The 5 Best Magnifying Glass to Start Fires: The Matchless Match!


Think about it. When was the last time you have actually seen a magnifying glass? It may have been in your grandparent’s study room, a toy you had growing up, or you’ve seen the main character in a mystery film using it. Nonetheless, the magnifying glass has been around the thirteenth century, it was invented by the English philosopher Roger Bacon.   

A magnifying glass is mainly used for scientific purposes, to make smaller things seem bigger through its lens. Others would even consider bringing a magnifying glass while camping. Because it starts fires simply by focusing the sun’s light, campers see it fit to have it just in case of emergencies when they needed to get a fire started. Having one could sometimes tell the difference between life or death.

How To Start a Fire Using a Magnifying Glass.

Most people would have already known how to start a fire with a magnifying glass during one of their 3rd-grade science experiments. Some would think that this is simply nothing but a child’s play. Starting a fire with a magnifying glass is actually a life skill that everyone must at least know how to do. But one must always be careful where they make this fire and make sure that they are far away from other things that may accidentally catch on fire. Below are the steps one can take when starting a fire using a magnifying glass.

Look for the Right Tinder

Tinder is the right type of material that one can use when starting a fire. It may range from newspapers, dried leaves, char cloth, or a piece of wood. Depending on where you are, you must find the right type of tinder you can use, always check the environment around you.

Concentrate Sunlight to a Single Point

Using the magnifying glass, look for the right angle with the sunlight to direct it to a single point. By focusing the light to a single point, heat is also focused. With the heat comes fire. You must check if it makes a blinding, white-hot light.

Check for the Red Ember

Hold the angle and focused sunlight for a few seconds or even minutes until a red ember dot appears. The red ember dot shows that heat is starting to accumulate, and the temperature is reaching the point where a fire can occur.

When you start seeing the red ember looking dot, you can start blowing. After this, smoke will start to appear and fire has been made.

To find out more about how to start fires using a magnifying glass, click here.

Other Alternatives to Start a Fire than a Magnifying Glass.

There are other possible alternatives you can use if you do not have a magnifying glass lying around the house, or even the conventional match.

    1. Friction — with this method all you need is a v-shaped notch in a board or log, and a spindle that will create the friction. Rubbing the spindle up and down rapidly on the log would start to make it smoke when it does blow on it.
    2. Binoculars — binoculars almost have the same curved glass like the magnifying glass. Using its lens to focus light would create a fire.
    3. Flint and Steel — flint and steel kits can be bought online. It creates sparks when suddenly rubbed together very fast. All you have to do is catch the sparks on the tinder you have and smoke will start to appear.

There are multiple alternative ways to start a fire, for more information click here.

Fire Safety

On the topic of starting fires, one must be knowledgeable of the fact that according to the National Park Service or NPS, 85% of forest fires are caused by human activity. Usually, it is caused by campfires left unattended, burning debris, equipment use and malfunctions, negligently discarded cigarettes, and intentional acts of arson.

The American Camp Association posted a page on their website of real-life stories of individuals who have experienced forest fires or experienced uncontrollable fires through the years. To proceed to read these stories click here.

With this in mind, the next time you start a fire make sure that you put it out completely and leave no trace of it behind. 

Best Magnifying Glass to Start Fires.

The magnifying glass has a lot of possible implications especially when camping. Some manufacturers even went out and designed lens that both have the features of magnifying, and starting fires. Listed below are the best types of a magnifying glass you can buy online to start fires on Amazon.

CZ Garden Supply Fresnel Lens (Wallet Size)

Fresnel lens is a composite lens that was mainly used for lighthouses. This lens focuses the light toward the center. CZ Garden used this type of technology and formed it into a much more portable structure. The CZ Garden Fresnel Lens is extremely compact that it can fit in your wallet, it is extremely light and flexible. It also has a ruler that measures 3 inches or 7.5 centimeters great for measuring scaled maps. The most amazing part of this product is that it is a fire starter, the Fresnel lens was specifically made to start solar fires while camping or emergencies. The CZ Garden Fresnel Lens also has the power of a magnifying glass with 3X the magnification power.

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Hestya Folding Magnifying Glass (Pocket Size)

Hestya created a smaller version of the conventional magnifying glass. It is now being sold in amazon for 4 pieces per purchase. It’s what you would think it would be, a magnifying glass, but smaller. It is so small it can fit inside your pocket and it is palm-sized. This product is mostly catered for the elderly for reading, and for antique lovers. But because it has the same technology as to how magnifying glass-works, it can still start a fire. It is fold-able and can be folded into its leather protection case.

What is most amazing about this product is that it is extremely small and durable at the same time, and with every purchase, you get 4 pieces. To proceed to buy this product, click here.

LifeSport Gear Fresnel Lens Emergency Fire Starter

LifeSport Gear created almost the same product as the CZ Garden Fresnel Lens. The difference from this product to the first product mentioned is that it has a 4X the magnification power, it is great for low light environments. It also has a 3 inch or 7.5-centimeter ruler printed along the edge. With its built-in Fresnel lens, this product was advertised by its manufacturers as a fire starter. It also has a highly visible protective yellow case. To purchase it, click here.

INSTEN Handheld Magnifying Glass

The INSTEN Handheld Magnifying Glass is simply a magnifying glass being sold on Amazon. Remember, before all of the rest of the products mentioned, the simple magnifying glass can be used to start a fire by focusing the light into one focal point. The INSTEN Magnifying Glass is advertised to be an ideal tool for home, office, and travel. It has a magnification that is 5X stronger than the rest of the products on this list. It is made from high-quality metal and optical glass lenses. The glass is crystal clear and shatterproof which makes it suitable for even children to use, and did I mention that the glass is also anti-scratch? It is also lightweight and very compact.

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Final Thoughts

The magnifying glass is an extremely versatile invention. It started off as a way to help scientists gather information, but found contemporary uses within reading and would branch out as toys for the curious minds of children. However, even as it moved away from these previous uses, many a survivalist can say that a magnifying glass could be considered a godsend out in the wilderness. Truly, one can never go wrong with a magnifying glass in a survival situation.