Is New World Order Real or Fake? (You Decide)

Is the New World Order Real or Fake? In the Bible, it foretells of one government over the entire world, with one leader to rule it. The Bible says that this will take place for 3 ½ years until Jesus Christ will come and be the ruler.

The Satanic Control

This world government will be in control of Satan and everyone will feel the oppression that is described in the Bible. Different books such as Revelation give detailed descriptions of what this government will look like.

The Birth of the New World Order

Once the Cold War was over, and the Berlin wall fell, many leaders of the world thought that it was a change of events that were leading to the New World Order. Different organizations started to arise such as NATO where the world would come together. This was a step towards the new order.


Then in 2008 there was a worldwide economy crash which again led to different organizations all focusing on creating a global structure for the economy.


Globalization is a term that refers to the whole world coming together to form a government for the whole globe. Since 2008, the United Nations has created a whole agency called the Commission for Global Governance.

This commission has created different plans and affirms the creation of a court for the world, and global tax, and a police force for the whole world.

They have even created an international law that the whole globe must abide by. Many different organizations are starting to be developed that are moving in the direction of this New World Order; things such as the World Bank, the Trade Organization, and a global health organization.

All of these organizations are focused on one thing in particular, and that is to have one government over the whole world. While we are not yet at that stage, it is almost looking inevitable that someday this might become a reality. So is New World Order Real or Fake? It is hard to tell, but it seems like the prophesy made over 2,000 years ago is starting to come true.