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bug out bag for dogs

bug out bag for dogsOur pets are part of our family.  If you share this sentiment, you are not alone. According to a  Harris poll ,  9 in 10 pet owners consider their pets to be family.

This is why we worry about their well-being especially when we are away from them for any extended period of time. It’s also why I created this The Best Dog Bug Out Bag Guide.

If you’re like me and one of more than the 137.2 million pet dog owners in the United States then you’ve probably thought about what you might need to do or how you are going to care for your dog in an emergency situation.


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When it comes to preparing your family dog for an emergency or disaster situation, you have three options for a Dog Survival Kit or bug out Bag.

You can buy a ready made Bag, Create your own, or Create a mix using a ready made Bug out Bag especially designed for dogs and then add additional items described in the Dog BOB List below.

A Guide to Buying a Ready Made Dog Bug Out Bag

In creating the TOP Dog ready-made BOBs Guide, I utilized the information from the Dog Bug Out Bag (Pet BOB) list to review, calculate and rate the effectiveness and completeness of the ready made Dog Bug out Bags.

All of these Items, as well as the Bags, can be found on Amazon in the USA.

The Top Ready-Made Dog Bug Out Bag Kits

Ultimate Survival Kit for Dogs

My Rating: ★★★★

This Ultimate Dog Bug out Bag is one of the most complete and reliable emergency kits for a dog on the market.


  • Vacuum Sealed Food (5yr shelf life)
  • US Coast Guard Approved
  • Thermal Blanket and Light Stick

These Dog bug out Kits have been designed and prepared by disaster preparedness experts teamed and veterinarians to ensure practical and reliable Emergency products for your dog.


Deluxe Dog Bug Out Bag

My Rating: ★★★★

The Deluxe Dog Bug Out Bag comes with a Pet Carrier plus a complete Survival and Disaster Kit and is made by Emergency Zone Brand.



  • Pet Carrier
  • 6 Day Food Supply (5 yr Shelf life)
  • High Quality and Sturdy Bag

This is a premium emergency kit designed for dogs. PLenty of food to get through the first few days and it has a very good quality first aid kit. The pet carrier is 18″ x 11″ x 10″.


Small Dog Evacuation Kit

My Rating: ★★★

The Ready America 77150 Small Dog Evacuation Kit is a good mid-range choice for dog owners.



  • Made for the Small Dog in Mind
  • Convenient Water Bowl Included
  • Carrier Fits Under Airline Seat

Another good bag for small dogs. Easy to carry on camping and hiking trips and the carrier can handle up to 20 pounds. Comes with all the usual goodies and the bag is top quality.


Dog Bug Out bag Check List

Using the Dog BOB list below in combination with the Dog Bug Out Buying Guide, you will be able to effectively supplement emergency supplies that might be missing in your selected ready-made bag and purchase these additional items along with your Amazon order.

I used highly authoritative governmental  and educational sites to compile a well documented and researched Dog Bug Out Bag (Dog BOB) List.

This expert list gives you all of the up to date and most suggested items, supplies and gear to collect and assemble in a pet rolling backpack or dog backpack.

For those who prefer to purchase a ready-made bag, the list offers you those items you may want to add or supplement your bag thus making it a more effective and complete bag.


Additional Resources for Dogs

Harness and carry bags for dogsSince pet transport and protection is something most pet owners will want to consider, I have provided a link to a good list of the best carry and harness products for dogs here.

These can also be purchases individually on Amazon.

Like you, I also consider my dog to be an important family member. In fact, my toy poodle brings great joy to my children and pleasure to my wife.

I know it would be extremely difficult for us if something unfortunate was to happen to him.

I am certain many of you feel the same way about your pet as we do. Many of us however sometimes take our pets for granted and fail to plan for their needs during an unexpected crisis or natural disaster.

Hurricane Katrina is a good example of owners failing to prepare to protect their pets.

Although over 15,000 pets were rescued with 3,000 of them reunited with their families, tens of thousands were killed or left homeless.

For the most part, it is an unintentional and innocent oversight on our part  that places our beloved pet(s) in harms way.

Luckily, this type of mindset can be corrected. Use the ABOBList Dog BOB Guide as your means of caring for the welfare of your family dog during a disaster or crisis situation.

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