Best SHTF Boots (Top Ten Picks)

best shtf boots

Whether it’s when shummer hits the fan, or if you are looking for the best survival, hunting, fishing, or trapping, your boots definitely have to be perfect. If you’re thinking of going hiking or defending yourself; being prepared with the right kind of footwear is indispensable.

Anyone trying to make the right choice in the boot, or footwear should consider the following; What will I be intending to do? Will I be hiking? Working on a construction site? Preparing for an emergency situation? In any rate, there will be a lot of walking, this means the footwear that can handle almost anything, whether it be rain or snow, blistering heat or swampy marshes will be an incredible advantage.

So when looking over these selections, keep in mind why you need a particular boot. Something leather? Steeled toed? Waterproofed? The best all around survival boot for you might not be the best for someone else.

Belleville KHYBER Lightweight Waterproof Side-Zip Tactical Boot

Starting us off, this boot is geared best for people working in an emergency situation response teams. Made from synthetic leather, this boot is insulated, waterproof, and resistant to staining. With a military grade shaft height, this allows for added protection and greater grip.

Due to the nature of the bottom of the shoes, hiking or urban exploration would be the best use of this boot. Keep in mind this item is insulated, so being in a warming climate might be uncomfortable for long periods of time. This boot will also need to be broken in, so be sure to walk around and test the limits of the item.

Belleville 800ST Waterproof Steel Toe Flight and Flight Deck Boot, Black

While being made from the same manufacturer as the boot before it, this item is still unique on its own. For instance,


this item is 100% leather and is steeled toed. Perfect for walking or working on a construction site, and this type of shoe is also normally used by military personnel. This boot is inlaid insulated, making this item perfect for cold or freezing temperatures.

The shaft or ankle of this boot also reaches around mid-calf, allowing greater grip for running or climbing. Believe it or not, due to the type of boot and relatively light weight nature, this item would be very useful in a survival situation. As due to the capability to cause heavy damage with a simple kick, by the steel toed edge.

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

This boot is a little different from these other choices, in the sense of style and feel. This product does not reach to the calf, stopping just at the ankle. This could change the stability, but this is more of a cosmetic choice.

This shoe is waterproofed but does not have inlaid insulation, making this a viable choice for warmer weathers. However, since this shoe is not insulated, wearing this in colder weather may not be advisable. The rubber sole also ensures comfortable walking for miles, and the lightweight nature of the shoe also helps for those who have any type of foot problem.

Belleville TR960Z Tactical Research Khyber Ltwt Black Side-Zip Boots

If you’re looking for extra support with an emphasis on traction, this is the best bug out boots for your buck. The ankle shaft reaches up to your calf, with a side zipper for extra coverage. This boot also comes with a serrated bottom, allowing for a greater hold on any surface.

Toe bumpers act as an extra traction grabbing surface. While also being water resistant, this boot is not water proof. Using this item in wet conditions might not be ideal, but using it in normal or dry conditions would be more comfortable. This item is also very light weight, perfect for running or walking for long periods of time.

Rocky Men’s Mobilite Six Inch Steel Toe Work Boot

Now, this boot is for those who need the extra toe protection, whether it be construction or defense. This boot is equipped with a steel-tipped toe edge,  capable of withstanding and dealing a bit of punishment.

This item is also slightly heavier than the other picks for this list, coming in a hefty 2.2 lbs each. Which for those unaccustomed, might make it more difficult to handle. This item is waterproof and insulated so working or hiking in cold conditions are not an issue. Be sure to keep in mind, walking around in hot or warm weather will be uncomfortable after awhile.

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Final Thoughts

Footwear means protection to your feet, insurance against frostbite, foot fungus, and various other physical maladies. The importance of function and being comfortable can make a huge difference. As many hikers and military personnel have said, “You don’t regret bringing winter boots until you’re in snow up to your ankle on a cold winter night.”

So when you’re looking to buy your next boot, be sure to look for the one that’ll suit you best. Whether you’ll be hiking, going through military drills, or preparing for when SHTF.