Good Bug Out Bag: What Is It and Why Do You Need One?

Good Bug Out Bag

More and more people understand the importance of having a perfect bug out bag that is ready to be grabbed in case of emergency. If, however, you have not given the matter any thought, maybe it’s time that you do.

What Is a Bug out Bag?

THE ULTIMATE BUG OUT BAGA Good Bug Out Bag is a kit or a bag containing the essentials and sustenance you will need to survive for at least 72 hours if you have to evacuate your home due to an emergency.

The purpose of such a bag is to provide people with the things necessary to sustain their basic needs in case of a crisis, especially if this crisis limits a person’s access to shelter, food, and health care.

The idea behind the bug out bag is that it should be easy to grab in case a disaster hits. If that happens, you can quickly take the bug out bag with you and be sure that you have all the supplies you will need for the next 72 hours.

Not only are bug out bags appropriate for evacuation purposes, but they can provide help in situations where you are trapped in your own home and awaiting rescue.

In such a case, having your survival bug out bag can be your lifeline while you wait for help to arrive. “Why 72 hours?”, you may ask. Relief and rescue organizations report that amount of time as the average time it takes for the organization to provide rescue and help in times of disaster.

There are different types of bug out bags. Car bug out bag, family bug out bags, and even kits customized for males, females, children, or adults are available. This is not a one-bag-fits-all situation. Instead, each person needs their own customized bug out bag.
THE ULTIMATE BUG OUT CARAn infant’s bag, for example, would include milk formula and diapers, which are things that are not necessary for adults.

You can easily prepare your own bug out bag or even pack several of them for the entire family. Doing this allows you to customize its contents and even pick out what type of bag to use.

On the other hand, if you want to save time, you can also simply buy a premade kit. Just choose one that contains the things you need.

However, you should understand that you may still have to add a few items to the bag to customize it for your specific needs.

Why Do You Need a Bug out Bag?

Bug out before things happen not afterAlthough many people see the importance of being prepared, there are still others who do not believe in the concept of having a survival bag at the ready.

They argue that there will always be time to prepare before a disaster. For example, there are always tornado and typhoon warnings in place that can give people enough time to gather food or evacuate before the disaster hits.

As far as civil unrest, they argue that riots do not happen overnight. They say that the tension usually builds up over several days or weeks, which can give you the time to prepare.

However, real life tells a completely different story. Tornado warnings, for instance, give people just enough time to hide in their basement. If you do not have a bug out bag with you and the tornado hits your house hard, you can be left with no food or clothing for the next few days.

Your life is worth more than your bug out bagA fire is not something that you can anticipate either. Of course, those who do not believe in having a bug out bag say that if a fire starts, your primary concern will be to get out of the house.

They also say that you will not have time to grab the bag anyway. In reality, that depends on the severity of the fire and on your own reaction.

If you are calm and think clearly, you can actually make a logical assessment about whether you have the time to grab the bag.

The bag will be the key to your well-being in the next couple of days as it will contain food, medicines, and even important documents.

Terrorist attacks also deserve some thought. They issue no warning sign and often leave you no choice but to remain inside your home for several days or evacuate to a safer place until peace and order are restored.

You can never be completely sure when help will arrive and a good bug out bag can help you survive during this time. It can even help you pull through a disaster, both natural or man-made.

Even the most developed countries experience delays in reaching communities due to damaged roads or broken when terror attacks get your b.o.bcommunication systems, so do not sit idly by and assume that your government will be there to save you if a tragedy strikes.

You need to be self-sufficient and preparing your survival kit is your first step towards self-sufficiency and survival.

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