How to Survive if Lost in the Wilderness, Knowing is Half the Battle.


You are not the only person to fantasize about how your life would be if you were to leave society and live freely. Perhaps it is only a thought, or maybe it is something that you have considered strongly. Either way, it is always a good idea to figure out where you would go and how you would survive on your own out there. Mainly since every day, it seems like we are closer and closer to our society collapsing.

If our society ever collapsed, people would need to know how to survive out in the wilderness and know where they should go to survive. City areas would be more than chaotic in an SHTF situation. Going to Uninhabited lands would be the best solution to avoid any problems from your surroundings or other people. Living out in nature, by yourself, would be perfect. However, to make this a feasible solution, you would need to have at least a basic knowledge of how to live off of the land and basic resources to survive.

To help you in your endeavor, we have prepared this guide to help you find where the best places are to survive out in the wilderness, no matter where you are. These tips below will help you not only choose a perfect location but also how to thrive in that location. The most important thing is to have basic survival skills. If you do not have even basic survival skills, then you won’t survive long anywhere, even in a city, let alone in the wilderness.

Check the list below for the best things and areas to consider, and then decide where you want to settle. Remember–because this is the wilderness, we do not account for internet connection or any other modern conveniences that you will be used to having. Read the complete guide to figure out which place would work the best for you.

Near the Mountains

To survive out in the wilderness, you will have the option of living near the mountains. This is more than likely going to be a popular living area because it is the best place to choose. The mountains are often a popular choice because they have a freshwater source, as well as animals that you can hunt. Overall, it provides you with almost everything that you need by way of natural resources for the long term.

You need to choose the best location for you. Pick between states that you like, and then figure out where the mountains are located. Research their water resources and what type of wildlife lives there. All of these things matter when choosing the best location for yourself.

Look for areas near the mountains. If you do not know where to start, start looking at Colorado for your search. Once you have chosen your perfect location, make sure that you have the correct equipment to make it through the entire experience. Your number one concern should be knives. Most survivalists favor the CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife, which you can check it out here.

Junk Land

This is another excellent location to choose if you are trying to survive out in the wilderness. Junk land island that was used for agricultural, mining, and other economic development–which means that now there is no real financial use for the area. If you want to, you can buy one hundred acres on the spot for a reasonable price. This means that you would be miles and miles away from any neighbors.

This is an excellent choice for you. Due to its relative isolation and the primitiveness, all survivalists want something close to this when choosing their “forever home”. You can use this opportunity to live exactly as you wish and also to test out your survival skills. It is also quiet, and you can enjoy your own society for a change.

You may also want to use this to test out your survival skills before you try to jump headfirst into the lifestyle. Go camping with a Coleman Sundome Tent, found here.

Avoid Any Public Land

The best advice we could give you on this subject is this– never live on public land. Avoid it period. There is never any time were living on public land could ever be considered to be a good idea, even if you could technically do it. If you are caught, then you would, at the very least, be fined, and then get into trouble with the police. It is not worth it. Buying your land is a better option than anything else.

We understand that you may have a limited budget. That means you will have to look longer and harder–but you will eventually be able to find something that fits in both your budget and your lifestyle. If the following two options don’t work for you, keep reading to see if our other suggestions are better.

Rule of 3

You will only last three hours without shelter. You will only last three weeks without food. You will only last three days without water. Once you have found shelter, you should concentrate on finding water and food. These three resources are the most important ones for your basic survival.

Until you find somewhere to hunt and a natural water resource, you should have food and water in your car or tent, so that you are sure of surviving until you can find the natural resources on your land.

Once you have found these natural resources, just having them and knowing where they are isn’t enough. You need to have a stockpile for emergencies. Canned food and water will last you a long time. Make sure that you have it and use it when necessary.

Test Camping Areas

As another test to see if you can survive out in the wilderness, consider going camping. This is a safe way to test if you can survive in a controlled environment, and if you can survive out there, then you are ready to go to more isolated areas.

In your test camping areas, you should be able to build a fire, a tent, and find natural resources. These skills are essential for you; if you want to be able to survive and thrive in any situation, you find yourself in. Keeping yourself relatively warm, being able to hunt and find water, and then make your way back to civilization if you want to are necessary skills to have. This is why you should first start at campgrounds to test your skills, instead of throwing yourself into the mountains your first time.

Make sure you are prepared when you go to your test campgrounds. One item that is especially useful to have is a tactical flashlight. This flashlight can help you protect yourself from other people, as well as wildlife. The Streamlight 88040 ProTac is one of the best models you’ll ever buy, find it here!

Temperature and Wildlife

Fire is a protection against cold weather and dangerous wildlife. You need to stay warm to protect your health. So the fundamental survival skill you need to learn is how to build a fire and keep it going. You don’t have to know how to build a fire from scratch, although it is a useful skill to have, you won’t have to make one from scratch if you don’t want to.

Having a lighter on you at all times takes most of the difficulty out of this skill. Starting fires becomes that much more manageable; however, you should know how to start a fire without it so that it is not a crutch. Using a lighter is a lot more efficient and faster than starting a fire from scratch.

So always have a lighter on you, but also know how to start a fire from scratch. You should use a special lighter for fire-starting–we recommend the Tesla Coil Lighters since it is waterproof, windproof, and rechargeable. Look for more information here.

Final Thoughts

Choose the best place you can survive in, but always make sure that you have the proper equipment to not only survive but thrive. Using available technology is the best way for you to succeed. Good luck!

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