Choose the Perfect BOB Sleeping Bag

How to Choose the Perfect Emergency Bug Out Sleeping Bag

How to choose the perfect BOB sleeping bag can aid you when you’re trapped outdoors and the weather is horrible. It protects you from the extreme cold and is a much better option than, let’s say, a blanket.

Not only will your sleeping bag protect you from the cold,  but should also insulate you by using your body heat to maintain a comfortable temperature while you’re sleeping. In this article, we’ll cover some important issues to consider when choosing the appropriate sleeping bag to carry with you and your 72 hour bug out kit.

Importantly, when trying to select the right bug out sleeping bag , you want to consider those factors that are extremely critical to the survival prepper especially if forced to evacuate and journey to a far distant and hopefully safer locale.

In my research, I discovered the typical fully packed bug out bag to weigh between 21 to 30 lbs. So any additional weight from a sleeping bag can not only be burdensome but outright dangerous for both one’s health and safety.

Size also become an issue. You do not want to standout in a crowd. Being too big can bring unwanted attention by both civilian and authorities.

This is why the need to have all your survival gear and supplies compact, lightweight and have multi-purpose uses whenever possible is all important when selecting the right items to place in your 72 hour bug out bag. Thus selecting the perfect emergency bug out sleeping bag is no exception!

As you choose a lightweight and compact sleeping bag, you want to also consider to some extent weather, bag material and temperature rating. These will ultimately affect the quality and price of the sleeping bag you choose.

 BOB Sleeping Bag Materialssleeping bag material

As we said before, sleeping bags have either natural or synthetic insulation. Bags with natural insulation should only be used in dry environments, so they are better to use when sleeping in your car, or in a tent.

If you are more into the extreme and like to sleep under a clear sky, or just going somewhere where the rain Is frequent, choose synthetic insulation, natural insulation sleeping bags are useless if wet.

Another thing to look at, aside from the type of insulation, is materials used on the outside shelf. You’ll want to choose durable and waterproof materials if you’re planning on using the bag outdoor or in extreme conditions.

Natural insulation is made up from the particles of a bird’s plumage that lie under its feathers, and Goose down has by far the highest quality, if you want to get a natural insulation sleeping bag, look for the ones with Goose down.

Sleeping Bag Temperature RatingSleeping Bag Temperature Rating

This should be pretty easy. For the classic camping trip where you’ll have a tent, a bag with relatively low temperature rating will be good enough. For colder environments looks for high enough temperature rating.

It’s better to buy a bag with a higher rating than the expected temperature than to get sick or freeze. The only problem you may encounter is that we all have different sleep temperature.

Some of us are colder sleepers than the others, so the bag you have chosen should be used only by you, if you’re planning to buy a couple’s sleeping bag make sure that both you and your partner have the same sleep temperature, because if not, you’ll both be extremely uncomfortable while sleeping in it.

Impact of Weather & Your BOB Sleeping Bag Selection

This question is very important because not all bags can be used in extremely cold environments, and the ones that have a natural insulation are, in most cases, extremely sensitive in wet conditions.

In other words, if the environment you’re planning on visiting is wet and has lots of precipitation, choose the survival sleeping bag with synthetic insulation. On the other hand, sleeping bags with natural insulation like down are lighter; they take less space in the backpack and are more comfortable than the synthetic ones.

Another thing that you should have in mind is the temperature. If you have to bug out in the winter, choose the one with a high-temperature rating. However, if you don’t expect extreme cold, don’t use the bag with high-temperature rating because you’ll only be miserable and soaking wet from sweating.

Basically, you just need to look at the temperature rating on a bag, and lower it for about 10-15 degrees (so if the bag is projected for zero degrees you’ll be comfortable using it in an environment of around ten degrees).

Be aware that many sleeping bag temperature rating often make the assumption the user having a certain type of clothing (ex. cold weather gear) worn based on season or climate. Thus, the rating might be somewhat misleading. The link I provide above gives you a further details on this issue.

Size and Weight of Your BOB Sleeping Bag Size and Weight of Your Sleeping Bag

As we’ve said before, bags that have natural insulation are lighter, more comfortable and use up less space in the backpack. But they are very sensitive to the wet; if they get wet they’re practically useless because it requires them plenty of time to dry up.

So, if the environment is wet, it is better to make room for the bag with synthetic insulation, you don’t want to look at the weight of the bag, just at its quality of protection. Just make sure that it fits inside or strapped below your bug out bag.

The right size can be easily chosen by crawling into the bag you want to buy, if it fits you then great!

The Quality and Price for Your BOB Sleeping BagThe Quality and Price for Your Sleeping Bag

Another issue that can be best answered when you take into account, the situation and the environment you’ll be using it. If you want to build a go home kit to put it in your car, a regular, relatively cheap bag will suffice; you can sleep in your car so the issues like the wind, rain, and cold should not bother you so much.

If you’re planning some hiking or camping in a hostile environment with lots of rain, snow and cold weather, choose a bag that has synthetic insulation, don’t use bottomless bag because you’ll be needing all the protection you can get.

For this types of activities price shouldn’t be a problem, it is always better to buy more expensive and more quality bag than to have numerous problems with a bag that isn’t good enough. Sleeping bag quality is crucial when going on long trips.

Choosing an emergency sleeping bag can be problematic and we hope that we helped you a bit in choosing the right one.

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