5 Best States To Live In During Economic Collapse (Bug Out Here)

5 Best states to live in during economic collapse

A complete and total collapse of our economy is something that a lot of preppers are confident will happen sooner or later in our country, and whatever your personal opinion on the matter is, there’s no denying that this is an important conversation worth having. A world with a collapsed economy will be drastically different from the one we currently know, and as such, it will be crucial to know the best states to live in during an economic collapse.

Whether it be from a natural disaster, troubles within the US government, or something else entirely, the collapse of the economy as we know it will create for a very different and much more difficult world.

There are a lot of preppers talking about the countries that will survive an economic collapse, but what about right here in the USA? How will the United States of America fare during the collapse of our economy, and where will be the best places to go to if/when this does end up happening?

Here are the top 5 states we’ll be bugging out in come this fateful day.

1. North & South Dakota

More specifically the Western part of either two states. When looking at the western halves of both North and South Dakota, this area of the States has some of the most sought-after benefits that will come in handy during any sort of apocalypse or economic shutdown.

Something that’s especially great about this area is the fact that it’s very far-removed from the coastlines. Coastlines are often very densely-populated, and when all hell breaks loose and there’s no longer an economy to speak of, more people will result in more problems. There’s not anything wrong with having a group that you parade the country with, but lots of strangers will cause for unnecessary problems that you don’t need to deal with.

In addition to this, staying away from these heavily-populated areas and going towards the mountains will result in you being much safer from potential hurricanes and even threats of nuclear warheads. We don’t know how other countries will respond when our economy shuts down, but our enemies may take it as a chance to bomb the complete crap out of the USA.

Something else that makes the western part of the Dakotas great is the extremely fertile land. Although some parts have shorter growing seasons than other areas of the world, this is a fantastic place to grow lots of crops and other foods.

Tornadoes are something you’ll need to be concerned with from time to time, but aside from that, this is one of our favorite places to keep in mind come an economic failure.

2. Western Montana/Idaho’s panhandle

If you’re looking for the absolute safest area to go to in the US, your best bet will be the panhandle of Idaho/the Western part of Montana. This area offers beautiful and majestic mountains, and along with looking fantastic, these mountain regions also provide for awesome wildlife to hunt, plentiful lakes and rivers, and lots of edible plants.

Gun rights are very heavily protected in this part of the country, and you’ll also be met with a considerably thin level of population. Even better, very fertile and rich soil means that you’ll be able to grow a multitude of various crops and other plants in order to make living here even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Even with the country’s economy collapsing, it’s possible that there could be some form of one here thanks to the logging industry that shows no signs of slowing down at any point soon.

Some people may not like being as close to the West coast as you are in this area, but that issue aside, it’s no wonder why so many preppers consider this to be the best place to live during an economic collapse.

3. Northern Arizona

If you’re familiar with the Arizona area, you’ll know that people there often refer to the state in two separate sections — northern and southern. Southern Arizona is perhaps most well-known for its extremely large and arid desert, and it’s this that makes it one of the driest locations throughout the entire United States.

However, Northern Arizona is a very different story. This part of the state has tons of pine forests pretty much everywhere you look, and the tall mountains provide for a good deal of varied wildlife and other plants as well.

Temperatures are quite moderate, and the overall population is a lot less dense as well. Combine this with excellent ranching and farming areas, and you’ve got one heck of a state that will serve you just fine even with the economy no longer being a thing.

4. Eastern Kentucky

For Eastern Kentucky, we’re focusing on the part of the state that’s at and around the Appalachian Mountains. If you choose to head east of the Mississippi River come the economic collapse, we suggest making your way to Eastern Kentucky. This is a part of the state that’s very far-removed from potential earthquakes and other disasters/storms, and plenty of disaster experts still believe that this area is one of the safest ones to be in.

Along with great protection from any potential problems that Mother Nature tries to throw your way, Eastern Kentucky also provides very fertile land to farm on, tons of running fresh water, and a nice distance from the coastline so that you aren’t surrounding by heaps and heaps of strangers.

5. Western Maine & Northern New Hampshire

The last area we’d recommend for the best states to live in during an economic collapse is Western Main/Northern New Hampshire. This is one of the few areas of the US towards the east that we recommend seeking shelter at, and while the eastern part of the country is more susceptible to nuclear attacks, you’ll be a bit safer in this part of that region.

One of the reasons that this part of the US is so great is its wide selection of natural resources. Between running water, lots of trees, wildlife, and more, you’ll be perfectly set for a number of years to come.

You’ll find a slightly denser population in New Hampshire, but this will thin out the closer you move towards Western Maine. Winter storms could be a problem later on in the year, but aside from that, this is an extremely sustaining land that will do you and your survival group a lot of good.

Final Thoughts

Although there isn’t a perfect place to seek shelter at during an economic collapse, all 5 of the areas mentioned here will do you the most good should such an event ever take place. The main things to keep an eye out for are plentiful resources, thin populations, and protection from natural disasters. All 5 of the states on this list do just that, and as such, they’re going to do you the most good come the end of your country’s economy.