5 Best Survival SUV Vehicles (That Won’t Let You Down)

5 Best Survival SUV Vehicles

As a prepper, there are a lot of different things that you need to be aware and read for — gathering supplies, defending your family, finding shelter, etc. While these are the three biggest points that people often talk about when it comes to prepping, something else that’s just as important is having a vehicle that you can easily get around in that will be able to withstand the elements as well. For something that can achieve such a feat, you need the best survival SUV.

SUVs are often the ideal choice for folks that are in want or need of a vehicle for the end of the world that will be able to provide ample speed, durability, and room for all of your passengers. A lot of folks consider a trusty SUV to be the best survivalist vehicle around, and if you’ve ever taken the time to research bug out vehicle ideas, you’ll see that people are constantly talking about ways to customize and rework some sort of SUV for this purpose.

Today, we’re going to be checking out 5 of the best survival SUV vehicles that will be the absolute best at keeping you and your tribe safe when roaming the world during the apocalypse.

1. The Arctic TacomaArtic Tacoma

The first SUV on our list is actually a vehicle made by Toyota. This particular vehicle was designed specifically for use in and around arctic conditions, and while that sort of specialty may sound a bit too closed off right now, something like this might just be the best tool around if and when we ever have to deal with a nuclear winter.

The Arctic Tacoma is easily one of the best bug out vehicles we’ve ever come across, and it went through a challenge recently in which it made a trip all the way to the South Pole in just under 40 hours or so. For a vehicle of this caliber, that’s pretty damn impressive.

As for some of the more technical aspects, the Arctic Tacoma is packing a 4.0-liter V6 engine that’s supercharged. This combo provides you with a horsepower of 341, and the beefed up gas tank can hold a whopping 330 gallons worth of fuel. That’s right — 330 gallons.

The mileage of 15 miles per gallon on the Arctic Tacoma may not be the best around, but when you times that by the tank size, you’re looking at a total of 4950 miles before you’ll need to fuel up again. Add all this with custom suspension and a roll cage for sticky situations, and you’ve got one bad mother on your hands.

2. The Tactical Armored BeastTactical Armored Beast

If safety and security is more of a concern to you than particularly good looks or something with as massive of a tank as the Arctic Tacoma, the Tactical Armored Beast might be a bit more up your alley.

The overall weight of the Tactical Armored Beast comes in at around 20,000 some pounds, and that extreme weight is a result of all the armor and padding throughout the entire SUV. A 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine helps to keep this beast moving as fast and she can go, and the horsepower count still weighs in at an impressive 300 rating.

A 40-gallon diesel tank is on-board, and while that might sound like a fair amount of room, it’s likely that a build along these lines would only provide for around 6 miles per gallon. That’s considerably less than a build such as the previous option, but if you’re willing to sacrifice convenience for security, the TAB is a model that’s still worth imitating.

3. The RhinoThe Rhino SUV

When you think of tough and resistant animals, what comes to mind? There are a lot of creatures that could easily fit that description, but one such animal that we think of right away is a rhino.

A rhino is a mean, tough, and powerful brute that you don’t ever want to mess with, and the same can be said for the next vehicle on this list.

The Rhino uses the frame of a Ford 450 Super Duty, and to give you an idea for just how powerful of a base this is for the vehicle, that frame is made out of 18 gauge steel. The engine packed inside features a whopping 362 horsepower, in addition to a 6.8-liter V10 design.

Moving on down to the bottom of the Rhino, you’ll find wheels made out of aluminum alloy that measure in at 20 by 10-inches, and these are matched perfectly with a durable set of 38-inch mud tires. No road or path will be unreachable in this beast, and that’s what makes the Rhino one of our favorite survivalist SUVs to date.

4. The Land Rover DefenderLand Rover Defender BOV

The Land Rover Defender is a very different type of vehicle when compared to the other two options on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less desirable of a vehicle to own when all hell breaks loose.

Unlike the previous SUVs we’ve looked at so far, the Land Rover Defender can only carry up to 2 people at one time.

This should be perfectly fine if you’re traveling on your own or with just one other partner, but if you have a whole group of people that you need to transport back and forth, you may want to look for something with a bit more room.

However, while the Defender may lack room for lots of passengers, it certainly makes up for this with its overall functionality.

Look on the outside of the Defender, and you’ll find loads of side storage for a healthy amount of various firearms. An outdoor kitchen setup provides quick and easy access to making your meals while on the go, and lights on the outside as well are great for security and seeing what you’re doing while traveling at night.

5. The Military Combat MachineMilitary Combat Machine BOV

To finish up this list, let’s look at something especially impressive. The Military Combat Machine was crafted by Israel Military Industries, and while it may not be the most practical vehicle to try and make, for most people reading this, it sure is mighty impressive to look at and talk about.

The Military Combat Machine is packed to the gills with armor and protection from the elements, and this is made evident right out of the gate with its weight of 8 total tons.

You’ll find a ground clearance level of around .7-meters, and you’re even able to drive through flooded areas that are up to 1.5-meters deep in water.

A four-seedy tranny means you can get up to 75 miles per hour of speed out of this masterpiece, and if you didn’t think it could get any better than that, you’ll also find a machine gun turret on the top.

Final Thoughts


While any of the vehicles listed here could easily be considered as the best survival SUV, we understand that it’s quite unlikely that the majority of people reading this have the tools or funds necessary to model their own SUVs exactly like this. However, it’s very possible to take ideas from these machines and incorporate them into your own setup in a fashion that makes sense from both a hardware and financial perspective. Plus, they’re just a whole lot of fun to look at!

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