Best Tent for Camping in the Rain (to Duck and Cover!)

best tent for camping in the rain

Certain times of the year can be highly unpredictable depending on the camping region you are in. Because seasons tend to blend and blur into one another, you may find yourself soaking wet. Heading out of spring and into summer or from summer into fall can be brutal. Finding the best tent for camping in the rain is a must to avoid having mother nature rain (pun intended) on your parade.

Factors to Consider

There are many things to consider when purchasing a waterproof tent for camping in the great outdoors. If you have a large family or if you are going camping as a large group that plans to bunk together, you’ll want a larger tent. You may go as a couple, or just with a buddy. Then you want to conserve heat and be a good camping buddy, so you can find a 2 person tent.

You may have no intention of camping in the winter. You still want your options open for the other three seasons. In that case, you can probably save some money by opting for a 3 season as opposed to a 4 season tent. Choose a tent that can be completely covered by a rain fly.

Ultimately though, you want to be sure that the best tent for rainy weather is designed specifically to withstand the rain. You’ll look for brands that market themselves as rain tents or 100% waterproof. The weather can get wild. Don’t expect nylon and aluminum to ride out through a hurricane. We’ve compiled a list of excellent contenders for all other rain conditions though.

Best Tents for Camping in Rain

1.Yodo Upgraded 3 Season

This tent looks like a giant piece of aluminum foil. It seals up with you inside to keep you warm and dry. It is the ultimate hunters or outdoorsman tent. The yodo is polyester, strong and durable, with a polyester rainfly that drops from the top and connects with a waterproof, tightly sealed floor. The material is thick and solid, making this the best tent for rain and wind. Ideally, the tent holds 2 to 4 people, depending on the size of the people and the coziness of the fit.

2.Coleman Hooligan Tent Complete Cover

The Hooligan is a quick set up tent that also offers complete coverage from rain. The nice thing about the Hooligan is that it can also be completely open to the elements. That’s key in other seasons or when the rain lets up. The inner tent is almost entirely screened, exposing you to the elements when you prefer it. This tent can be ordered for 2, 3, or 4 people, and the price rises only slightly with each size up.

3.NTK Cherokee 100% Waterproof

The NTK is designed to withstand rain, when it falls, and mosquitos, when they approach. This tent is 100% waterproof. It has a rainfly that keeps you sealed in and an inner tent made of mosquito mesh. This way, the air can still get in, but the tiniest nuisance bugs will remain blocked out. The tent is designed for easy set up and can hold 5 to 6 people.

4.Instant Set Up 4 Season

This tent is designed for rainy days in the woods or sunny days on the beach. It is built with mosquito mesh and tightly sealed to keep water out. It is also built so that the inner and outer tent superimpose, making it ideal for keeping wind and cold out. It is a 2 to 3 tent, perfect for a small family. It is also marketed as an instant setup. You have better things to do than struggle with poles and ropes. This tent will serve those needs. Pop it up and get to building your fire.

5.9 to 10 Person 100 % Waterproof

Finally, the big daddy of tents will fit a couple of families in here if you need to. It has literally everything you could want for a large group to share one tent. You’ll get two rooms, three windows, a full rainfly cover, and mosquito mesh. You’ll also get an excellent barrier bathtub construction that guarantees this tent live up to its 100% waterproof promise. If you are headed out in any season with a big group, this tent is the one for you.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you have a lot to consider, but this really comes down to need. If you plan on camping in rain and snow, go with the 4 season. If you don’t plan on snow, buy the 3 season. If you have a big group, you won’t purchase a two person tent.

Camping is something that grows with you. You start out small, with few needs, and you build on each experience. As your needs grow, your tent can grow with you, whether that means you have a larger group, or you are now willing to camp in a hurricane. Don’t camp in a hurricane.