Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs and Eggs: Everything You Need

Just thinking the words “bed bugs” sends shivers up the spines of anyone with any sense. Bed bugs will get into your home and infest your bedding, your carpet, your clothes, you name it. They spread disease, cause illness, and make life generally unpleasant. For these reasons, you need to know the best way to kill bed bugs and eggs.

No Single Answer

First, you must know that something as infesting as bed bugs is not going to be easy, nor is there going to be a single solution. The approach to killing bed bugs and their eggs and staying rid of them is a multi-pronged one.

Bedding and Carpet

The first thing to seriously consider is getting rid of any cloth fabric you have that isn’t small enough to wash closely and distinctly. You cannot spray down a carpet with bed bug killer and throw it in the washer. Once bed bugs are in your house, they are likely in your carpet, and getting bed bugs out of carpet is a nightmare.

Think about ripping the carpet up and installing wood flooring. Barring that, you’ll need to do an extensive treatment with the carpet spray listed here.

As for your bedding, you might want to think about tossing your sheets and comforter altogether. As far as your mattress is concerned, you can treat it with one of the sprays listed here and then leave it out to soak and dry while it kills all the nasty infectors.

Clothing and Stuffed Toys

Washing machine washing machine washing machine. Repeat on hot as many times as possible with one of the active bed bug killers listed here. Once again, this may be time to consider a minimalist lifestyle and just dump anything you don’t use or your kids don’t play with regularly.

Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs and Eggs

1. Ortho

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  1. This product is a catch-all spray for every surface, including carpet. It comes with a hand wand and promises to remain residual for two weeks. To be safe, spray every 3 to 5 days.
  2. With this chemical, you will want to spray every single affected surface, getting the are moist, watching your fabric get darker. It dries quickly and is odorless, so you don’t have to worry about smelling chemicals all day.

2. Eco Raider

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  1. This product is environmentally friendly as well as being non-toxic to children and pets. So if you have small creatures roaming about, this is the product for you.
  2. Eco Raider is a spray in a bottle that you would use similarly to the Ortho product above. It promises to be effective even on bedbugs that have not been exterminated by other products. Eco Raider markets itself as the only safe bed bug killer on the market.

3. Harris

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  1. Harris is an aerosol spray. So for those of us who like the easy approach to anything, Harris is what kills bed bugs and their eggs cleanly and easily. You simply point and spray.
  2. It is EPA registered and proved effective on small bed bug infestations. It doesn’t seem to have been used in large-scale bed bug infestations, but it is not a big bottle, so if your infestation is large, you would need a ton of bottles anyway. You may just want to go with Ortho in that case.

4. Harris Kit

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  1. Harris also comes thoroughly with a full out bed bug killer kit. The kit comes with a powder for the carpet, a trap for early detection bugs, a get for stings and bites from bed bugs, and a squirt bottle and aerosol can for direct spray on furniture and in corners.
  2. If your bed bug infestation is massive, a kit can’t be a bad place to start. Get the whole arsenal together and go hard just as massively at the bugs as they have at your house.

5. Zep

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  1. Finally, you’ve got the aerosol can with a spray straw attached. This straw can direct your aim at dark cracks and crevices where bed bugs like to hide. This is always a good bet for spot checking just where you need to.
  2. Zep is another product that promises two weeks residual effects, but it is still a good idea to hit up your common bed bug spots a couple times a week to make sure you actually covered every single surface possible.

Final Thoughts

In the end, nothing is going to make you feel better about having bed bugs. Nothing short of ridding yourself of them forever. And honestly, if you live in an apartment building or a rented home, you may just consider moving. Who needs the stress?

But if you are determined, or obligated, to stay, remember to attack bed bugs from all angles.

Homeowners specifically: you need to reassess your desire for carpet. When you’re wondering how to kill bed bugs and eggs, the absolute best answer will always be “burn it all down.” Sadly, that’s rarely a safe or advisable option.

Instead, you need to get bottles of the product you like best, or go ahead and buy the whole Harris kit, and go through your house relentlessly.

It is totally possible to get rid of bed bugs indefinitely, but you are going to need a lot of patience and some serious perseverance. Attack these critters and their eggs from all sides, and victory will be yours.