Eisenhower’s Warning to US (Wake the F*** Up!)

In President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning to the US, he gives an amazing address about how America must watch for the developments in the “military-industrial complex” that came about after World War II.


Eisenhower was a conservative who was primarily worried about the increase of growth and the rising cost that America was spending on its defense. In his final address to the nation, he stated his concerns and worries and shocked most of the people listening that day.


Eisenhower’s Warning to the US started out by him recounting how much the defense establishment of America had changed since the war. He knew how much it was needed especially during the Cold War, but he did not like the way that it was heading. He was concerned that it might grow too big, and have too much of an influence on other things such as public policy.


Eisenhower shocked many that day with his description of the military-industrial complex. Many people thought he was being to rash and outspoken against something that helped America through the wars. However, Eisenhower’s warning was that if it were to continue to get larger, this very thing that helped America may have the ability to someday deteriorate or extinguish the same objectives it was set to protect in the beginning.