Best Self Defense for Teenage Girl: Get Proactive

Best Self Defense for Teenage Girl

The very thought of your teenage daughter being harmed can cripple a parent. No matter your age or size, self-defense is vital. For teen girls, this goes double. It’s never too soon to start learning to protect yourself or to prepare for dangerous situations. While many young women are more concerned with their grades, their looks, or the internet, you can always find a way to help your teen daughter stay safe. It’s worth the effort, even if she never needs it.

Hopefully, your teenager will never need to defend herself. Unfortunately, there’s a one in four chance she will. No one wants to be a part of that statistic, yet every female is whether she likes it or not. From rapists to muggers, and mere bullies, the world is an especially dangerous place for young women.

What Are the Chances?

Surely your teen girl doesn’t need to now self-defense? Or does she? We all want to believe that nothing horrifying will ever happen to our child. Yet the chances for girls are unusually high.

Size, skin color, and social demographics like income do nothing for a teenage girl when it comes to avoiding victimhood. However, being prepared to fight back is the one thing that can potentially make all the difference. The numbers don’t lie. One in nine girls under the age of eighteen are victims of sexual assault.

According to RAINN, “Females ages 16-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.” Moreover, eighty-two percent of all victims under eighteen are female. Those are just the numbers for sexual violence.

Damages Done

There’s more to being a teen violence victim than recovering from the immediate injury. Assuming the teen girl in question survives the assault, which sadly some do not, she still has an uphill battle with a lifelong impact ahead of her. Mental health complications like PTSD and depression are common responses.

Moreover, there are more than one point two million adolescent deaths per year. Most of these are preventable. Learning to defend yourself is one way to stop an assault, and the results of surviving an attack. Prevention is the best cure for staggering statistics like those. A girl who can defend herself is less likely to become a full-fledged victim, and an ‘attempt’ certainly doesn’t do the same level of harm in most cases.

A teen girl who can stop an attacker is one who is a whole lot less likely to commit suicide later because of trauma-related depression. Regrettably, suicides are on the rise among young people in the USA. In fact, they have gone up fifty-six percent nationally in the last decade, and are among the leading causes of death in older adolescents. Additionally, homicide deaths went up by nearly twenty percent in recent years as well.

Self Defense for Teen Girls

Every teen girl should be practicing some form of self-defense. Martial arts are often the go-to. However, kickboxing, boxing, and other fighting styles are just as useful. The downside is that it takes months or years of practice to become genuinely proficient. That doesn’t mean your teenager should skip out just because she’s starting later than some.

Any time is the right time to begin training. The worst thing you can do is put off learning to hold your own until after you need it the first time. Particularly for teenage females, the ability to throw accurate punches, use opponents’ momentum against them, and kick are vital, life-saving skills.

Where to Start Self Defense

In my opinion, Krav Maga, Jeet Kun Do, and Tae Kwon Do are the best places for young women to start learning. First, Krav Maga has the advantage of being designed to take opponents down with extreme prejudice. Secondly, Jeet Kun Do was created from several other styles by the master Bruce Lee. Finally, Tae Kwon Do focuses heavily on kicks, which is an advantage since most women, young or old, don’t match male opponents for sheer upper body mass and power.

You should encourage your teenage daughter to take a martial art right away. Support her through it and make sure she’s learning what she needs to succeed in a fight. However, since the downside is training time, you also need to help her arm herself right now. That means picking a defensive weapon that is simple to use and has sufficient stopping power.

While some teenagers are old enough to learn firearms, a gun should be the last resort. Fortunately, there are many effective ways of stopping an attacker that don’t rely on bullets or violate carrying laws inside schools and public buildings.

Top Five Best Self Defense Weapons for Teen Girls

Any form of self-defense is better for a teen girl than none. However, you should consider their circumstances before you jump in headfirst. Does she need to defend herself at school? Does the teen in question live in a dangerous area? How much practice will she actually do with the weapon?

All these factors should be part of your consideration. Furthermore, a teen girl usually needs something light weight. Stopping power is essential. Additionally, a teen girl needs time to escape from a bad situation, so the damage needs to last. Preventatives are also excellent. Anything that can call help and bring attention to an assault will help save her.

1. Ivy Ergonomic Stun Gun

While ergonomics may not be something most teen girls think about, it’s useful nonetheless. With a wrist strap for easy carrying, this pink stun gun looks just like an ordinary flashlight. In a pinch, it will also work as a bright, but not blinding two-hundred-lumen flashlight.

As easy to use and incognito weapons go, the Ivy is perfect. Since it looks and can function as a standard, non-defensive flashlight, your teen girl may be able to carry it places other weapons might not be permitted. Most teen girls can tell you. Sometimes looks are everything.

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2. Safesound Personal Alarm Keychain

Personal alarms aren’t the first thing most men think of when it comes to safety. However, the benefits of carrying a Safesound keychain are manifold. Firstly the siren keychain is not a traditional weapon at all. Anyone can legally take one anywhere they please. Unlike the incognito taser flashlight, there’s no part of this tool that’s against laws or rules to carry.

Additionally, at a hundred thirty decibels, a teen girl can damage an attacker’s hearing in under a minute. Moreover, the light on the end of these clever keychains can help light a dark path. With five in the pack, your teenager can have one on hand anywhere she goes. From backpacks to keychains, she’ll never be without protection.

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3. Super-Cute Pepper Spray Keychain

Sometimes teen girls need a little bling, even on their weapons. Add one of these “super cute” pepper spray keychains to her arsenal, and even her self defense equipment will shine. After all, there’s a reason that pink handguns sell to women so well. Furthermore, the charming sparkle of these light weight, non-lethal pack a shockingly powerful punch. At 1.4 % Major Capsaicinoids (MC), they have one of the highest concentrations in the category that’s legal to carry.

Teen girls have up to fifteen shots per pepper spray and a range of eight to ten feet. Resultantly, they don’t need to let attackers get close enough to grab them when they carry this adorable option. Plus, the spray also has UV dye included. That means police or anyone with a UV light can find the culprit. As a bonus, the Cute Pepper Sprays are made in the USA.

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4. IMSHI Stainless Steel Baseball Bat

Typical baseball bats are fine. However, they can be unwieldy. The length and weight of a solid wood baseball bat can be a challenge for a girl who’s not used to it. No typical baseball bat weighs less than two pounds. Yet the IMSHI weighs a mere 1.76. A quarter of a pound may not seem like much, but for anyone who’s held an item for more than a moment or two can tell you that the weight becomes progressively harder to hold up.

Made from hollow steel, this clever little bat can break a car window as quickly as an attackers’ bones. You’ll be pleased with the vertebral body construction. Meanwhile, your teenage daughter will find the PP cotton, no-slip grip comfortable to handle. Like my previous pick, this bat has a beautiful shine to it as well.

If you’re still looking for a martial art for your daughter, you may want to pick up two of these bats as they make great escrima sticks as well. She can carry one as a blunt melee instrument for now. Later, when your teenager has more experience, she’ll be able to wield the pair as a deadly combo.

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5. Anker Ultra-Bright Tactical Flashlight

Everyone should have an excellent tactical flashlight like this one from Anker. When your daughter is learning to drive or headed out with friends, making a small addition to her equipment could make a huge difference. Having a flashlight that will show your teen girl something two football fields away from where she’s standing means attackers will have a much harder time getting the drop on her.

At just one and a half pounds, the tac-light is lightweight but seriously durable. It holds up to submersion in water, one meter for thirty minutes, so that it can handle bad weather and clumsy hands. More importantly, thirteen hundred lumens of light (on the high setting) is enough to temporarily blind humans or animals, day or night. On top of the high quality and ease of use, Anker is also known for its customer service. Your teenager shouldn’t have any problems with her light, but if she does, they’ll help promptly and courteously.

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Final Thoughts

Young women need to know how to defend themselves with any or all of these weapons and more. Because of the heightened risks for teen girls, they are one group that needs self-defense more than any other. Sadly, as targets, they are often first, especially with all the modern distractions like phones and tablets. Moreover, too few dress for practical movement. Heeled shoes, tight-fitting clothing, and other restrictive or dangerous items can make a fight harder to win.

Predictably, teenage girls are not known for their physical strength or training. That alone would make them attractive targets for violent crime. However, any perceived disadvantage can be used as a weapon. Luckily, a well-armed, intelligent young woman who knows her way around her self defense weapons is a surprise to attackers. Sometimes that’s all the advantage you need to escape a bad situation.

Being in an at-risk demographic is an emergency. Your daughter needs preparation. It could mean the difference between life and death for her because being a young female is always three steps removed from becoming a victim, whether there’s a more significant crisis going on or not.