Best Survival Lighter in the World? (5 That Sparkle!)

best survival lighter in the world

Ever tried to start a fire without some kind of lighter? It is near impossible, right? I mean you could always use matches, but if you mess up, you not only wasted a lot of matches but likely not even achieve a smolder. This occurrence, however, can be easily avoided with a handy survival lighter. A lighter can have a lot more applications and uses than a normal single use match. Lighter can light more than once; whether it is hot or cold, raining or windy, you do not even have to have a striking surface.

For this very reason, having a survival lighter that can actually work in a variety of situations is a necessity. For those are looking the top best survival lighter in the world, look no further.

PPFISH Mini Key Chain Lighter Set-Waterproof Fire Starter and Backup Brass Fuel Canister Especially for Survival and Emergency Use

This is the ideal choice for anyone trying to find a small but great survival fire starter. This fire starter is housed within an alloy material with an outer brass chassis, perfect for surviving bumps and bruises. This lighter is coming in under 3 inches long, which makes it a perfect size keychain or backpack accessory.

This item acts very close to a normal zippo lighter, as it has a tinder located underneath the striker to create sparks and a length of material that acts as a catalyst for the fire to start. As the material and fuel used to maintain the fire are so effective, it can not be extinguished with gusts of wind. This item also comes with a brass travel container, perfect for keeping out water during any situation.

Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL Ferrocerium Fire Starter

Looking for a reliable alternative to the conventional lighter? Look no further, here we have a fire striker. This unique lighter is a stick of magnesium housed within a 6061 aluminum chassis. With a small striker loaded into the bottom of the stick, making use of a more compact use. This striker is good for over 3000 consecutive uses, which translates to a whole lot of fire.

Granted this item only creates sparks, but it is hot enough to almost always ignite tinder on the first try. As this item has no flame, this is both windproof and waterproof. With all of these advantages, its hard to overlook how useful this survival lighter really is.

Saberlight ThunderBlade – 3 in 1 Survival Tool – Rechargeable Dual Arc Plasma lighter – Carbon Blade – Glass Breaker – Camping Gear – Electric Plasma Beam Lighter – Windproof – Waterproof – Outdoors 

This is a survival tool for anyone with the want to get more out of their lighter. This item has 3 different important items that can serve several different uses in an emergency or survival situation. The entire chassis is made out of aircraft grade aluminum metal. This item has 3 different survival items. This item has a knife blade built in, a full 3 inches of carbon steel.

A well-known material for being both strong and durable. This item also has a glass breaker, built into the bottom, which could be used during an emergency situation. Lastly and most importantly, this item has a dual arc plasma lighter, which is run by a USB rechargeable power cell. This dual arc can light up just about anything, and with no flame, this item is windproof but not waterproof. This item is very viable in a survival situation, simply for its uses. If you are looking for a solid choice for a survival knife, this one is it.

Zippo Matte Lighters

One of the oldest type of lighters that have been reliably used for years. This survival lighter is made out of a tough and resistant material, that can last a lifetime. The way this lighter is so unique and useful is how it works. The laughter has a sparkler on the inside of the lid, that when rolled cause sparks to fly. This, in turn, causes the wick and the fuel underneath it, to burn. By the way, this item is built, not only is the flame that is lit becomes completely windproof. As well as even splash proof as the spark is almost always hot enough to burn.

Numyth Tohil v2 Watertight Fluid Lighter (Ember Orange)

This is one of the highest rated survival lighters out there and with good reason. This lighter is both resilient and compact. This lighter is approximately the size of a thumb drive, perfect to hang off of your keychain or backpack. The chassis of this lighter is also built to be completely water sealed. This item does function very closely to a normal zippo lighter, up to the point of the lighter being very the only issue is it is not windproof nor spark proof.

Final Thoughts

The outdoors are an incredibly dangerous place, and not having a way to make fire puts you at a disadvantage. Fire means food, defense, and heat. This makes it very important to have the ability to start or maintain a fire. A lighter can do that, and it definitely has its own advantages over the traditional matchstick. Emergency lighters are a must have, so be sure to have yours.