The Ultimate Homemade Mosquito Catcher (5 Step How-To)

The Ultimate Homemade Mosquito Catcher

Few things on this planet are as pesky and bothersome as an annoying mosquito. Especially when the weather gets hot and muggy, having to deal with those nasty little bugs can prove to be a royal pain in the rear after putting up with for hours on end. You could deal with them by going to the store and getting repellent, but if you want to get rid of them the old-fashioned way, you’ll create your own homemade mosquito catcher.

While taking the time to make your own catcher takes a bit more effort than buying canned repellent or spray at the store, it’s a safe and effective way to rid yourself of those pesky flying things while also saving a bit of money in the process.

People having been trying to cook up different ways to deal with mosquitos on their own, and we’ve got the ultimate guide on how to create the perfect catcher once and for all.

So, if you’re ready to start dealing with mosquito control on your own, read on to figure out how to go about this whole thing.

First off, why just one catcher?

Rather than talking about multiple DIY mosquito traps that work, we decided to talk about one and one only. This may seem a bit counterproductive at first, but it makes the most sense. We could dish out a wide variety of different traps to try out, but if one has proven to work better than the rest, why bother talking about lackluster solutions?

More than one mosquito catcher

We’ve come across countless guides where people spend tons of time talking about a pile of different methods and ways to go about killing and getting rid of mosquitos, and this often leaves people asking, “Do the mosquito traps work?”

The trap you’re going to read about in this article do work. In fact, it works shockingly well. It’s the best solution we’ve ever found for eliminating mosquitos without having to rely on going to the store and getting some other product to do the job for us, and after years and years of use, it continues to work to this very day.

How To Build The Best Homemade Mosquito Catcher Ever

Before you can start creating your own mosquito catcher, you’ll need to make sure that you have all of the necessary items in order to construct it. For this particular catcher, you'll need the following things —

  • 1 single cup of water
  • 1/4 cup of brown sugar (any brand should do)
  • 1 gram of yeast
  • 1 two-liter bottle (usually a soda bottle)

All of these items can usually be found around the average house, and this is one of the reasons why we love this catcher so much.

So, once you’ve got all the items gathered together, you’re ready to start building.

Step 1

The very first thing you’ll want to do is to cut that two-liter bottle in half. This can be easily done with a pair of scissors or a knife, and this will help to create the shape that we want for the catcher.

Step 2

Once you’ve got the bottle cut in half, you’ll then want to take your brown sugar and mix it with one cup of hot water. This water needs to be as hot as possible, so we suggest boiling some water over the stove either in a tea kettle or pot. You don’t necessarily want to boil the water, but this will help it get hotter than what’s possible straight out of your faucet.

After you’ve mixed the brown sugar with the hot water, you’ll want to let it cool down. The second the water has cooled down to where it feels cold to the touch, pour that mixture of yours into the bottom half of the bottle that you cut into two.

Step 3

With your brown sugar and water mixture now poured into the bottle, you’ll want to add yeast to the whole thing. However, unlike when you added the sugar to the water, you don’t need to mix the yeast into the concoction you’re creating.

Yeast acts as an agent that creates carbon dioxide, and this is the star of the show for this whole setup. Mosquitos simply can’t get enough of this stuff, and that’s what attracts them to fly right into their very death.

Step 4

Now, take the top half of the bottle (the part with the funnel) and place it upside down inside of the bottom half of the bottle. You may want to tape these two things together to make them as secure as possible, but this is more of a personal preference than anything.

Most bottles should provide for a solid fit when doing this, but if it doesn’t seem right at first, trying doing a little more cutting or force it to fit with a bit of tape like we just mentioned.

Step 5

For the fifth and final step, take your bottle and wrap it up in some sort of black material. As long as it’s black, the rest doesn’t really matter. From here, leave the top of the whole thing uncovered, and then position it somewhere outside.

The bottle should be placed in an area where you and other people aren’t usually around, and then just let it sit.

With the black color and carbon dioxide both attracting mosquitos to the bottle, they’ll fly into the bottle and then be trapped inside of it. You’ll ideally want to change out the solution inside of the bottle every two weeks or so, and then place it out once more to start capturing more of the pesky little buggers.

Final Thoughts

And with that said, that’s really all there is to it. Making your own homemade mosquito catcher isn’t any more difficult than that simple 5 step process, and the results you get from something like this are actually quite a bit better than any old store-bought spray. Plus, if and when an event should ever occur where there are no longer stores to buy mosquito repellent from, you’ll at least now know how to deal with them on your own.