These Are The Easiest Passports To Get (4 Top Countries)


Have you ever heard the saying, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket?” The idea behind this is that you shouldn’t ever rely on one single thing for all of your valuables or assets, as if it comes crashing down, everything you own and treasure is essentially lost for good. This saying translates perfectly to the United States. If everything you own is here in the US, what are you going to do if/when the country collapses? Today, we’re looking at the easiest passports to get.

Having a passport or citizenship to another country will allow you to visit and live in another area outside of the US in what is essentially a second life or option for you. Having a passport to another county allows you to escape the United States and seek shelter elsewhere, and in the event of an economic or governmental collapse, something like this could come in handy quite a bit.

There are four countries where it’s incredibly easy to obtain a passport and citizenship at, and they’re the ones we recommend venturing off to should you get fed up with what Uncle Sam has to offer.

1. Singapore

Singapore is the first country on our list, and it’s undoubtedly the easiest place to obtain citizenship within — in addition to being one of the best places around to call home outside of the United States.

What puts Singapore so high up on this list? For starters, citizens of the country can pretty much travel wherever they’d like without a visa. This includes countries such as those in Europe and the United States, and it’s a benefit that’s extremely valuable and worth considering.

You’ll need to wait 2 years after being a resident of the country in order to be a permanent citizen there, and once this is achieved, you’ll be able to qualify for naturalization within the area too.

Just how does one get permanent residency though? It’s as easy as setting up a local company and you’re good to go!

While Singapore is a great country to choose, it is worth noting that it does come with a mandatory national service. You’ll need to look over the rules to see if you fall-in line with whether or not you’d need to sign up for it, but even with this being the case, it’s a country that we still highly, highly recommend looking into.

2. Brazil

Brazil is the easiest second passport to get, and while you will have to jump through a couple of extra hoops than what you’ll need to do with Singapore, it’s still an extremely easy process.

One of the reasons we especially love Brazil is the fact that the country simply refuses to extradite any citizen there for crimes they’ve committed in foreign countries. No matter what charges you may be facing, the country will not extradite you.

Along with this, Brazil allows anyone in the world to be Brazilian. Whether your skin is white, black, brown, or something in between, you shouldn’t run into any problems during the citizenship process.

Speaking of citizenship in Brazil, you can acquire it for a wide variety of different reasons. If you get married, adopt a child, or even adopt a rain forest, you can become a Brazilian. The process isn’t the clearest at times, and this is why Brazil is the easiest second passport out there and not the first.

However, even with this being the case, that’s a very small price to pay for a country as valuable and flexible as this one.

3. Israel

Israel is the third country on this list, and it gets this spot because it’s another place that’s quite flexible and forgiving with its passport and citizenship process.

As long as you’re willing to convert to Judaism, you can become a full-fledged citizen of Israel. This is certainly more of a commitment than you’ll find with Singapore and even Brazil, but if religion isn’t a big deal or issue for you, simply converting to the faith technically isn’t that big of a step in order to have full citizen rights in all of Israel.

There are a couple of downsides to Israel, unfortunately.

First off, converting to the Jewish faith isn’t about just going through the motions and calling it good at that. You’ll have to work with religious leaders in the area and show that you’re committed to the faith before you can be converted as a member of the religion.

In addition to this, military service is an obligation within Israel. This could result as a major setback for some folks, but if you’re okay with abiding by these rules, Israel still makes for a great second place to call home.

4. Belgium

Lastly, we’d like to suggest that you look into Belgium as a place for getting another passport. The naturalization laws for Belgium enable any foreigner to have citizenship as long as they’ve had proper residency within the country for a minimum of three years. Your residence within Belgium can be either in Belgium or somewhere else, as all you need to do is show that you have some sort of connection to the country.

This connection can come from things along the lines of family members, employment, friends, ownership of property, and even paying taxes.

Something else that’s helpful about becoming a Belgium citizen is the fact that your citizenship passes on down to minors as well. So, if you have kids of your own, they’ll also become Belgian if you do. This can make traveling the globe with your family quite a bit easier, and if you’re someone who’s a father or mother to younger kids, this might be reason enough to consider Belgium over another country.

Are there other options?

Of course there are! If you have a few hundred thousand dollars laying around, countries like Dominica and St. Kitts are willing to grant citizenship to anyone as long as they’re able and willing to pay the price of admission.

Prices for citizenship range and vary quite a bit, but you can easily expect to pay around $250,000 and more for immediate citizenship in countries such as these.

This isn’t necessarily a bad move at all, as the process itself is extremely easy.

The incredibly high cost is what holds most people back, and while it’s great if you can afford those countries, the other four on this list will do you just fine and cost considerably less money too.

Final Thoughts

The four countries listed here are, without a doubt, the source places that offer the easiest passports to get. Each one will require some work and patience on your end, but the overall process is noticeably easier than what you’ll find with most other areas. Getting a second passport or citizenship is a big decision to make, but if you want to be as prepared as you possibly can, it’s one that we genuinely feel is worth making.

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