Best Premade Bug Out Bags: 5 To Hit the Road

In our current times, we all have to agree on one thing: anything can happen at any time. Global warming, nuclear war, a third world war, even a civil war could strike at any time. Some even believe that a major earthquake, or a series of major earthquakes, could crack down the middle of America. At any point in time some major disaster, natural or otherwise, could strike, and you need to be ready. The best-premade bug out bags will make sure you are.


Being prepared for disaster does not make you an alarmist. Climatologists agree that the ocean levels could rise high enough to take out major ports and means of transportation within the next fifty years. If that is to within your lifetime, it is certainly within your children’s.

Hurricanes and flooding, earthquakes and tornadoes, natural disasters are on the rise, and they are slowly eroding our coastlines around the world. The US president and the North Korean dictator are edging dangerously close to their red buttons. And speaking of that president, the people in the US are so divided that they are literally fighting in the streets. Civil War II may be closer than we think.

Premade Bug Out Bags

Having the best premade bug out bag is a good tool to have on hand. If you don’t want to buy and pack all your own supplies, or if you simply don’t know where to start, a premade bug out bag will get you going. These bags won’t break your bank, and they will have all the supplies you need, usually for two. You’ll get medical supplies, food for days, and resources for water.

You’ll also usually get equipment for cooking and preparing food so that if you do run out of food before the disaster clears up, you’ll only need to find more food, not gear to prepare it.

Survival gear is typically included as well. You can expect matches and blankets, a whistle and a flashlight. You can’t go wrong starting with one of these for all your disaster needs.

Best Premade Bug Out Bags:

1. Wise Food 5 Day

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  1. Wise Food has got everything you could ask for in a survival bag. It is fitted for one person to survive pretty much anything for five full days.
  2. You’ll get food and cooking gear, emergency kits, a blanket, and a dust mask. You’ll also get a flashlight, a survival whistle, and a poncho. Just in case that wasn’t enough, they throw in playing cards. Even if you end up alone, you can play solitaire.

2. Emergency Zone 840-2

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  1. Emergency Zone has you neatly packed and compartmentalized for two people for five days. In these packs, you’ll get food and water pouches, miscellaneous tools like a swiss army knife and heavy-duty gloves.
  2. You’ll also get a first aid kit with everything you need for a minor accident. To push the kit over the top, you can rest assured you’ll have all the basics of hygiene, a toothbrush, a comb, and a razor among them.

3. Ultimate Arms

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  1. This bag is the big daddy of survival gear. You will get three days of every supply you can imagine for two people. Food and supplies, a first aid kit, and heavy gear are all included in this camp backpack.
  2. You will be prepared for anything with a shovel, an ax, a serrated knife, and a machete. You could practically build your own fortification. But you won’t need to because you also get a tent and a poncho.

4. Family Prep

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  1. This pack comes in sets of two or four. It is ideal for a family, just buy them in sets of two. You can expect all the basics for survival for a few days.
  2. You’ll get food and first aid supplies, water pouches in abundance, and a poncho for each person. Further, you’ll get an emergency sleeping bag and tube tent per person. As for extras, you can count on some cloth tape and rope, light sticks and disposable gloves.

5. Premium Family Emergency

  1. This kit is everything a family of four needs to survive 72 hours after a disaster strikes. This means that if need be, you could buy two and have both adults carry a bag, which would give you all you need for up to six days.
  2. You’ll get food and water, an emergency blanket, and lanterns. In addition, you can count on a stove to cook, a basic knife, and a flashlight. You also get cooking and prep gear for food and a first aid kit.



Final Thoughts

You can’t miss with these best pre packed bug out bags. It will depend ultimately on what it is you already have, and what you need. The kit with knives and axes will be great for you if you don’t already have them.

On the other hand, if you’ve already got your rough and rugged gear, you can go simple and grab the basic food and first aid supplies.

In the end, this will come down to your own needs, the number of people you’ve got to cover, and how long you want to plan on going it alone. For a family of four, grab one or two sets of two. If you’re alone, you still may want a two-person pack; you can always empty out the extra, second person, gear you don’t need and pack what you need plus your own personal stuff into one.