How to Travel Long Distance with a Dog (Painlessly for Him)

How to Travel Long Distance with a Dog

There are some health related concerns that oftentimes get unnoticed.  It is easy to overlook the condition of your dog’s nose, paws or mental state during a crisis especially if you have to travel with your precious. How to travel long distance with a dog in an effective manner is paramount to keeping your dog safe. Man and Dog Walling during Disaster

Yet, like the trench foot suffered by many military soldiers during war (which caused serious injury or even death), these potentially dangerous medical issues need to be identified and discussed.

Therefore,  you as the loving dog owner has a treatment plan to reduce or eliminate these threats even before they have a chance to materialize .

These conditions are not so apparent as noticing your dog dehydrating, getting a flesh wound or having a broken bone.

Yet these seemingly minor nuisances can lead to very serious health complications. Moreover, in a disaster event, your dog might not have the convenience of medical services readily available or even existent to treat these problems. So my message is be prepared!

Because you and your dog might be forced to flee a disaster by car or foot, the likelihood that your dog will face these problems are very high. This is why I present this discussion as A Dog Survival Skill to learn and understand effective treatments or solutions.

Dog Snout, Paw and Mental Health Product ReviewDog Health issues During a Disaster

I present the following dog products that help alleviate the above mentioned medical issues.

Once purchased it is suggested that you keep these items in your Dog First Aid Kit and then stored safely away in your dogs’s Bug Out Bag.

I have reviewed dog first aid kits and bug out bags and are linked here for your convenience.

After reviewing these highly rated selected products from Amazon shown below, I urge you to continue reading further as I cover in more detail dog snout, paw and mental health information that will I believe help you in understanding and effectively dealing with these concerns.

Top Dog Health Products 

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”122″ identifier=”B00MEUH3L8″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aboblist-20″ width=”160″ cart=”n”][easyazon_link identifier=”B00MEUH3L8″ locale=”US” tag=”aboblist-20″ cart=”n”]My Dog Nose It[/easyazon_link]

My Rating: ★★★★

My Dog Nose It act as barrier between your dog’s nose, sun and environment.


  • Odorless, Non Toxic and Quick Drying for Dogs
  • Prevents Sunburn and Peeling
  • Water Resistant, All Natural and Paraben Free

This product is designed to moisturize and prevent nose discoloration.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”147″ identifier=”B001B4AA4K” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aboblist-20″ width=”135″ cart=”n”][easyazon_link identifier=”B001B4AA4K” locale=”US” tag=”aboblist-20″ cart=”n”]Musher’s Secret: For Dog Paw Protection[/easyazon_link]

My Rating: ★★★

Mushers Secret is a wax based cream that helps protect your dog’s paws against both cold and hot walking surfaces.


  • Prevents Your Dog’s Paws Against Abrasions, Drying and Chapping
  • It is Non Toxic, Non Allergenic and Non Staining
  • Helps Heal Wounds and Keeps Paws Healthy

Mushers Secret forms a semi permeable barrier around the surface of the paw.

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”160″ identifier=”B0030NWZUC” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”aboblist-20″ width=”81″ cart=”n”]  [easyazon_link identifier=”B0030NWZUC” locale=”US” tag=”aboblist-20″ cart=”n”]Dog Rescue Remedy,[/easyazon_link]

My Rating:

Rescue Remedy is a veterinarian recommended product to help support your dog’s calming behavior.


  • Helps Your Dog Deal With Stressful Situations By Restoring Your Dog’s Emotional Balance
  • Homeopathic Product Made From 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Works Quickly and Effectively for Hours

Rescue Remedy has been endorsed by such notables as Dr. Oz, Dr Phil, Jennifer Aniston and Selma Hayek.


Dog Nose Exposure to the OutdoorsDog Snout care in a crisis

It is a common knowledge that dog’s snouts tend to be moist at any given moment. Such reasons are as follows;

1. Dogs perspire through their noses
2. They lick dirt off their noses
3. Dog snout’s have constant mucous
4. Their noses pick up moisture

However, it is a old wives tale that a dog with dry noses is an automatic sign of illness. Dogs can be sick and still have wet nostrils. It is consistent dryness, chapping or peeling of the nose that you want to take notice.

Just like humans, dogs can be affected by overexposure to the elements especially the sun.  And due to circumstance, you and your dog may most likely be walking for long stretches at a time during a disaster. And realize there are some dog breeds that are more prone to sunburn.  In particular:

  • Greyhounds
  • Pitbulls
  • Dalmatians
  • Chinese Crested
  • Wieneramers
  • Boxers

It is without saying sunburn can become a serious matter.  And although I discuss care for dog noses, sunburn often occur in these other areas as well:

  • Ears
  • Underbelly
  • Around the mouth
  • Eyelids

Spreading sunblock over your dog’s nose to prevent sunburn is not an option since there are more likely to lick the toxic chemicals right off and then you might find your dog in a medical emergency.  There is however some steps you can take to minimize or eliminate this threat. These include:

  • Protective clothing and hat
  • Walk your dog before or after 10 am.-4 pm. (if at all possible)
  • Shade your dog periodically throughout the day
  • Cover areas prone to sunburn with a safe sunblock product that also moisturizes (see My Dog Nose It above) before exposing your dog to the sun.

Dog Paws Health Concerns and Care During a DisasterPaw health in a disaster

According to emergency expert Joel Skousen, one must be ready and prepared to walk away in the midst of a disaster because the situation may warrant it.

So with that in mind, you must prepare yourself and your dog to walk to safety.

Hopefully, you will be in charge of evacuating your family and pet to a pre-determined Bug Out location that you expect to reach in an emergency and not forced to a designated site the authorities have set up for you!

But even if you do go to a local shelter, your family dog will most likely not be welcome due to restrictions on housing of any pet (except for service animals with proper documentation).

Therefore, you might be forced to hit the road in search of a suitable place that would accept him. In my Dog Bug Out Bag Guide Bonus material, I discuss accommodation options available to you and pet to contact. Always plan ahead since your options become limited to closer to a pending crisis.

A disaster can happen any time and thus any season. Since one can never really know when the next shoe will drop, you have to pre-plan and prepare your dog for the possibility of the long trek ahead.  This is why paw care is such an important issue, unless you are considering carrying your dog.

Factors that will have an affect upon your dog’s paw health:

  • Season/Weather conditions
  • Surface Type and Debris Found on Dog’s Walking Path
  • Length or Distance to Transverse During an Emergency Evacuation

If you take all of the above points into consideration, then the following words make just plain old common sense, “if you wouldn’t like to walk on it, for long periods and during the current climatic conditions barefoot, neither will your dog.”

There are some preventative measures you should take now to care and insure your dog’s paws stay in good condition. The following suggestions found on Cesar Milan’s and ASPCA’s websites:

  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed
  • Cut off excess hair around it’s paw pads
  • Add a protective balm (Musher’s Secret see chart above) to top and bottom of  the paws before beginning journey
  • Periodically clean off paws, check and remove obstructions if any, then reapply balm before walking again.

You might use the following options if your dog has paw issues:

  • Use a backpack carrier/sling designed to carry your dog
  • A rolling dog carrier/backpack
  • Paw shoes

All of these alternatives are backup solutions just in case. These may be purchased conveniently at Amazon.

Disaster and Your Dog’s Mental Well Being Dog Mental Health

Believe it or not, Dogs can suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) just like humans.  This has been noticed with canine soldiers serving in combat or living through a crisis event.

A case in point, rescue workers who found dog survivors from the disastrous Hurricane Katrina noticed many suffering from this serious mental condition. Being aware that your dog may be susceptible to this mental trauna can give you the upper hand in effectively helping your dog overcome this illness.

Identifying whether your dog is suffering from PTSD  during or after a disaster is not exactly straight forward. According to articles from various experts some signs that indicate your dog may be experiencing mental anguish are:

  • excessive lip licking
  • slower or faster movement
  • turning away
  • panting
  • pinned ears
  • avoidance
  • low tail carriage
  • reduced appetite
  • sweaty paws
  • excessive whining

Managing this condition is difficult but not impossible.  There is research to suggest appropriate approaches to help your dog cope and hopefully overcome a catastrophic event. These options include:

  • Exercise and play
  • Balanced homemade diet supplemented with Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Natural Herbs
  • Nutraceuticals such as Dog Rescue Remedy (see chart above)
  • Acupuncture
  • Monitor interaction between your dog and other family pets to keep all safe

It would be advisable to use a variety of these approaches to help your dog cope to readjusting to life after the disaster.

I know that it will be difficult enough just to keep your sanity during a time of crisis to think about your dog’s well-being . That is why it is so important right now to contemplate your emergency preparation plans and actions you will need to take before time runs out. Remember your family and beloved dog are counting on you.



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