Best Place to Survive in America (Head For the Hills!)

best place to survive in america
worst places to live in the us
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Where is the best place to survive in America? That depends. LIfe after apocalypse will be dramatically different from the way it is now. First, all will be chaos. Many people will die from whatever it is that caused the apocalypse, and it may not all happen at once. Low lying places like the shores of Japan and India watch people die each year from flooding and hurricanes.

State of the Union

At home, we see New Orleans and Miami get hit annually, people die, people suffer, resources in those areas get scarcer as time goes by. Sea levels are rising and pushing people further inland.

If conditions continues on the current trajectory, science says many will die from ecnomic collapse caused by sea level rise. Transportation and infrastructure will come down, food will be more difficult to access, and basic needs will be increasingly difficult to meet.

What Does Best Place to Survive in America Mean?

This could mean many things. If you are struggling to survive right now, head for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Atlanta, Miami, thriving coastal cities that welcome workers from all over and pay a solid wage even for blue collar workers. These cities also have good minimum wages and hungry markets. You will not find it difficult to find a job.

What’s the Problem?

The problem arises when collapse begins or disaster hits. In an emergency, a major city is the last place you want to be. America has one of the largest wealth gaps in the western world, which means that when SHTF all hell will break loose. All major cities will likely see a rise in violence, theft, and murder. People will kill to survive in extreme situations. To avoid either having to kill or killing, head for the hills, away from cities and states with major wealth gaps.

Where to Go in the Event of Economic Collapse

Your bunker should be in a largely rural area. If you already live in a rural town, find somewhere close by to being to built emergency storage and shelter. You want it to be easy to get to for you and difficult to find for others flocking from big cities.

If you live in a big city now because you are a fan of big income, and that’s where the big incomes are, build your shelter a ways away. For example, if you live in San Francisco or New York City, have a bunker out west of Lake Tahoe or in Upstate New Jersey, a few hours drive away; you can get there on a tank of gas, but it doesn’t provide easy access to throngs from the city.

Best State to Live in When SHTF

If you are looking for a classic American redoubt relocation strategy, and you can afford to move to an entirely different state now, move to a state with a small wealth gap and a lot of land. The authoritative literature tells us that these states are typically the bluer states.

Montana and Colorado, Oregon and Washington, are all good examples. States to avoid are pure red states where incomes are low and populations are high, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas are good examples of places to avoid.


Hate taxes though we may, the states with the highest income tax also have the lowest wealth gap and put more money into infrastructure. They also have higher living wages. As a result, you see a state government that is run more efficiently with fewer people in poverty per capita.

The mostly blue states are better equipped to keep you safe and secure on a governmental level while you keep yourself safe on a personal one. They have higher income tax and better wealth redistribution. This means that when it all goes down, you won’t have thousands of poor people desperate for a piece of bread or a drink of water just miles from you.


The states listed also have a ton of open land. Decide if you want your bunker in open space, where you will have visibility and room to grow, potentially farming or raising livestock, or both. Alternatively, you may want a place in the mountains where people are less likely to trip upon your shelter and engage in an aggressive act. Much of this decision may be out of your hands, depending on the state you choose.

Final Thoughts

You need to be prepared to escape in a moment. You and your family should have a meeting spot, you should have an emergency preparedness plan, and you should always have a full tank of gas. Be sure that wherever you are surviving now, you are equally well equipped to survive after the floods rise and the power grid collapses.

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