Do Toilet Paper Tablets Work?

Do Toilet Paper Tablets Work

Whether it be a family with several children or a young person out on their own for the first time, most households have two particular issues in common: a lack of space…and the need to use the bathroom. While these issues may seem unrelated, anyone that has had a beginner’s apartment with no bathroom storage knows that the bulk of toilet paper can be annoying.

There are some possible solutions. Bidets cost a pretty penny (and since we are being candid, they can feel a little strange to use). However, there is a product that a lot of people have not heard of called toilet paper tablets.  Everyone’s first question about them is, “Do toilet paper tablets work?”

Simply-put: yes. They are a modern-day solution for a centuries-old problem. In fact, they tend to work even better than traditional dry toilet paper due to their moisture. This gets our personal areas cleaner and uses less product. Furthermore, they take up less space, so you can finally say goodbye to the toilet paper pyramid that we’ve all seen displayed on your bathroom shelf.

The Truth About Wet Wipes

If you knew of urine or fecal matter being anywhere else but on your tush, you would probably do your best to disinfect it. But, for some reason, we have all accepted the idea of a simple swipe being sufficient for cleaning our actual bodies. Although more people now than ever keep towelettes or baby wipes handy in the restroom, those are not typically flush-able. Even the ones that claim to be flush-able according to the packages have run into some serious legal issues over those claims.

Cut the Fatberg

Kimberly-Clark, Proctor & Gamble, Nice-Pak, and several other companies that manufacture wet wipes are now under fire due to what is called fatbergs. Assuming you have never heard of it, a fatberg is a disgusting heap of sludge created from fatty human waste and flushed products such as wet wipes. The funny name stems from a combination of the words “fat” and “iceberg”, but we assure you, this is no laughing matter. Fatbergs clog sewage pipes and create major problems for the areas that are affected by them. In 2015, the city of Wyoming, Minnesota filed an official class-action lawsuit against certain wet wipe companies for claiming that these wipes are safe to be flushed.

The High Cost of Low Standards

It is important to recognize that just because a wipe or other product can fit down the toilet, does not mean it can fully pass through all of the pipes that it needs in order to reach the sewer. Baby wipes, even the so-called flush-able ones, are made to be stronger than toilet paper and do not easily biodegrade.

The official standard for if a product can be considered flush-able or not is set by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA for short). However, the word from several authorities that work in the sewage industry is that these tests are known to often be inaccurate.

In 2013, to prove this theory, a group from Vancouver, Washington dyed many wet wipes of different types. Those same colored wipes were later found un-disintegrated within clogged pipes around the area. The wipes were not, in fact, safe to be flushed as they were dubbed.

Toilet Paper Tabs Can Change Your World

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using toilet paper tabs is the fact they are biodegradable more often than not. (One should always check the details of the specific product being purchased to be sure.) This fact alone should be enough to make the switch from wet wipes to toilet paper tablets, considering it affects the planet as a whole.

Another way that toilet paper tablets are a greener choice is in how they are packaged. They are usually not surrounded by plastic and are simply made with paper. Sometimes, add-ins such as cotton or rayon might be included, but those materials easily break down once they have been used.

How to Use the Tabs

The process of using a toilet paper tab is quite easy. It comes compressed down to about the size of an Alka-Seltzer tablet. All you have to do in order to make use of it is to simply moisten it. It will expand and from that point can be unrolled. The water absorbs into the material and it is now ready to be used. One of the best choices for those wanting to try them out can be found right here.

Meeting Your Needs, One Wipe at a Time

Roughly sixty squares of toilet paper are used by any given person every single day. This amounts to be over twenty thousand a year, which is about a hundred or so rolls.

A year’s worth of toilet paper tablets, however, would be approximately two thousand of them. Companies like Coin Tabs sell them in packs of five hundred, which can easily be found on Amazon. By switching to tabs, you’re putting more money in your back pocket, and less mess on your backside.

More Perks

Beyond saving money and saving the environment, toilet paper tablets can save you effort as well. While traditional toilet paper seems simpler to grab-and-go, it is not nearly as portable as tabs are. Tablets can easily be tossed in any bag or pocket without even being noticed by others. This makes them perfect for camping or just to keep on hand.

Furthermore, they are useful for more than just wiping. Like baby wipes, they can clean other messes such as on your face or hands. They can also serve as wet napkins and wipe up spills. Some can even be dried out again and reused for this purpose. In addition, used dry, they make a great fire starter.

If you try toilet paper tablets and find that the standard size is not to your liking, they do come in a larger option. Oversized Porta-wipes are sold on Amazon, such as their regular-sized tabs are. They tend to have a more preferred texture, not being as rough as some other brands. This, along with the larger surface on these particular tabs, makes them a personal favorite.

More on Compressed Items

Your local camping supply store most likely offers many other products that are compressed. That is because lightweight compressed items are found to be perfect for hiking, backpacking, and camping out.

Compressed towels, much like TP tablets, expand when they get wet. Both washcloths and bath towels are sold this way.

Not everything that is compressed requires water. Compression bags are a godsend when it comes to saving space. They commonly use a vacuum to remove air from fabric and other items, which allows everything inside the bag to become as flat as possible. Pillows, pads, and sleeping bags are sold in compression sacks. Even foam mattresses can be done this way.

Folding/Collapsible Options

For things that cannot be compressed down, a collapsible option may exist. Items such as tools, chairs, bins, dishes, and utensils are a few examples.

Additional Advice for Getting Started Outdoors

Keep in mind that just because something is portable does not mean it is lightweight. (Of course, this is not an issue that you will find with toilet paper tablets.) The more you pack in, the more your bag will weigh, and the harder your trek will be. You can try carrying it around for a while before your trip to make sure you do not have more than you can handle. However, with practice and better fitness, you will gradually be able to take on more gear.

Do not forget how your bag’s weight may change to be less or more throughout the journey. You might dispose of used items or add souvenirs along the way, for example.

Choose what you take with you wisely. Apart from weight, consider what items you can get the most use of, which items are more vital to your basic needs, and what they require in order to use.

Final Thoughts

Staying prepared is a major key to getting through our daily lives, but some situations call for extra preparation. Toilet paper tablets are available for all situations, whether it be at home or on the go.

Hygiene is always important and is needed more than ever when you are out roughing it. By staying cleaner, you are making yourself less susceptible to harmful bacteria that can make you sick. Toilet paper will not be found on your Swiss Army Knife but is one thing you definitely do not want to be caught without. So, stay shiny and clean your posterior.

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