FEMA Camps in Oregon: What You Need to Know

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bones64 / Pixabay

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was founded officially in 1979 under President Jimmy Carter because of an executive order. As part of emergency management, FEMA found it essential to have camps to house or situate people in the case of a major disaster, natural or otherwise. Unfortunately, these camps have been used to house prisoners during times of war, and the FEMA camps in Oregon are an example of that.

Japanese Internment

These camps have the capability to house and feed people who become displaced outside of their control. During WWII though, they were used to imprison people under an executive order made by FDR. Roosevelt decided that all Japanese Americans in the country were suspect and could be potential spies for the enemy of the Allies, Japan.

He ordered those Japanese Americans into internment camps, and the FEMA camps were used for that purpose, which has given them an ugly reputation. Today, those camps are still in place and are essential to providing relief to people in need. With climate change becoming more clear and the US and North Korea increasingly at odds, America does need to be prepared.


The FEMA camps Oregon locations are found in Sheridan, where two camps are positioned, one of which is a former Japanese internment camp, and one has recently been spotted in Umatilla. And this is where it gets ugly.

The fact that many of these camps have been used as prisons in the past leaves a nasty place in people’s mouth. The camp in Sheridan, Oregon stands as an example of just what the federal government of the United States is capable of. And since the federal government of this country is run by the people, it is an example of just what we are capable of. The absolute worst.

Help or Hell

People who lived in those camps lost everything. Japanese descendants today still live with the reality of what they and their family were put through behind chain link fences. They were taken from jobs, ripped from their homes, locked away in enclosures under guard, underfed, not well cared for, and left without a second thought.

These camps were constructed to save people, to help, and to lead people out of the darkness and into the light. The FEMA camps are supposed to be a beacon of the government, a show of just how much we care about our citizens. Instead, they stand as a reminder of how horrible we act when we act out of fear, which is often how we act.

Survivalists On the Lookout

Today, you will find many websites that have compiled lists of all the locations of camps in the US. The sites have names like www.gotslaves.info. Many view these camps as holding cells for US citizens when and if the government decides to declare martial law.

We can laugh and shake our heads. “No way” we may be thinking to ourselves. The government will never declare martial law on its people and start throwing them in internment camps. Survivalists aren’t so sure. If we can shut down speech during times of war, if we can intern an entire ethnic group during times of war, what else can we do during times of war? And could we start a war just to revoke freedoms?


Anything can happen, but this isn’t like unicorns. You probably won’t see a unicorn in your lifetime. (Sorry.) FEMA camps being turned into prisons is a real possibility. It is only a few steps from where we are today. With our president talking about crime and punishment and Jeff Sessions ready to march federal agents into states that have legalized marijuana, we are very close to all out violent conflict.

If the people revolt against the government, the government will absolutely declare martial law. Martial law means a police state. A police state means curfews, means an end to the Bill of Rights, means anyone who challenges or questions the government gets thrown in jail.

And with the sheer numbers of people who potentially revolt against this government, there simply isn’t the room to imprison all of these citizens. This is where the camps will come in.

History Repeats Itself

We’ve heard the story time and again, what we don’t learn from, we will repeat. The FEMA camps in Oregon represent a threat to our way of life in a very real way. As long as they are there, and as long as we live in times where the government regularly practices overreach, we could be the next Japanese Americans, we could lose everything in a moment, with guards at our doors.

The Oregon locations are particularly painful because the Pacific Northwest holds itself up as a liberal stronghold for freedom fighters and independents. To have camps in place is an affront in many ways to everything the area stands for, especially knowing one of the camps was a prison. The people of the Pacific Northwest could be held against their will for standing up for the freedoms this country was built on.

Final Thoughts

America is in a place now where conflict feels imminent. The situation is untenable. Divisions are running deeper by the day, and the government, which typically functions to lessen the divide, is only digging them deeper. It certainly doesn’t help to know that there are camps waiting to hold us against our will.