Best Place to Survive Economic Collapse (…Or Bust!)

best place to survive economic collapse

When the lights go out in the city for good, it will be far too late to consider the best place to survive economic collapse. Total collapse will wipe out all major forms of transportation, almost all access to a regular food supply, and

best country to live in during economic collapse
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all communication, at least for the near future. The bottom line is you need to know the best place to be to survive economic collapse now.

Best Country to Live in During Economic Collapse

In the event of economic collapse you do not want to live in a country with high income equality, high crime, and high poverty. You want to live in Norway, Finland, even the Ukraine.  Basically, you want to get the heck out of the United States of America. Year after year, the United States rates dramatically low in happiness and dramatically high in income inequality.

What That Means

When the SHTF there will be a mad dash for all the existing resources. The United States gets many of its agriculture from South America, much of its grain from India and China, and much of its other products from overseas as well. The resources we do have are expensive and typically exported.

Once all means of transportation are shut down, our food imports will also come to an end. Poor people will turn desperate for a meal, and we already have a high crime rate. If your children were at risk of starving, wouldn’t you do anything to feed them? Yea. That’s what you’ll be up against.

Where Do You Go Then?

So, as mentioned already, you could head to a country that is stable, safe, and has low income inequality. Hate socialism as Americans seem to, when SHTF you will want to be in a place where people are used to sharing. When resources are scarce, redistribution is the name of the game, so everyone eats.

Norway and Finland repeatedly score high on all indexes in terms of happiness, stability, and income equality. They are democratic socialist countries, which means they have virtually no poverty, and they expect to care about one another.

The Problem

The problem with heading to Norway or Finland is you don’t know the culture, you don’t know anyone there, and you don’t know how to survive in the meantime. Could you relocate now? Sure. You could begin the process, as some have, and hope to get a foot in the door to a more equal, happy country than the US. It is not impossible.

It will be difficult, though. You will need a lot of capital, and you will have to prove to any European country that you will not be a drain on its economy. You will need to have a job lined up, and quite a bit of money in the bank.

You could also relocate to a state within the US that markets itself as democratically socialist. The best place in the US to live during economic collapse would be a state like that. Vermont, Bernie Sanders’ stomping ground, is the most socialist in the nation. People expect to share resources in Vermont. You could also head to a place like Washington or Colorado, where the people have begun the work of moving toward income equality.

Yet Another Alternative

Costa Rica is another option. The small, safe, stable country is a favorite among US expats and retirees. Costa Rica has a stable economy, no military, and you can travel from the east coast to the west coast inside of a day. So you could wake up, watch the sunrise, drive west and watch the sunset on the same day. In the event of economic collapse, Costa Rica is rich in resources and small enough to feed and shelter every single person in the country with plenty to spare.

It is relatively easy to move there too. Americans (and our money) are welcome in Costa Rica. You could buy property now, and begin building your bunker. You could begin preparing for early retirement for your whole family, and all your friends if you wanted to. You don’t even have to know Spanish. There is such a large expat community in Costa Rica you will be hard pressed to find people who don’t speak English.

Final Thoughts

When preparing for lights out, you have options. You could head across the ocean, prove yourself in Finland, and become a socialist. Upend your entire life and become European. You could also find a nice, stable state in the US to head to; find a place with a solid living wage and low income inequality.


Finally, you could learn Spanish, take what money you have, and relocate to a place where your money will go further and your life will be easier. I know what I would do.


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