Best Scout Scope for the Money (Sure Shot Every Time)

best scout scope for the money

Hunting season is almost upon us, and with it comes the general talk of rifles, knives, and other general camping and hunting gear. You may be running low on ammo. Your boots may be wearing thin in the soles. So you may be thinking about which supplies you need to restock, and how to do that without breaking the bank. Perhaps you need a new scope for your scout rifle. If that is the case, you’ll need to know which is the best scout scope for the money.

One of the most important tools, without a doubt, is a rifle. Your rifle is your best friend out in the wild when you’re hunting game. You likely already have a preference for which caliber shoots best at long range, which makes a cleaner shot, which is the quietest or the easiest to carry.

Today, many still prefer the scout rifle. Col. Jeff Cooper made much of the benefits of the scout rifle in his bestselling book, The Art of the Rifle. The scout scope is noticeably lighter, shorter, and easier to carry. Scout scopes for rifles should involve very little interference with a hunter’s vision, according to Cooper.

You should be able to still see your entire surroundings while shooting. To that end, you will ideally want a low power front mounted scope with ghost rings. You can, however still have a scope that mounts at the top, but you’ll want it to be low power. To help you make the decision, we’ve provided here a review of the best scout scopes you can buy and still have some money left over for new boots.

Scout Scope Review:

1.Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Riflescope – Scout Scope; 1-Inch Tube – V-Plex Reticle $149.99

This scout scope is not super affordable, but it is the best forward mounted scope for your money. These are more

[amazon_link asins=’B01AWB3JPE’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cdbea499-96f0-11e7-a2d5-81895f548c29′]

difficult to find because the top mounted scopes provide much more magnification power, but what this scope lacks in power and magnification, it makes up for in authentic hunting qualities. Cooper tells us that a genuine hunter wants more access to the surrounding area than a hyper focus on the scope. The scope should be merely a tool to help hone in on your prey. This scope does just that, with the additional benefit of being lightweight at just 12 oz. It also provides 9.75″ long eye relief. You can get at least 100 yards with this scope.

2.UTG 2-7X44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Scope, AO, 36-color $155.07

The UTG comes in at a slightly higher price than the Vortex, but it provides 11” long eye relief, whereas the Vortex

[amazon_link asins=’B00IPF8QZS’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e151c801-96f0-11e7-9155-7d412948b6cd’]

only offers 9.75”.  You may not want the extra inches the UTG provides when you consider you will also be getting an extra 12 oz. The UTG comes in at 1.6 pounds added weight to your gun. The biggest selling point of this scope is its extra yardage. You can get up to 500 yards with this one, and it is forward mounted.

3.Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rifle Scope, Dead-Hold BDC Reticle $129

This Vortex comes in a bit cheaper than its counterpart but it is not a forward mounted scope, so it will sit a bit

[amazon_link asins=’B0106BYBPM’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f5b3388d-96f0-11e7-a7b3-7774d1100265′]

higher up. This means you may get much better optics through the scope, but you lose range of vision in your surroundings. It weighs in at 14 oz., so you still get lightweight benefits, and you can get 400 – 500  yards of range.

4.Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope/Rangefinder $58.80

You cannot beat the price of these Aim Sports scopes. This one is still heavier than the Vortex Scout Scope, but

[amazon_link asins=’B005N82V6K’ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’121eea9a-96f1-11e7-88d8-83b5967a617a’]

barely, at 14.6 oz. It is small and manageable, still provides a magnification on par with its more expensive counterparts, and it can be forward mounted. It also provides long eye relief. The only real downside to this scope is that it will provide a shorter range, coming in strong at 100 yards, but beyond that, sight will suffer.

5.Aim Sports 2-7×42 8.5- 10.5” Long Eye Relief 30MM Scout Scope/MIL-DOT $54.50

Finally, this Aim scout scope comes in at the lowest price. Magnification is similar to the other scopes, but the eye

[amazon_link asins=’B005MR5QK0′ template=’photo-only’ store=’aboblist-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’22a51b6c-96f1-11e7-a19f-efa44b6019af’]

relief is a bit shorter. It is a similar weight, 14.5 to the others, not the lightest, but nowhere near the heaviest. The biggest disadvantage to this rifle seems to be that the mil dots are tiny, so if that is a concern, you may want to go with the Rangefinder. If not, you cannot beat the price of the Scout Scope Mil-Dot.

Final Thoughts

You have a decision to make, do you want longer eye relief, or lighter weight? Forward mount or top mount? How much are you willing to spend? The answers to these questions, and more, will help you decide which is the best scout scope for your money.



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