Favorite Survival/Prepper Sites

Perpetual Travel/Expatriation/Tele-commuting
(For those looking to leave now before it’s too late)

Dollar Vigilante

International Living

International Man


Sovereign Man

Nomad Capitalist

On Secrecy and Privacy
(How to hide without getting lost)

JJ. Luna

Alternative Media
(For those ready to go down the rabbit hole)

Prison Planet (aka The Alex Jones Show)

One Radio Network w Patrick Timpone

Russia Today (RT)

First Amendment Radio

Guerilla Radio Network/The Pete Santilli Show

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

The Armchair Survivalist w Kurt

Realist News

Future Viewing
(Seeing beyond the forest)

Predictive Linguistics w Clif High

Remote Viewing w Major Ed Dames

Far Sight w Dr. Courtney Brown

Prophesy Club w Lindsey Williams

Prepper/Survival Related Sites
(Those Sites That Help You Be Better Prepared)

Gun News Daily

Survival and Prep Video/Audio/Podcast
(Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best)

On Things Monetary and Economic
(Show me the money)

(Well what do you know…the emperor has no clothes)

The Strange and Unusual
(The Woo Woo world)

History & Education Related
(Time to peel back that onion)

The Greatest Story Never Told


George Carlin?

How to Videos/Podcasts
(I can fix that with a little duct tape)