Compass and Maps: Tips and Tactics for The Survival Prepper

Compass and Map reading are an essential part of any Survival Prepper knowledge base. It is vital that one learns and masters the skill of using these important directional tools. Anyone who has been lost in a big city or in a forested wilderness know the feeling of being helpless and confused when being separated from the location or people in your group.

Although experts say, one has a built in mechanism within our brains to help us determine direction, I beg to differ.  There are people I know that can and are often lost even when they have routinely followed a certain path over and over again.  This can be truly frightening for both the lost loved one and expecting individual.

This video illustrates the basics in the use of compass and map.  You will agree that this simple but thorough presentation provides valuable and usable information to help you become familiar and comfortable using these  essential survival tools you might need in a crisis situation.