Howhide-things-in-plain-sight/ To Hide Things In Plain Sight (Top 10 Ideas)

hide things in plain sight

You may be well to do with lots of priceless items to protect and hide inside your home. However you don’t want to

secret hiding places in your room

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hide it where you can’t remember or where it would be too hard to reach. Then you may to learn how to hide things in plain sight.

The type of things you would hide would include things such as keys, money, jewellery or important certificates. According to statistics by ‘Safe Guard Your World’ there are 2 million home burglaries in the United States every year. This translates to 13 burglaries per second.

Important items are precious to you and or your family so keep them safe with these tips.

Hiding Possessions in Other Items

You can use common household items and modify them to provide a hiding space for valuables. This is the easiest method to throw off anybody that would take your valuables if given the chance.

1. Hollowed Out Book

This is a classic case of hiding items in plane sight. Having a book where several pages are cut out is a great way to store maybe a key or money. You just need to get a stencil knife and cut out the pages and there you go.

However there is an option where you can use multiple books to create a bookshelf box. Merely cut out all the pages along with the covers from several books and attach them side by side to a box. You then keep the left cover on one of the books while keeping the right cover with the other. Then the book remainders are place around the box on the shelf.

2.Counterfeit Containers

These are great for misdirecting any would be takers. Someone will see the item and it will be nearly inconspicuous. An item such as a fake mayonnaise jar or a fake jam bottle in your fridge won’t easily appear as a hiding place for your money or Jewellery.

There are numerous fake containers like the ones above. Some of these include fake spray cans with bottoms that can open. Fake soda cans and fake hair combs.

3.Paint Cans

Empty paint cans are also a great choice for you to use. These empty cans once properly cleaned can be used to store Jewellery and other more important valuables. Especially if the paint cans are stored with other cans then they will seem nearly inconspicuous.

4.Hide in Feminine Hygiene product boxes

Almost everybody will assume that feminine hygiene products are the only thing that are found in there. That is why a potential thief or robber won’t think of looking in this box for that item.

You can take the box and stash it in your room on your counter and rest assured no one will touch it.

Secret hiding places in your room

5.Hole in the door

This method involves boring a hole in the top of your room door to provide a cavity. The cavity can be covered up and closed to put money into the slot.

This method is not necessarily beneficial for storing Jewellery but is great for storing other small valuables.

6.Hidden safe in the wall or Floor

You can acquire a hidden safe to put in the wall to store your items. This safe can be covered up even further behind a wall painting to conceal its whereabouts.

Further the safe can be stored in a space in the floor to allow it to be kept safely.

7.False Bottom Drawer

You can place an extra bottom on top of furniture drawers to create a hidden bottom under which an item can be stored. Cutting a quarter inch piece of ply that is 1/16th inches smaller than the draw’s length and width then you can get a perfect seal on the bottom.

The next step is to take an item that would normally be placed on the bottom of the draw such as a pen and glue it to the bottom. This will provide a handle that will allow you to lift the bottom up and out of the draw.

You can hide Jewellery, cheque and certificates this way. This is one of the best hiding places in your home for these items though it may require work.

8.Inside of Your Clothes’ Pocket

It’s great to stash way valuable jewellery inside the pocket of clothing you have in your wardrobe. Any burglar or thief would not think to look for it there. It is inconspicuous and out of sight. Just don’t forget where you put.  

Places to Hide outside

9.In Potted Plants

If you have a spare key that you want to hide outside then a great place to put it is in a plant pot. How you would do it is by placing the key in a spare empty pot then placing another smaller pot inside it. The key will be safe at the bottom where no one will look for it.

Do make sure to put the pot some distance away from your door so that it is somewhat out of sight.

10.Empty Electrical Socket on the Wall.

The empty socket could be screwed tightly at the top and unscrewed below to allow it to swivel open. Then a key can be placed inside and taken out as a spare if you get locked out.


There are many ways you can protect your valuables. Some ways are more suitable than others. It is obvious you wouldn’t necessarily store your Jewelry outside or potential water log items outside. However the myriad of different methods on this list means you can definitely find something for your needs.