Bugout: Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a crisis?
“Movement is life.” Jerry, World War Z

Change for better or worse is all around you. Unless you have been living under a rock over the past two decades, there have been noticeable world geophysical, social and economic transformations. These changes have (and will continue to have) a profound impact on our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Therefore we can no longer ignore the fact that we need to plan, prepare and take measures that will undoubtedly make you, your family and friends among those most likely to overcome and survive any future natural or man-made catastrophe. Are you ready for a natural disaster?

According to a study furnished by the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the world largest natural disasters from 2000 to 2010, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives while displacing millions more. In fact an article published in The World Report stated that over 42 million people from around the world in 2010 alone were displaced due to some form of natural disaster.1  

Unfortunately, the US has also faced its share of natural catastrophes.  Since Tropical Storm Allison in 2001, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to the 2014 mudslides in Washington State, statistics illustrate thousands of victims perished from these horrific events. But most significant were the millions of Americans forced to flee or relocate. City Riot

We fare no better when you factor in the profound impact by which government, military, police or terrorist organizations have had upon human suffering and tragedy.

In an article published at Stanford University, although drought and flood have caused millions to flee for safer environs, most responsible for the overwhelming migration or evacuation of people have been by the way of war or civil strife.2

In the US, one only needs to recall the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath. An estimated 300,000 people were evacuated from Lower Manhattan.3 The harsh reality is it is more likely for one to be forced to flee from a disaster than to become a mortal statistic from it.

In spite of these potential threats, a notable trend has arisen.  Awakened individuals like yourself have become prudent with the desire and mission of being prepared if such tragic events like those mentioned above should occur. Thus, the purchasing or constructing of a Bug Out Bag, has become for all intent and purposes, one of the best way to stand ready for any such threats.

Bug Out Bag…What is it?
There are countless articles, books and audio presentations on this matter.  I have reviewed many of them. However, in my opinion, there is one that stands out as one of the best at explaining and describing Bug Out Bag definitively.

As you listen to the following podcast prepared by Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast, note how he clears up some commonly held misconception regarding BOBs ( jump to 4:50 min.).


Courtesy of Thesurvivalpodcast.com – Episode 179 – Bug Out Bag

For some especially those new to the prepping community, choosing the best Bug Out Bag can be a overwhelming task.  Therefore, I have put together this resource-an all inclusive guide to help you select the bag that is would best fit the needs of you, family members or friends.

Bug Out Bags: The Ultimate Guide
Knowing BOB capacity best illustrates the amount of gear that can be stuffed in and around your BOB. Converting cubic inches into gallons or pints is used to help you visualize the total space available in your BOB. Remember gallon or pint is not to be used to illustrate weight but to give you a mental picture on space capacity (ex. 2 gal. means 2 gallons of water will fit snuggly in the bag).

The price symbol “$” reflects the cost of that item when compared to the calculated average price of all the products on the chart.  The total “$” shown indicates how much more or less the cost was for that particular item when compared to average. The BOB Score was devised by using various measurable factors and comparing them to the other items on the chart and in my research.

The score took into account; Bag Quality, Size, Price, Quality of Gear and Number of Emergency Categories that were fulfilled as mentioned by survival and prepper experts in the Bug Out Bag List from ABobList.com.

5 Top 72 Hour Ready Made Bug Out Bag

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Top 5 Get/Go Home Ready Made Bag

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Top 5 Everyday Carry Ready Made Kits

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What a few experts think on Bug Out Bags

Expert opinions on bug out bags The American Preppers Network suggests the first practical step before purchasing or constructing a bag is to make an assessment of your current situation.  Questions4 to consider are according to SHTFplan.com (S**t Hits The Fan);

  • What am I preparing for?
  • Will I bug in or bug out?
  • How will I defend myself, family and home?
  • What will I eat?
  • How will I heat my home?
  • How will I keep clean?
  • How will I produce light and electricity?
  • How will I get information and communicate with the outside world?
  • What skills do I have and items can I use to barter?
  • How will I fight off boredom…?

I have considered many of the questions listed above.  As for me, the one overriding concern is whether or not the conditions that arise will either have me hunker down or force me to leave at a moment’s notice. Of the two possibilities, leaving or as the world of prepping calls it “bugging out” is the one of greatest concern.

There are many factors that play a key role on where, how and what will be needed if such a time arises that you and your family will need to leave.  It is therefore imperative we begin the discussion on the importance of creating an effective and useful Bug Out Bag (BOB).

Bug Out Bag is often synonymous with a 72 hour kit or 3 day bag.5 According to Jack Spirko, “…a bug out bag is designed to support you and the people who are with you …for a seventy two hours to get you from point A to another location safely and comfortably as possible…”6  Therefore, a bug out bag is not considered a tactical bag which is mostly used in a battle scenario or for a defensive military response.

It is thus extremely imperative to understand the difference so you effectively purchase the right kind of bag. Whether one purchases a readymade bag or builds one from scratch, the experts agree that the eventual contents selected for your BOB should be personalized to fit your geographical location,  specific healthcare needs and  personal circumstances.

I will be providing a more in-depth and detailed examinations and reviews of all aspect of the different bug out bags and the different survival items one should purchase in future articles and postings.

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