Best Self Defense for Small Guys: The Bigger They Fall

Best Self Defense for Small Guys

There are a million advantages to being smaller. You eat less food for one. Also, you can fit into smaller spaces. However, it can also make you a target. Tall people can make a lot of assumptions, most of them wrong, about what your natural stature has to do with your capabilities. Smaller guys are often underestimated, which is a massive bonus. I’ll help you make the most of that advantage with the top five self-defense weapons for smaller guys, plus some great tips.

Even if it takes you a step stool to reach the high shelves, that doesn’t mean your size is a disadvantage. People will find you more approachable, for good or ill. What that means is you can get in close. In combat, being near your opponent is a calculated risk. However, when they’re big, the larger, the better, you can use that stature to your advantage by making it harder to hit you.

Guns Are Equalizers But…

Smaller guys looking to defend themselves know the gun is the great equalizer. However, there are some obvious downsides to carrying a firearm. For one, you need a permit in many places. Plus, they’re outright illegal in others. Additionally, they require maintenance and bullets.

Moreover, guns make people cocky. Even those who aren’t a good shot think they’re all-powerful with a muzzle between their body and trouble. Don’t fall into that trap! If you carry a gun, consider it backup. Use a firearm as a last-ditch effort, but never your first line of defense.

Learn Self-Defense

Anyone who has ever seen a martial artist at work understands the value of training for self-defense. I suggest you drop what you’re doing, look up a class, and sign up as soon as you finish reading this. Learn to flip your opponents using their own momentum. Discover the art of taking a gun away from your attacker before they can fire. However, you’ll still need to defend yourself in the meantime.

Anything is a defensive weapon. Practice grabbing nearby objects and wielding them. Work on your strikes and blocks with various objects of different weights and shapes in your hands. You need to be ready to defend yourself anywhere, with anything.

Sadly, having a weapon is only as useful as your skill level allows. Once you have some skill improvising, you should load up a few useful defensive weapons in your BOB, BOV, and EDC. Unfortunately, when you can’t reach your tools, you need to be ready anyhow.

Whatever you choose to carry in your EDC, make sure you practice with it at least twice a week. Realistically, it’s better if you can take a few minutes every day. No matter how simple a weapon seems, using it faster and better can save your life.


Choosing the Right Defensive Weapon

Practice is vital when you’re a small guy working on self-defense. However, training isn’t everything. You still need to select the right weapon for your needs. How do you pick? Is there a process? No worries. I’ll walk you through the questions you need to ask before selecting your best defensive weapon.

First, as a male, your natural strength is in your upper body. Yes, even smaller guys have more upper body strength. Next, choose a weapon that plays to your advantage. Finally, work out to build more muscle. Hit the gym, get free weights, or whatever works best for your schedule. Spending just twenty minutes per day building strength and stamina can make a huge difference.

Choose Your Weapon

You need to answer some questions before you can find the best self-defense option. Do your best to be brutally honest. Anything less may leave you with a cool-looking paperweight you’ll never learn to use correctly. In a life-threatening situation, that is asking for a beat down at best. Here are the five most important questions you need to answer:

1. Are you good with your fingers?

Dexterity plays a significant role in learning some weapons. For example, a bo-staff can be great, but if you’re clumsy, it’s not a good place to start.

2. Do you panic easily?

Any defensive weapon that requires concentration or aim is bad if you’re likely to freak out a bit. Choose something that will do the job for you if you’re prone to anxiety.

3. How fast can you run?

Disabling an opponent for a second is fine if you can sprint and then maintain a more steady pace. Unfortunately, when you’re out of shape, you need a defense that will keep them down longer.

4. How well do you blend?

Hiding is a vital escape skill. If you have neon hair and seventy-five colored tattoos, you need a weapon that will keep your attacker down, or stop them from coming after you because you can’t melt into a crowd or a shadow easily.

5. Will you commit serious time to practice?

Realistically, you won’t be the best survivor if you can’t give it your best effort. However, being honest about how much time you will realistically dedicate to learning helps you choose the right weapon for self-defense.

Once you have the honest answers to these five essential questions, it’s time to begin the search for the best self-defense weapons. I strongly suggest beginning work on a new, more involved form of self-defense every six months to a year for the first five years you prep or beginning now.

Mastering a handful of more sophisticated weapons will help in the long run. Additionally, you should add one or all of the weapons on this top five list to your kit. Having some secure options on hand will give you a fast and effective means to defend yourself while you build long term skills. Plus, anyone can lose a weapon, or have one stolen.

Top Five Best Weapons for Small Guys

As a smaller guy, you need to consider close combat. Regrettably, when we reach TEOTWAWKI, you will probably have to fight larger opponents. So, getting up under their chin takes away the advantage of size. With many of the self-defense weapons on this list, you’ll have to strike from inside your attackers’ personal space. I’ve also included an option for keeping them at a distance because you never know what the day will bring.

1. Police Stun Gun 1109

While this cool multi-tool looks a bit like a regular flashlight, but it packs an unexpected punch. Many attackers will turn tail and run on a dry fire. The warning of electrical pain to follow is enough to make most people hesitate. Meanwhile, the zap itself is enough to put a big man down, and will undoubtedly ward off anyone smaller. The 1109 can also help with loose dogs or other animals.

On top of the stunning effect, the four-hundred-fifty lumen light will show you all the details in the dark. However, such a bright light is useful for more than illuminating the path ahead. You can easily blind attackers, day or night with a beam over three-hundred lumens. Use the distraction to buy time to get close enough to stun anyone foolish enough to get near.

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2. Pepper Enforcement

Good pepper spray will stop a potential problem at a distance. Halting an attack before the problem gets close enough to reach you is always a benefit. The downside to traditional pepper spray is potential blowback. Mist can catch the wind and end up disabling the wielder. Luckily, this four-pack of splatter spray is designed to help keep your stream where you aim it.

At ten percent concentration, the OC, 1.33% Capsaicinoids pepper spray formula is maximum strength. Designed for law enforcement, this formula is made with serious stopping power. Plus, having four of them gives you backups for all your gear.

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3. NexTool KT5503 Tactical Pen

A good tactical pen like the KT5503 is essential to any self-defense arsenal. While this simple looking pen can indeed be used to sign contracts or draw a map, there’s more than meets the eye here. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, this pen can shatter glass with tungsten steel hardness at over HR90.

In addition to the robust body, this pen comes with a nano-ceramic tip. Hopefully, you will never need to stab someone to escape with your life, but if you do, this pen will hold up in combat situations.

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4. JU D2 Blade

Some people prefer the deterrent quality of a great blade that looks as dangerous as it is. A JU D2 fits the bill nicely. With the look of a katana sword, but the size and weight of a dagger, this incredible blade will cut through your problems.

Have the advantage of a solid, full tang sword-style blade, all without having to learn swordplay. Also, you won’t need to carry a large sheath on your back. The ebony handle is beautifully made, simple, and smooth. Whether you need to cut a rope or an attacker, this 10.7 inches long bade (including handle) will do the job.

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5. Avenger Defense Ultra

With a name as great as powerful as it’s uses, my final pick for this list is the Avenger Defense Ultra. This combination taser flashlight comes with a carrying case, and it’s own rechargeable batteries. Unlike my first choice stun-light, this one looks like precisely what it is, a self-defense weapon that can deliver a severe shock to your system. 

I like the water-resistant design since many stun guns are questionable in inclement weather. Additionally, it comes with a durable nylon holster for easy carrying. Furthermore, the three hundred eighty lumen light isn’t quite as powerful as my top pick, but it will still blind an attacker in daylight.

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Final Thoughts

Small guys need to choose their self-defense options wisely. To play to your natural strengths, you need the best training and equipment. Hence avoiding inherent pitfalls like relying on a gun or letting yourself believe you’re less capable is the first step.

You are a secret powerhouse. As soon as you have the right information and motivation, you’ll start to see it. Weight, height, and other factors don’t matter when you know what you’re doing. Moreover, those things are advantages if you know how to use them.

Let people underestimate you. Ultimately, keeping your skills and preparedness level a secret is one of the best ways to survive as a small guy.