Dog First Aid Kit Guide: For Your Dog Bug Out Bag

First Aid for Dog During A Disaster

Emergency Preparedness for DogsYou may not have a choice.  You and your dog may be forced to flee from your home to a safer place during a crisis.  For most of you, leaving your dog to fend for itself during a disaster is not an option.

And if you are thinking of keeping your pet at home while you’re away, think again.   Be warned that saving your dog or any other animal is not a priority for your local authorities or federal officials.

During a “mock” exercise conducted by FEMA and hurricane researchers around the time of Hurricane Katrina, it was revealed that the government did not make plans or contingencies to save any pets because they are considered “unimportant.”  So what will you do?
Bug Out Vehicle

Even if you are given an evacuation warning ahead of time, there is a good chance you will not have a bug out vehicle that will be of any use to you.

You will be stuck due to the clogged and jam packed highways and auxiliary roads full of other families also trying to escape this potentially threat.

You may have no other choice but to make your way to safety by foot.  Joel Skousen, a survival and prepper expert, stated in an interview on the popular radio program; The Alex Jones Show, one must be ready and prepared to walk away in the midst of a crisis because the situation may warrant it.

Dog Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit

My family (my dog and cats included) and I have decided to develop an escape plan that includes leaving by foot and to temporarily relocate to a pre-arranged bug out location of our own choosing.  So to prepare for the possibility for such an event taking place, I have put together a 72 hour bug out bag for each member of the family including my dog and cats.
Must Have for Dog First Aid Kits

I have written a Dog Bug Out Bag Guide to provide you with all of the most essential items mentioned by government and educational sources of the gear you will need for your beloved pet during a crisis.

The “must have” item most mentioned by the experts to pack in your dog bug out bag was the Dog First Aid Kit. To help you select the right first aid kit for your dog, there are three possibilities to choose from; purchase a ready-made kit, assemble one from scratch or buy a kit then personalize it.

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A Guide to Buying a Dog First Aid Kit

Dog First Aid Kit
Below, I present three dog first aid kits that were reviewed and recommended from the number one buyer’s website, Amazon.

As you review the buying guide, feel free to use the dog first aid checklist of individual items I list further down the article to help you compare and make the best selection for you and your dog.

 Deluxe 85 Piece AKC Dog First Aid Kit

My Rating:

This dog first aid kit contains extra supplies for multiple uses before restocking is needed.


  • Additional Identification Items Provided For Added Security and Safety
  • Tick Removal Tool Included
  • Durable Carrying Case Providing Plenty of Space to Add Other Dog First Aid Supplies

This Dog First Aid Kit was approved and licensed by the renowned American Kennel Club.

 Essential Pet First Aid Kit

My Rating:

In the event of an emergency, The Essential Pet First Aid Kit contain many of the first aid items your dog will need.


  • High Quality and Sturdy Bag
  • Mesh Pockets Provide Ample Space for Additional First Aid Products
  • Good Starter Kit

Although this is a First Aid Kit for Dogs, many of the items in this kit can be used for humans, just in case.

 Vigilant Trails Dog First Aid Kit

My Rating:

This product is one of the most complete and thorough first aid kit for dogs offered on Amazon.


  • First Aid Kit Contains Over 70 First Aid Items
  • Uniquely Included a Venom Extraction Pump in Case of Snake Bite
  • Extremely Durable First Aid Container is Dust and Crush Proof

This quality bag is perfect for backpacking, traveling or hiking.  Because this kit is compact, it can be easily stored in a small bug out bag or glove compartment.

 Dog First Aid Kit Checklist

I created the following checklist by using various government and educational sources. The recommended first aid items and gear mentioned in these documents were compiled and tallied to provide you a “master” list I present to you below.  For convenience, use this checklist as you select items to purchase.

Dog First Aid Kit Checklist for Dog Bug Out Bag

Whether you decide to purchase a ready-made first aid kit, make one from scratch, or have one that combines these two. one thing is certain, you need to decide how you are going to keep it safe and ready to use when the situation warrants it.

It may make sense to have your dog first aid kit stored away in your dog’s bug out bag .  For your convenience, I provide a Guide to top Dog Bug Out Bags found on Amazon that you might consider in your desire to prepare for any crisis that can occur affecting the lives of you, your family and loving pet.

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