Best Non Tactical EDC Backpack: Gear You Need

Best Non Tactical EDC Backpack

Tactical backpacks are great, but they can be a little obvious. Do you need an EDC backpack that’s non-tactical? Well, it’s probably a wiser decision than being obvious about your preparedness. Considering how vital it is to blend in and fly under the radar in public, choosing the right extremely high-quality pack is just as good as one designated ‘tactical.’ Moreover, they are capable and durable regardless of the name. Similar to wearing outdoor gear instead of camo, not standing out is a skill worth cultivating. It’s not difficult to see why visible equipment might make you more of a target in an emergency. I’ll help you carry what you need, and not stick out like a sore thumb.

Why Carry a Non-Tactical EDC Backpack

The decision to carry a non-tactical backpack, like any other piece of EDC, should be well thought out. Anything that goes out in public with you is a part of your image. When people look at you from behind, they will see what you’re carrying, and make an unconscious assumption about you based on that.

Sometimes it pays to look like (or be) a soldier or hunter. However, when walking down the street on your way to the parking lot, it might be better to look like everyone else. When SHTF, the last thing you want is people assuming you are especially dangerous, reliable, or well prepared at a glance.

Unfortunately, being obviously survival savvy is not a good strategy for making it out of a bad situation. You have two options for escaping and getting back to your bug-in or bug-out plans. First, you can hide. The downside to hiding is that you need to stay put, which can become a problem if you’re far from the rest of your group or supplies.

Second is blending in. This is where your non-tactical backpack is useful. A crowd, even a mob, is a place you can effectively disappear and keep moving forward. The trick is looking like you belong. Unless the group is from a survivalist convention or a military unit, then a tac-pack is going to stick out.


EDC Backpack Features You Need

There’s no single ‘right’ answer to every EDC situation because people are different, and you need the right non-tactical backpack. Naturally, that means considering what you plan to carry. For example, if you need to charge your cell phone, then a pack with a built-in charger port would help. You won’t get that from a tactical backpack.

A good backpack will fit a lot more than a typical belt pouch, or even a crossbody satchel. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about leaving things you might need in your car. Fortunately, these days carrying a backpack is no different from having a wallet and goes with any outfit. Even modern executives can get away with tossing on a classy backpack for their laptops instead of a stodgy briefcase.

What Do You Need

Ask yourself what you plan to put inside. Check the following questions to help you get the best fit for your needs. By narrowing down the way you operate, and what gear matters in your situation, you can customize the style, you need better.

  • What sort of weather do you expect? Living in a damp climate means you need waterproof fabric.
  • Do you carry a laptop? If so, you need a laptop pouch.
  • Do you plan to carry a cell phone? If so, you may want a charger port.
  • Is it necessary to lock your EDC, or is it always where you can see it? Some backpacks are more simple to secure.
  • Would a hydration pouch help or just take up space?
  • Will you clip something like a carabiner or mole pouch to the outside? It helps to have a pack that has external loops secured with good stitching.

If you genuinely don’t need any bonus features, then choose a high-quality everyday backpack. The type kids wear to school and adults take to college is often surprisingly durable. Moreover, if you’re not a hiker or into technology or any of those things, then buying a bag with features you don’t need is wasteful. Waste is the enemy of preparedness.


Top Five Best Non-Tactical EDC Backpacks

With thousands of options on the market and more than a dozen styles, it’s not easy to narrow down a non-tactical EDC backpack style. Instead of wasting your time, our curated list does all the footwork for you. Tactical packs are great but easily identifiable, and you don’t need one for everyday wear.

1. Tinvic Extra Large Backpack

There are many reasons why the Tinvic Extra Large Backpack won the first spot on our list. For one thing, it can easily hold a seventeen-inch laptop, and that’s not the only tech upgrade you’ll find. An external USB port with set-in charging cable means it’s fast and simple to plug in a charger and small compatible devices.

Most impressively, the Tinvic Extra Large Backpack is also an RFID blocker. (Make sure you select the red detailed option as they also make non-RFID blocking packs.) You can safely carry your wallet, work ID badges, and other sensitive chipped items inside. Plus, the durable material is water-resistant, helping to keep your equipment safe and dry

TSA friendly, with twenty pockets, you’ll find plenty of space and easy access. Moreover, you’ll appreciate the comfort features as well. Extra padded straps for comfortable wear means you can carry your bag in comfort for longer distances. Finally, the U shaped three-dimensional ventilation helps keep you cool while wearing this inconspicuous backpack.

To find the perfect pack for tech-savvy travel, click here.

2. Diamond Candy Hiking Backpack

Second, on our list is the Diamond Candy Hiking Backpack because it’s waterproof. In addition to the water-resistant fabric, you get a cover to help secure things and keep all moisture out. Wet food, paperwork, and water weight, in general, are all avoidable problems with this high-quality pack.

With a wide variety of color choices, it’s easy to find a bright or dark option. I recommend the safety orange so you can always locate your pack in a pinch. Moreover, you can carry an internal hydration system easily and still keep dry.

If you work far from where you live, there’s a chance you may someday need to walk back. If roadways become too congested or damaged, you still need to get home. A good pack like the Diamond Candy Hiking Backpack will help you and your EDC make it.

Check out Diamond Candy on Amazon right here.

3. Tocode Laptop Backpack

Another outstanding pack is this Tocode Laptop Backpack from Amazon. Not only can you fit a 17.3″ laptop, but it’s designed with your comfort in mind while remaining fashionable and durable. Better still, this pack is anti-theft. The durable SBS zipper pulls fit a lock more efficiently, and a password lock is included.

Water-resistant and rugged, this pack has plenty of the tech and survival extras you need without the unmistakable look of a tactical backpack. You’ll appreciate the micro USB port for setting up your charger. Furthermore, the practical and robust oxford fabric doesn’t stand out, yet always looks classy.

Additionally, the Tocode Laptop Backpack has multiple features for comfort. Multilayered, mesh-covered pads help conform to your back while providing support, and padded straps make this pack comfortable to carry. Plus, the innovative reinforced stitching help make sure you don’t lose something vital merely because of a small snag along the way.

Check Amazon reviews by clicking here.

4. Volher Anti-Theft Slim Backpack

Those seeking a slimmer, and lighter pack will love the Volher Anti-Theft Slim Backpack from Amazon. You can pack a MacBook or smaller fifteen and a half-inch laptop. Sometimes you don’t need more space because your EDC gear is compact. Opting for a lightweight pack with a lower profile is a wise move when you need to go fast.

Breathable and adjustable straps will help you in the long run. Furthermore, the carry strap on top of this pack is more functional and comfortable than most. Instead of a loop of thin, abrasive material, you have a foam padded strap that allows you to tote this pack in your hand for long distances if necessary.

Water resistance and a USB port round out the features on the Volher Anti-Theft Slim Backpack. You can choose any of the four colors. Resultantly, the whole family can carry these bags with little chance of confusion.

Learn everything about Volher non-tactical backpacks right here.

5. Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Backpack Pack


The unique Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Backpack is purple (other color options are available). Hence it’s about as far from the tactical look as you can get while still maintaining a serious level of internal space and other foot-travel friendly features. With an included BPA free two-point-five liter hydration pouch made from EVA, you can be prepared for any disaster easily. 

The full and comfortable hip straps and lack of frame mean it’s not instantly apparent to the untrained eye that this is a hiking pack. Yet you get the support needed for carrying more weight. Furthermore, at just one-point-four pounds empty, this non-tactical backpack won’t weigh you down.

The material is both durable and light weight, with proper distribution between the padded shoulders and lower straps. You’ll find plenty of space inside, with fewer pockets to lose track of small items. Additionally, the comfort mesh keeps you cool, no matter how far you trek. Plus, there’s even a pouch for ice to keep your water cold.

Get your Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Backpack from Amazon by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

We’ve all seen those guys who wear camo and tac gear like backpacks daily. That is fine if you want to announce to the world that you think you are well prepared and probably have something worth stealing. If you don’t have a sizeable, para-military team waiting in the parking lot, consider toning it down.

In a genuine emergency, that camo will help you move through nature, and your tactical gear may save your life. However, city dwellers still have to navigate crowds and avoid metropolitan crime. A superb non-tactical backpack will do the same job.

Additionally, you can find non-tactical backpacks with features you would never have otherwise, like charger ports. Seek out the gear that fulfills your needs better than it fits the profile you feel suits your personality.

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