in your car in cold weather, the windshield helps to ensure that your windshield doesn’t crack when you and your family are inside.

Windshield covers serve multiple purposes, however. If you and your family are sleeping in the car, the last thing you want to experience is the sun bursting in as soon as it starts coming up. The windshield cover will act almost like a curtain to keep the sun out and allow longer sleep.

The advantage of using a magnetic windshield cover is that even in the strongest winds, the windshield cover will not stray from its protective position. Invest in a magnetic windshield cover and transform your car into an emergency shelter.


Top 5 Magnetic Windshield Covers

Here are your 5 top magnetic windshield cover options:


1. Apex Automotive Premium Windshield Snow Cover for All Vehicles 

The Apex Automotive Windshield Cover is a highly affordable option that can be used to protect your car from snow and ice while keeping the sun out. This cover comes in two sizes that fit most car models. The cover is made with magnetic edges to keep it from blowing away in strong winds, and it includes anti-theft double-stitched door flaps, as well. Even if you’ve never used a windshield cover, you will be able to install the Apex Automotive cover in minutes without a struggle. Don’t worry about where you’ll store your cover when you’re not using it, as it folds into a very compact size and comes with a carry bag.

If it snows while you’re in the car with this windshield cover, you’ll be able to clean it off quite easily and you will see that the wipers don’t get stuck and no ice is left on the windshield. Keep in mind that this windshield cover is made from lightweight material, which although durable, may not be ideal for severe winter weather conditions.

2. Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover 

The Ice King Magnetic Windshield Cover is another reasonably priced option to protect your windshield and keep the sun out while you’re taking shelter in your car. This cover is designed with powerful N52 magnets on the edges, which will prevent the cover from blowing away in the severe wind. This cover is built to provide extra security and has flaps and ties that can be used to tuck into the doors, protecting your windshield from theft. This cover is a universal size, which is large enough to protect the windshields of SUVs and trucks, as well as standard cars.

While the material feels lightweight, this cover is durable and will keep your windshield and wipers safe in tough weather, while allowing you to sleep longer by keeping the sun out. 

3. BURRANTON Magnetic Edges Windshield Snow Cover 

The BURRANTON windshield cover is designed with a universal fit to work for most cars. The cover is affordable and will keep your windshield protected from snow and ice while keeping the sun at bay. This cover is made with an extra long design to ensure that your whole windshield and the wipers are protected. This cover is very easy to put on your car and it has no extra straps to prolong the installation process. The magnets are strong and will prevent the cover from blowing away. BURRANTON cares about your satisfaction, which is why they have made their cover with thicker fabric around the magnets, so your car will not be scratched.

This cover is a useful accessory to use throughout the year and will allow you and your family to use your car as an emergency shelter while maintaining your privacy.

4. Chanvi Windshield Cover Snow Magnetic Shade 

The Chanvi Magnetic Shade is a super value that does the job just as well as its competitors at a lower price. This cover comes in a universal size that is likely to fit most cars and provides protection to your windshield and side mirrors, as well. The cover is made with 6 strong magnets to keep it stuck to your windshield so it doesn’t blow away. There are also security flaps which you can tuck into your car’s doors to avoid theft.

5. Hippo Magnetic Windshield Cover 

The Hippo Magnetic Windshield Cover uses 5 powerful magnets to ensure that it stays in place to protect against the elements and keep the sun out as you use your car as an emergency shelter. This cover comes with extra covers for the side mirrors and security flaps to tuck into the doors for theft protection. The Hippo cover is waterproof, making it resistant to rain and snow.

Final Thoughts

Prepare in advance and you will be able to use your car as a shelter in emergency situations. Investing in a magnetic windshield cover will serve you well in day to day life, and prove invaluable in survival conditions.