Earthquake Backpack List (What You Need Most)

Bug Out Bag List for Earthquake Crisis

You must be ready for anything, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to disasters, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes, and being ready means to have an Earthquake Backpack List for a potential tremor. If you live somewhere where earthquakes happen, the best thing to do is to assemble a go bag kit for surviving the crisis. In this article we’ll try to gather some essential information regarding building a nice and helpful earthquake survival kit.

According to earthquake experts, there are no places on earth that are earthquake free. There are however locations where tremors occur more often and frequently. And there are those places scientist believe are overdue. Unfortunately, you need to think about preparing you and your family for the possibility it may happen where you live.

Therefore it is important to take measures to assure you and loved ones will survive if the worst case scenario should occur. Below are some simple but useful tips that you can discuss and practice now. So if it should happen you know what to do.

Some Earthquake Survival Tipsearthquake survival tips

Here are a few earthquake survival tips from survival experts that can help you if an earthquake strikes.

Duck and cover – if you are in the house during the earthquake crawl under some sturdy table or behind a sofa and don’t forget to cover your head.

Be in the open – after you go out, stay away from buildings and trees, and don’t go under bridges or overpasses.

Follow the news – if an earthquake strikes, be sure to follow the public announcements so you can know if there is a safe place, like a crisis shelter where you can go.


Earthquake Backpack List: Equipment You’ll NeedEarthquake Backpack List

Actually I would make the argument that your emergency preparation should focus on both  bugging in or bugging out.

Bugging in means you will stay where you are in an emergency situation. You would have all of the necessary survival gear and supplies to last for quite a time.

Bugging out would have you leave where you are to go to a safer location until the disaster subsides. You would have ready a 72 hour bug out bag kit for every one in your household including pets!

If past earthquakes are any indications, it is likely you will be forced to evacuate. So emphasis should be on preparing to leave with all the necessary prepper items you will need to make it to your safe destination.

Thus here is a short list of the most basic equipment that should go into starter earthquake survival kit:

Bottled water – really a must-have for disaster situations, make sure that you always have enough water to last you at least 72 hours.

Water treatment tablets – another must-have item in the case of disaster. When an earthquake strikes there is a high chance of water supply system getting polluted and the best way to be prepared for that situation is having tablets that can be used to check if the water is polluted and making that water fit for a drink.

Food – Best is to use canned food and ready-made meals. Also, make sure that you have a cooking kit and a mess kit.

First aid kit – no survival kit can be left without first aid kit, it’s essential to have at least one in your earthquake survival kit.

Shelter – have some tent available in your survival kit, you never know if you’re going to need one.

What Sort of Bug Out Bag is the Best for an Earthquake CrisisEarthquake Bug Out Bag Equipment

This issue can be solved in two different ways. It all comes down to this: do you want to build a 72-hour kit or do you want to make one that’ll last longer? The second question is, are you building the kit just for yourself or are you building it for more than one person, your family for example.

If the answer is just for 72 hours and just for one person, choose a backpack. It’s more mobile, and bigger ones have room for a fair amount of equipment.

If you want to protect your family or just want a kit that will last you longer than 72 hours, chose a duffel bag. Duffel bags are usually larger than backpacks and can store a huge amount of items, enough equipment for your whole family.

They are not as mobile as backpacks, but they compensate that with a huge amount of space available. In any case, watch more for the proper size than the price, because even the cheapest bags can be suitable, if they have enough room and are comfortable.

For those with limited mobility, consider rolling bug out bag backpacks. Importantly is to select those that have durable fabric with strong lining and zipper closures, heavy duty wheels and dependable metal handle. Even a laundry cart with big wheels would suffice. To make your rolling bug out bag or cart maneuver easily, try not to overload it.

Some Extra Survival Items That Need To Go Into the BagEarthquake Bug Out Bag Equipment List

Aside from the basic items that should be in every survival kit, some other bug out bag earthquake equipment is needed for an earthquake crisis:

Clothing –a fair amount of time may pass before you get to safety or find help, for that reason it is wise to have some extra clothes.

Sleeping bag – again, in the case of emergency you never know where you may end up at the day’s end so make sure that you are prepared by having a sleeping bag.

Protection – make sure that your kit has a pepper spray, stun gun or something similar. Times of crisis can bring out the worst in people and you never know if someone has last intentions.

Area map – there is a chance that the internet will be down and that your smartphone will become useless. The best way to be prepared for that is to have a map of your local area.

Money – if you leave your home in a hurry, you’ll probably forget to take the cash, so take some of it and put it in the emergency kit. You never know when you will need it.

Cell phone charger or an extra cell phone battery – it’s obvious, during disasters a power outbreak can happen and it’s best to have an extra battery.

For a more comprehensive 3 day bug out bag list click here.

What Food You’ll Needearthquake bug out bag food

The answer to this question is pretty simple: use food that provide adequate nutritional needs and last for a long period of time. The best options are to buy lots of different canned food and ready-made meals.

When it comes to choosing canned food, small fruit cans keep fresh for a long time and are nutritive. Since they are packed in water, they provide a source of hydration.

Another food alternative to consider in the short run is protein, energy and nutrition bars. They are compact, have relatively long shelf life and nutritious.  The only disadvantage is they tend to have a higher cost per serving than other food types.

Earthquake Backpack List: Final Thoughts

No matter what, you need to be prepared for the possibility you will be affected by any number of possible disaster scenarios. So there is an urgency to have a 3 day bug out bag for all you family members. Your BOB needs to be stocked with all the necessary survival gear and items. These selected prepper products will serve you well whether you face an earthquake or grid down disaster. Therefore your emergency preparedness now will give you a higher probability of making it through a crisis situation safely and successfully.




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